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Falling for an alien episode 8 by attractiveuser-feelings for each other

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Episode starts:

Riddhima: va..nsh..

Vansh: shut up. I knew I was not hallucinating!! Now tell me your Identity.

He leaves her and makes her stand facing him.

Vansh(folding his hands): it would be better if you tell me your Identity by yourself.

Riddhima: first tell me where have you kept my button.

Vansh: which button!

Riddhima: don’t try to act smart! Tell me where have you kept my button.

He pulls her by her waist. They were sensing each other’s breaths. Soon their eyes met each other’s. They shared an eyelock. Vansh rubbed his cheek on hers sending chills down her spine.

Vansh: tell me your Identity.

Tears started rolling from her eyes. He got scared and left her.

Vansh: why are you crying. What happened (panic)

Riddhima: why are you hell bent in knowing my identity (crying)

She leaves from there crying.

Vansh: oh no vansh..you hurted her..

He goes behind her and knocks on the door.

Vansh: Riddhima.. Riddhima please open the door. I am sorry.

Riddhima: go away! (Crying)

Vansh: sorry..

Riddhima: I said leave (shouting)

Vansh: I won’t listen to you! If you don’t want to forgive me then fine I will stand here only until you come out.

Riddhima: do whatever you want.

She said sitting on the bed. Vansh sat outside her room only.

Mrini: oh god Riddhima. Forgive him. He is waiting for you outside.

Riddhima: no he would have gone till now. Leave him.

She laid down.

Riddhima(thinking): but what if he is still there?? God! But I don’t care. But I do care for him. God why do I care for him? Why do I feel safe and warm in his arms!! What are these feelings called!

She went and opened the door. Her heart wanted to meet his. She saw him sleeping there like a cute baby. He slept there only waiting for her. She just adored him and carresed his face. He holded her hand in his sleep. She moved close to him and slept in his arms. Next morning when vansh woke up he saw Riddhima sleeping in his arms. She was looking very cute. He couldn’t resist himself and kissed on her cheek. He saw her moving so acted to sleep. She woke up and carefully moved out of his arms and went inside. Vansh woke up and knocked on the door.

Vansh: Riddhima.

Riddhima: I forgave you!

He smiled and left.

Riddhima: the person who could wait for me to just forgive him…how can I remain angry on him!

Vansh was in his room thinking about Riddhima.

Vansh: oh god she is so cute. I feel so attracted to her. I feel good when she is around.

Riddhima: I feel safe in his arms. I feel connected to him. I feel attracted to him.

Riansh what are these feelings called!!

Hope you all like it!

Will riansh come to know their feelings for each other?

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