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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-50)

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Back to Present:-

In Lifeline Hospital:-

After 4 days of the incident:-

A voice echoed in the whole hospital

Voice- Vanshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..

Doctors and Nurses rushed in the ward and was shocked to see the girl was sitting while she was sweating a lot

Doctor- Nurse give her the pills.

Doctor gave her the pills and she somehow calmed down and then doctor asked

Doctor- How are you feeling Riddhima?

Riddhima- Better doctor but Vansh and my family and how come I’m here

Doctor- Child Vansh is in the next ward he is sleeping due to pills while just now your brother left

Riddhima- Can you please shift Vansh here and call my brother back please doctor

Doctor- Child take rest then we can

Riddhima- No doctor please

Doctor- Ok Child

Doctor left to make the call to veer and after a while Vansh was shifted beside her while he was unconscious and they were alone

Riddhima frowned seeing him still sleeping and moved to him slowly and sat at the chair beside him

Riddhima- I want to talk to this idiot and see he is sleeping (admiring him) but I must say he is too handsome while sleeping and cuteness is overloaded but when he wakes up he talks like an idiot now you all tell me if I ask him a question out of curiosity so what’s my mistake in it It’s my hormones na and he forget it…. But he is cute his black eyes, cute nose and his beard make him look hot and when he smiles by god his dimples are enough to take my breath away and his rough lips that’s too tempting that I want to…..

But before she could continue with her blabbering she saw his eyes open and then he got up and turned to her and to avoid his gaze she turned around and started to look at the ceiling while he was smirking

Vansh- Continue why you went on silent mode continue with the praising of mine

Riddhima- Galat Fammi…….. Galat Fammi hai tumko hum tumhari tarrif nhi karrahe the (Misunderstanding……..It’s your Misunderstanding I wasn’t praising you)

Vansh- Then about whose eyes nose and face you were talking I heard it Accept it

Riddhima looked around the room and her eyes fell on a portrait of a man in it

Riddhima- I was praising him (pointing at the portrait) look how hot he is

Vansh (raising his eyebrows) – Really were you?

Riddhima- Yes she him how cute and hot he is

Vansh- Really….. Ok neither he had beard nor he is sleeping and when you were talking you were saying about a sleeping man

Riddhima- Who said?

Vansh- Your mouth now don’t lie please

Riddhima- I wasn’t and indeed he is sleeping see he is inside the portrait and isn’t talking I guess how cute his voice would be

Vansh- Don’t lie Riddhima Just accept it please

Riddhima- I don’t lie Vansh really see na how hot and handsome he is ….. Ohh wait how will you get to know that you are not into boys na

Vansh moved close to her face and kissed on her cheeks while she went into shock zone and he was admiring

Vansh- Definitely I’m not into boys but I’m into girls (getting back to normal) and many die on me.

Riddhima (frowned) – Tumpe macchar na mare ladkiyan dor ki baat hai (Mosquito won’t die on you girls are of far away talk)

Vansh- Then what is in him?

Riddhima- I told you na he is hot and handsome

Vansh held her face and joining their heads turned her to him

Vansh (huskily) – I missed you Riddhima

Riddhima- I missed you too

Vansh- Remember something?

Riddhima- Everything

Vansh- I love you

Riddhima- I love you Vansh

They instantly hugged each other while sobbing into each other arms

Riddhima (chucking while sobbing) – Btw Indeed he is hot and handsome but not more than him

Vansh gave a slight chuckle and then

Vansh- Sorry Riddhima

Riddhima- What you did now?

Vansh- That day I wasn’t able to save you

Riddhima- It was destiny and see we are here together

Vansh- I didn’t get one thing who fired the bullet that day because Vyom hadn’t fired the bullet

Riddhima- But where is he now?

Vansh- Aren’t you missing him too much?

Riddhima- Shut up I’m not

Vansh- Where are all?

Riddhima- Even I want to meet dad, mom, bhai and bhabhi

Vansh- Hmm….Btw you haven’t accepted it

Riddhima- What?

