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Guns and Roses #Riansh (Immj2) Episode 23

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Episode starts…

Ridhima came with teary eyes and looked at Vansh but he was fully ignoring her.This thing was hurting her from inside.She holds a pen with her shivering hand for signing the divorce paper. Before signing the paper again looked at vansh with the hope that he will stop her but instead of this, he was smiling at Ragini.

She signed and ran from there to her space. Siya was going behind but stopped by Ragini. Vansh too signed the divorce paper.

Ridhima was crying in her room and on the other hand vansh was looking at their marriage photo, eyes were filled win h tears.

Vansh: I told her to sign the paper and…and she just signed with thinking about me. If she wanted to live with me so she could refuse but…but she divorced me.

Everything coming informs of her that happened yesterday.

Flashback starts

Vansh took unconscious Ragini to VR mention and called Doctor. After a while Doctor came and checked Ragini.

Vansh: What happened to her?

Doctor: she fainted due to shock? But I have given her an injection she will sleep peacefully till morning. But be careful about her health. She will take time to become normal.

Vansh: Thank you…

After this vansh went to Ridhima’s room but she was there. she called her name but no reply. when he moving out of her room he hears a sound from the bathroom so he goes to check.

There Ridhima was sitting under the shower and crying. Vansh immediately closed the shower tap and took her in his arms. Ridhima was shivering due to continuing showering. He rubbed her hair with towel and face, arms too. He brought her nightdress and asked her to change. Ridhima was motionless and didn’t speaking anything and just obeying vansh’s words. After this, he dried her hair with a dryer then asked her to sleep.

Ridhima laid on the bed but her eyes were wide open.” Ridhima close your eyes and sleep.” said he.

Turned her face but didn’t close her eyes.” If you turn your face it doesn’t mean that I will assume you as sleeping.”

Vansh also laid down on bed and back hugged her.” Sorry, Ridhima.I didn’t know how Ragini came there but I promise everything will be sorted in the morning.” Said vansh.

Ridhima: It’s ok vansh.Ragini ki jagah or Koi bhi hota wo Bhi aisa krta. Now you don’t stress yourself and go to you and have good sleep. (making herself free from his grip)

Vansh: But Ridhima! She did wrong to you…..

Ridhima: she did nothing wrong. You are going to marry her. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have accepted your night out

Vansh: what ?? Why are you blaming yourself?

Ridhima: I am not blaming. It is the bitter truth and we have to accept this.

Vansh: which truth??

Ridhima: you are going to marry Ragini and I have to move out from your house and life too. Only then you able to give a place to her.

Vansh: There is no need for you to move out from this and my life because I told her that I am married to you and won’t spend my whole life with you only.

Ridhima: what?? You told her everything. How she reacted and how is she now.

Vansh: she is in her room and sleep and she was just fainted due to shock but the doctor said nothing to worry about she will be fine in the morning.

Ridhima: vansh she fainted due to shock and you’re saying there is nothing to. You know she is weak and prone to all this.

Vansh: Ridhima I don’t want to marry her and I said clearly to her. she is saying nothing but why you are overreacting.

Ridhima: I am not overreacting.If anything thing happened to her then.

Vansh: nothing going to happen to her .she is fine and she has to accept this I can’t marry her because I am already married.

Ridhima: Vansh doesn’t act like a fool.

Vansh: am I looking fool to you. what made you think so. (with anger)

Ridhima: You are just thinking about yourself, not for her.

Vansh: I am not just thinking about myself. I am doing this so that her life will not spoil because I don’t love her.
Why are you hell-bent on marrying her?

Ridhima: nothing!! Good night

Vansh: Ridhima tell me one thing.

Ridhima: Hmmm

Vansh: you are doing this because you don’t want to give any chance to our marriage.

Ridhima: vanshh

Vansh: yes or No!!!! I am only the one who wants to be in this relationship, not you.

Ridhima: vansh just listen to me.

Vansh: yes!! You were right I am such a fool that I didn’t understand why you were ready to leave VR mention and want to go. Now I got it that you don’t want to be in this relationship.

