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#Collection of Riansh OS #Sweetheart ❤️ by Jasmine

This starts from Vansh saying Riddhima to marry him, in initial episodes., here, he says that from one week, the rituals will start..Now, 

Riddhima goes to her room and sits on the bed, trying to make her mind calm.

Riddhima : Bappa!! What has happened? Now, what will I do? Should I contact Kabir? No!!! No!!! What should I do then? mmm….Shall I find the evidences of Vansh being culprit? What if he is not? It’s just a misunderstanding and Vansh didn’t murdered anyone? I should find out before Kabir gets to know..

She went into deep thoughts and slowly slowly, six days passed and she found nothing against Vansh. She even tried messaging or delivering letters to rest of the family members to find out about any murder by Vansh..

Riddhima : So, he’s not a culprit, but why did Kabir told me about him? What should I do now?

She notices her transmitter (not thrown out) ringing. She quickly picks it up.

“Hello Riddhima”

“Hello Kabir”

“I’m sorry, I was out of the city, the last week, and now, I got to know about yours and Vansh’s wedding”

“Oh, yes”

“Did you find any evidences?”

Riddhima thought for a while and said,”No”

“Okay, Be quick”


After switching the transmitter off, Riddhima felt like crying.

Riddhima : He didn’t asked, how am I? He asked about evidences only..He didn’t cared that I, his love, is getting married to his greatest enemy..Why Bappa Why? You snatched my parents from me, and now my first love? Was he really my love? No Riddhima, he might be tensed..You need to stop thinking all this about him!

In Kabir’s office :

Kabir : Natasha baby!

Natasha : Yes Kabuu…

Kabir : Cook some sandwiches..

Natasha : Yeah, okay

She goes.

Kabir : My pawn will work well, what does Riddhima think? I love her? Huh! I’ve my own wife and she thinks, I’ll love her…

He smirks.

Scene shifts to Vansh’s room :

He is working on his laptop when

“Knock! Knock!”

“Come in” He replies.

Riddhima comes inside. Vansh, without looking at her says,”Yeah?”

“I..I want to confess something” she replies hesitantly.

He keeps his laptop aside and crosses his legs.

Vansh : Start

He says with a smirk.

“I…I loved Kabir”

She expected him to get angry or show something but he was sitting calm.


“And he told me to spy on you  as he said, you were a murder, so I came here”


“Then, you told me to marry you, I had 7 days left”


“So, I spied on you and found that you were not a murderer”

“Interesting, but why did you say ‘Loved’ ? ” , he asked raising his eyebrows.

“I’m getting married to you, so I can’t have extra marital affair “

“Ooh..So, now, how may I help you?”

“I want to know, how is he as a person..also, is he single?”

Vansh’s eyes narrowed, he thought,”First time, someone is here to take information from me…and that too about that Kabir, Poor Riddhima! He cheated on her”

“Ahem! Ahem!” She pretended coughing to bring back Vansh.

Vansh : Inspector Kabir is a greedy person, who wants me behind the bars for no reason. He wants to see me defeat to get promotion.

Riddhima : And his relationship status?

Vansh : Married

This word came as an uttermost shock for Riddhima. She got shattered to the core and sat taking the support of the wall. She started crying. Vansh got up and went near her, to pacify her. He kept his hand on her back and made her stand. She hugged him which came as a little shock to him, later, he reciprocated.

“Are you marrying me because you were having a doubt on me?” She said, taking a little step away.

“No” He replied.

“Then, why?”

“Because, I saw something special in you”


“The way you talk, the way you walk, your guts, your bravery”


“And now, I’m proud of my decision”


“Because you speak truth too! You didn’t betray me”

“If I’m so much good, then why with me, it’s happening wrong…Why I’m an orphan? Why my love used me as a pawn?”

“You’ll have to teach him a lesson”


“Think yourself….ooh wait! Thinking needs brain and you and brain have no connection” He almost giggled. She hit him on his chest and he narrowed his eyes.

“What did you say?” she asks with a horrifying look.

“Nothing, sweetheart!!” He smiles.