Vansh- That you were praising me

Riddhima- I wasn’t Vansh

Vansh- Tell it while looking into my eyes

Riddhima (looking into his) – I wa (looking away) wasn’t

Vansh- Hey you cheated….. Cheater Cheater

Riddhima- Vansh we are in hospital and don’t forget we are patients

Vansh- Yaa I forgot but say it again or (smirking) I have my own ways

Riddhima- Kya karoge? (What will you do?)

Vansh- That you were about to do

Riddhima- What??

Vansh again kissed on her cheeks

Vansh- Same thing but somewhere else (eyeing her lips)

Riddhima- Shameless and why will you do that I was talking to him

Vansh- Don’t forget I’m your fiancée

Riddhima- Oh shit I forgot you are my 2 years long fiancée

Vansh (pouting) – What’s my mistake in that?

Riddhima saw his pout and gave a quick peck on his lips and moved back while he was smiling

Vansh- Now who is behaving shameless?

Riddhima- Don’t behave as if we haven’t kissed before

Vansh- After coming from Paris you became too bold (realizing) from where you get that boyfriend Varun?

Riddhima (realizing) – Oh shit, I have a boyfriend too I forgot about him

Vansh- You must and dare you to contact him any more

Riddhima- Why not?

Vansh- Wait and how you went into trauma?

Riddhima- Vansh I was in the same condition as your na…. Aaahhh…..

Vansh (tensed) – What happened?

Riddhima (holding her head) – My head

Vansh (pissed) – Who the hell asked you to come here don’t forget we are patients…. Now get up

Vansh was about to get her up and then only the room door click open both turned to see and was shocked to see Veer, Kabir, Aryan and Angre

Veer- Hey bhagwan, Dono mein sabar naam ki cheez nhi hai (oh God, they both don’t have patience)

Vansh- Guys we weren’t romancing

Kabir- Haan that’s visible

Vansh and Riddhima saw there posture and then

Riddhima- Aaaahhhh my head

Kabir- What the hell why you came here?

Kabir lifted her up and made her sit on the bed while Angre called the doctor

Doctor- I asked you to take rest na child why you got up?

Vansh- Ziddhima hai aur kya? (She is stubborn or what?)

Riddhima- Don’t you think you are speaking too much

Vansh- I’m not

Riddhima- Shut up now

Doctor- Take care now

Riddhima- Hmm….

Doctor was leaving while Riddhima waved her hand on him

Riddhima- Byee Byee….. {that’s me 😂 😂}

Vansh- Gone now

Riddhima- I have two eyes

Vansh- Thank god

Riddhima- I heard that

Vansh- It was for that only

Riddhima- Then….

Veer- My my……Are we invisible?

Riddhima- I don’t think so are you guys feeling like that?

Kabir- Shut up guys

Vansh- I wasn’t talking even

Kabir- Maaf Kardo please (Forgive me please)

Angre- Be serious now guys

All looked at each other face and burst out laughing

Aryan- That’s the only thing we can’t do

Kabir- Indeed

Angre- Then to, at least we can try

Riddhima- Btw Guys we remember everything

Veer- First time after taking two bullets someone would have been this much happy

Kabir- They both are unique

Vansh- Any doubt

Aryan- Don’t want to

Vansh- Good for you

Veer (face palming himself) – Btw guys stop hiding your tears behind this fake smile

All looked down and then veer asked

Veer- How much you guys remembered?

Vansh- Till I was hit on my head

Riddhima- Till I closed my eyes after getting shot

Veer- Btw guys what about Ragini we weren’t able to find her

Riddhima (crying) – She fell from the cliff

Veer- We thought that but we weren’t able to find her

Vansh- May be some anima…..

Veer- Even I think that

Veer took a deep breath and moved to Riddhima and sat beside her holding her hand. Although, Riddhima gave him a wide smiled he was still sad

Riddhima- What happened bhai?

Veer- Riddhima there are two news first is good and second is bad tell me what you both want to listen first

Riansh- Bad

Veer (frowned) – Why?