Ridhima: vansh you are taking me wrong.
She tried to cup his face but he jerked his hand.

Vansh: oohhh! How can I such an idiot? You always tried to run away from me that is why you agreed to marry Kabeer.

Ridhima: vansh you are misinterpreting me. Give me one chance I will clear everything.

Vansh: No! There is no need for any clarification or justification. This is an open and shut case.

Ridhima: vansh please…listen to me.

Vansh: Sorry for everything that you forcefully did for me and my family. Now you are free from everything and…..(with heavy voice) and you can move out from this House.

Tears started rolling from Ridhima’s eyes and that too from Vansh. Ridhima was looking at his face but he was looking at another side. soon he moved out of her room.

Ridhima: Vansh!!!

Flashback ends

Siya knocked on Vansh door.Vansh dried his eyes and turned with a wide smile to siya.

Vansh: what happened siya…

Siya: what happened to you Bhai?

Vansh giving her a confusing look and asked ” what do you mean”

Siya: why you divorced Bhabhi.

Vansh: she divorced me and she signed the paper.

Siya: what you told her to sign.

Vansh: But she refuses if she wanted to be in this marriage.

Siya: Bhai she loves you.

Vansh: she doesn’t.

Siya: I have seen in her eyes.

Vansh: but I confronted her about this.

Siya: so what she said…she doesn’t love you.

Vansh: no!!! I asked her that is she wants to give a chance to our marriage or not

Siya: then

Vansh: she didn’t reply. I asked many more question but she…..leave this siya. I can’t force again. (remembering about his marriage)

Siya: what do you mean by again.

Vansh: nothing! Forget it.

Siya: Bhaiya please talk to her once.

Vansh: no siya.

Siya: bhaiya, please!!!

Vansh: There is nothing left to talk about.

Siya: bhaiya mere like…Ek Baar.

Vansh looked at her and moved out of his room. He entered the guest room without knocking.

Vansh: what happened why are you crying.

Ridhima: This is none of your business so leave me alone. (crying)

Vansh: you divorced me…now how much loneliness you want…look at me then answer.

Ridhima stood and started beating him.” I told you to don’t try to mess with me. But look at you”

Vansh: it’s hurting me yaar.

Ridhima: Good…you should also feel the pain that I am feeling.

Vansh holds her hand and said, ” sweetheart who beats her husband.”He hugged her and she also reciprocated.

Vansh: but you didn’t tell me yet why were you crying.

Ridhima breaking their hug and looked into his eyes.
Ridhima: because….because you divorced me.

Vansh: I divorced you….let me remind you you are the one who signed the paper first.

Ridhima: you said Nah so…

Vansh: you could refuse also.

Ridhima: I thought you will stop me….

Vansh: why would I stop you… you decide to go away from me not mine. Yesterday I had asked for some but you…

Ridhima: But you didn’t give me time to answer your question,

Vansh: Now I am giving you lots of time….so answer my question.

Ridhima: But I don’t remember your question.

Vansh: I am asking Nah

Ridhima: ok

Vansh: you want to kiss me…

Ridhima shocked by his question and said, “what”

Vansh pulled her close and said, ” Siya told me that you want to kiss me.”


Siya: bhaiya please mere liye

Vansh: no!! She doesn’t like me.

Siya: because she loves you Nah…

Vansh: you are misunderstanding her.

Siya: no!!! When I asked her about….about…

Vansh: about what siya?

Siya closed her eyes and said “about the kiss…to give a kiss…she blushed like hell and didn’t deny that”

Vansh was shocked and looked at her

Flashback ends…

Ridhima(blushing): nothing is like that.

Vansh: ooh someone is blushing at the name of the kiss…Ridhima I don’t that you were so desperate to kiss that you asked siya about that…you can kiss me I wouldn’t mind…

Vansh closed his eyes and said “go ahead, sweetheart”
Ridhima smiled at his gesture and moved toward his lips…

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