The nuptial night : 

Riddhima is sitting on the bed when Vansh comes inside. He locks the door and sits with her. After opening her veil, he finds tears rolling from her eyes. He wipes them and says,”Why are you crying, sweetheart? Aren’t you happy?” She hugs Vansh and says,I want to be in your arms, forever, please don’t leave me

He back hugs and rubs her back.

Vansh : I won’t ever leave you like that Kabir, I’ll always be with you..You’re my wife now, I’ll protect you and no one will touch you..

She bursts out crying.

Vansh : Shh! Don’t cry, do you want our wedding night to be full of cries instead of moans?

Riddhima laughs. He kisses on her forhead and pecks her lips. Within a minute, he leans towards her and their lips get locked. Vansh places wet kisses on her neck.

Riddhima : Vansh..

And the next morning, she woke up being his’s.

Vansh : Where are you going, sweetheart?

Riddhima : Breakfast

Vansh : In these clothes?

She found herself half naked and blushed. She ran towards the washroom while Vansh smirked.

As Riddhima came out of the washroom, her transmitter rang. Vansh got alert.

Riddhima : Don’t worry, it’s my transmitter, he must be calling..

Vansh : Oo

Riddhima picked it up. The voice was audible to Vansh as well.

Kabir : Hello Riddhima!

Riddhima : Hi Kabir..

Kabir : Did you got any proofs against Vansh?

Riddhima : I’ll tell you, first tell me that are you sure, he’s a criminal?

Kabir : Yeah..

Riddhima : Oh..By the way, how’s Natasha doing?

Kabir : Goo…(pause) (realized what she said and what he) Natasha? Who Natasha?

Vansh : Your wife, Inspector Kabir..

Kabir : Vansh! Riddhima, how could you cheat me?

Riddhima : Tit for Tat!

Kabir : What do you think, by cheating me, I’ll let you live peacefully? Nope, now, you see…

Vansh : Will be waiting..And DARE you to call my wife again, I’ll rip you off..

He threw the transmitter away..

Two three months passed, Vansh and Riddhima grew closer and now they were ready to take REVENGE from Kabir and Natasha..Yes, Natasha was also involved in all this, acting as Riddhima’s friend..Kabir still wants Vansh behind the bars.

One fine day..,

Vansh : Listen Riddhima, I’ve an idea, you’ll call Kabir, and say that now you get it that Vansh is a criminal, he was talking to murder some Neha, okay?

Riddhima : And?

Vansh : Rest, he’ll do himself..

He smirked.

Riddhima : What do you mean?

Vansh : A truth to be spilled out, sweetheart..

Riddhima : Which truth?

Vansh : Patience is the key to success..

Riddhima : Hmm…Fine!!

She called Kabir and kept on speaker.

Kabir : Hello! Who’s there?

Riddhima : It’s me Kabir!

Kabir : Riddhima? Such a long time..What happened?

Riddhima (acting to sob) : Van..Vansh, he’s a criminal, you wer..were ri..right..

Kabir : What did he do?

Riddhima : I saw him talking to someone to murder some “Neha”

Kabir : Nehaa?

His jaw dropped.

Riddhima : Haan..Who’s she?

Kabir : My sister..

He almost cried. Riddhima glared at Vansh and he winked.

Kabir : Do you have the proof?

Riddhima looks at Vansh questioningly, he nods.

Kabir : Tell..

Riddhima : Yupp..

Kabir : Okay then, I’m coming to VR Mansion today..

Riddhima : Security is tight and I can’t help you..

Kabir : No worries, she’ll help me..

Riddhima : Who she?

Kabir : Anupriya Rai Singhania aka my mother.

Riddhima was shocked..

Kabir : I’ll come soon..

He hanged up.

Riddhima : Anu mom is Ka..bir’s mom…

Vansh : Yes sweetheart..

Riddhima : Further plan?

Vansh : You just wait and watch..

After some time, Kabir reached VR Mansion along with other police officers. Anupriya called Vansh and Riddhima.. Kabir had a smile seeing Riddhima, who gave him a tight smile. Anupriya was smirking. Angre was gone to somewhere and rest people weren’t at home. Vansh moved towards Kabir, putting his hands in the blazer.

Vansh : How may I help you Inspector Kabir?

Kabir : Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania, you’re arrested..

Vansh : Ooh..So sad! Why?