Riddhima- Because listening to bad first I know we won’t be able to handle but then

Vansh- Good news must be having the power to handle us

Veer gave them a smile and

Veer- Ok Riddhima what I’m going to tell you is too hard f0r you so please try to control yourself

Riddhima (tensed) – What is it bhai

Veer took a deep breath and said

“ After Ruchi was shot I took her to the hospital and on the way I called everyone to the hospital and I admitted her in the hospital and after half an hour doctor came out and told me the shocking news that Ruchi had lost her child and we all broke and then Kabir asked me about you both and dad, with the team we all reached there and we saw you shot and Vansh’s head covered with blood and Vyom was shot on stomach I brought you all three and whole team was still searching for dad. After 2 hours they found him in unconscious state and he was even brought to hospital and after getting up he said that a tree branch fell on him. Meanwhile you both were in the operation theatre it had been 3 hours since the operation, Arman was doing it of Vansh while Samaira was of Riddhima they were the cousins of Vansh Armaan and Samaira Sharma

About Vyom’s condition all was aware and as he was shot on stomach he got well soon but I moved to him all alone without telling anyone and asked him about the incident occurred there and he told him everything which shocked me he told that dad had kidnapped his wife Mahira and she was pregnant and blackmailed him to kidnap Ruchi but as you saw him he had to kidnap you even and dad was the one to shoot Ruchi as he don’t want that child while the bullet which hurt you was for Vansh but you came in middle and it hit your temple as he don’t want that child while Vansh’s reason he had some personal enmity with Ajay dad I believed him as he was the honest cop and even I left to confirm the news and all points matched and even dad’s watch was near Vyom’s body but before I could ask him anything more Vyom got attacked once again and this time he was given the injection which made him lose his senses but I secretly made him treated and told everyone that he died and when I saw the camera of the corridor before the attack I saw dad entering but I wasn’t able to ask him as he was senior and he can visit and I saw the attack was done by him only

After that Armaan told me that Vansh due to being continuously hit on his head had went in coma and he was in a condition of losing his memory after waking up and that only happened he woke up after 5 months and he had months while Samaira told us that due to being shot in the middle of the brain there was the chance of you to die but may be due to god grace the doctor kept the bullet in your brain only and just due to the gun powder you lost your memory and in those 5 months I brought you to Paris as my job in Interpol was confirmed and even to calm Ruchi we brought her and you both were separated”

Till then all were once again in tears and then suddenly Vansh asked

Vansh- What about you guys I mean you all?

Kabir inhaled the oxygen in the room and said

“As you both weren’t in the state bhai told us about everything and said to make you both meet after a year and we all were separated but it wasn’t the easy one Sooraj uncle accused Ajay dad of everything and after the end of the matter kept a condition that either Ruchi di don’t contact dad or she can leave the house and Ruchi di without listening to her heart agreed to his condition while we all were being a silent spectator and we all lost the connection and went in different direction until we got Veer bhai’s call he told us about all the plan and we agreed and rest you all know”

Vansh- No we don’t how she went in trauma them

Angre- It was just the gunpowder which blocked her sense

Veer- And then I met Varun in Paris he treated her and both form the bond

Riddhima (crying) – Bhai, Why dad did this to us? I mean that child it was your first child ….. Don’t he love us?

Veer held her hand more tightly

Veer- I know Riddhima and don’t worry now we need to make him regret, Right?

Vansh – He is your dad

Riddhima- He did wrong even

Vansh looked at her with teary eyes and then

Vansh- Where is Vyom?

Veer- He is in mental asylum

Vansh- Why?

Veer- Because of the poison he was given

Riddhima- Bhai that bullet

Veer inhaled a deep breath

Veer- Bad news isn’t over yet

Kabir- What’s more

Angre- Exactly we told everything

Veer- Kabir call Sejal, Siya and Ishani

Kabir nodded and all four left the two in the room alone

Vansh- Why it happened with us?

Riddhima- Don’t know

The door flung open marking the entry of Aryan

Vansh- What happened Aryan?

Aryan- Bhai your wife is with me

Riansh- WHAT?

Episode ends

Precap- Shock and Good news

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