Kabir : Trying to kill Neha

Vansh : Neha? Who Neha?

Kabir : Wait..Riddhima, proofs..

Riddhima : Excuse me, who are you Mr.? And how do you know my name? Which proofs?

Kabir : Riddhima, proofs!!!

Vansh : Oh Inspector, stay away from my wife..

Kabir : But-

Vansh : Do you have proofs?

Kabir looked at Riddhima who gestured him under the cushion of sofa. Kabir nodded at her and said,”Can we check your house?” Vansh gave him the side and said,”Sure” He went near the sofa and started checking under the cushion. He found a CD and smirked.

Kabir : CD, Mr. Vansh..

Vansh : So? Can’t we have CD’s now?

Kabir : Let’s check what’s in this..

He turned the CD player on. The video started playing, it was Anupriya and Kabir talking on phone, the video was of VR Mansion.

In the video :

Anupriya : Haan Kabir, you’d arrest Vansh and then we’ll rule VR empire..Haan, you come..

The video finishes. Kabir looks at Riddhima who smirks at him. He goes to Riddhima.

Kabir : How DARE you double cross me?

Riddhima : Same here..Inspe..oops! Ex-Inspector Kabir..

Kabir looked puzzled.

Anupriya : What are saying Riddhima beta?

Vansh : I’ll tell you..Actually, the Police Comissioner fired him..

Kabir : When?

Vansh : A few moments before..

Kabir smirked and said,”HE didn’t..”

“I did, Kabir” a voice came and he turned there. The Comissioner was standing there.

Comissioner : You are fired for conspiring against Mr. VR..

Kabir : But-

Comissioner : MR. VR , have a good day!

Vansh : Thank you!

The Comissioner left. Kabir looked at Vansh and Riddhima with anger.

Vansh : And I’ll make sure that you both (eyeing Kabir and Anupriya) don’t get any work..

Anupriya : Vansh beta, main? What are you saying?

Vansh : Didn’t you saw yourself in the video? I can’t believe, I kept you as my mom, I loved you and you betrayed me..Vansh ko dhokha diya? Now, pick up your BAG and JUST GET OUT!!

Anupriya : Lekin-

Vansh : GET OUTT!!!

He roared. Before getting out, Kabir looked at Vansh and said,”What will you reply to rest of members, Vansh?”  He took out his gun.

Vansh : You don’t need to worry!

He (Vansh) fired his own gun and Kabir’s gun fell down. Kabir and Anupriya left gritting their teeths. Riddhima hugs Vansh.

Riddhima : Vansh, now?

Vansh : Now what, sweetheart? Angre will kidnap them and..

Riddhima : And?

Vansh : They’ll die in my cage..

Riddhima looked at Vansh puzzled.

Vansh : What happened?

Riddhima : Was Kabir right?  You’re..

Vansh smirked at her and said,”Don’t run your tiny brain..” Riddhima made a face and hit on his chest. He groaned,”Ahh!!”

Riddhima : I’m so sorry!!!

Vansh forwarded his cheeks towards her.

Riddhima : What?

He caged her by waist and said,”Ab glti ki hai toh sazaa bhi millegi naa..” (Now, you’ve done mistake, so you deserve punishment also, right?)

Riddhima : Vanshhh..

Vansh : Kiss..

Riddhima : Okay fine, Mr. Ziddhansh..

Vansh : Ziddhansh?

Riddhima : Yes, Ziddi (Stubborn) Vansh..

Vansh : Then, you Ziddhima..

Riddhima : Ziddhima?

Vansh : Yeah, see you’re so stubborn, not kissing me..

Riddhima : Close you eyes!

He closes his eyes and she runs.

***After dinner***

RiAnsh room :-

Riddhima lied on the bed and closed her eyes. The next moment, she saw Vansh lying on her with a smirk.

Riddhima : What?

Vansh : You didn’t kissed me in the afternoon so, I’m here to take it with interest..

Riddhima : Interest..W..hich interest?

He looked at her lips intensely and she gulped. She tried to push him away…At last, they ended up kissing each other, softly yet passionately..


I hope you liked this OS..This was published on Wattpad in two parts, but I published it in one only..I hope you guys liked it!! Loads and loads of Love ❤️ 

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