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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira attend the Freshers party

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kartik defeating Kunal in arm wrestling. Everyone claps. Kartik says there is no problem in being cool, don’t cross your limits with anyone. He goes. Manish thinks I had put the invite here, I forgot. He checks the drawer and says did Suwarna get it, if she sees it, she will be upset. Naira gets the costume and Kirti’s letter along. She says I m not going. Naitik says if Kirti knows… Naira says I will tell her that dress was really good. She goes. Naitik says we rarely get a chance to get happy, I m yearning to see her smile. Naira hears him. She says I was joking, no one misses the freshers party, you are silly. He smiles. She gets sad. Manish calls out Suwarna and asks servant. Servant says I didn’t see her. Surekha says she left in the morning, she

doesn’t tell me anything. Manish says she wanted to go Mumbai, she may have got that invite. He calls Puneet and says book my ticket for Mumbai.

Dean says yes, Mrs. Goenka, your visit will be a surprise, I won’t tell even Manish. He thinks what’s there to keep it so discrete. Devyaani says I m ordering medicines online. Bau ji says let me do it. She says no, go and read your newspaper. He sees Naksh busy. Kirti says Dada ji, will you have tea. He says yes, this may pass some time. Kunal sees Naira and goes to her. The girls joke on him and ask him to try again. Naira says I can’t repeat myself, please. Kunal says if you don’t dance with me, I will tell everyone that you are Mrs. Naira Singhania, I know your secret. Kartik sees them. Kunal asks are you shocked, you can save others from this shock. He jokes. He says you know what I will do if you don’t dance with me. She worries. Kartik hits the board angrily. He tells Dean that he will wear formal clothes. Dean asks him to dress up according to the theme, always go with the flow. Kirti says we shall go out if you are bored. He says no, what will I do there, just play some movie, I need to just pass time. He goes. Kirti says I was thinking to involve Dada ji in our work. Devyaani says no, he worked a lot all life, he should rest.

At the freshers’ party venue, everyone comes dressed in Bollywood style. Kunal says Naira should come in bahen ji style, she can’t refuse to me, I will make her dance, it will be fun, I have trapped her. Kartik comes, dressed as Dharmendra. Everyone claps. Dean says thanks for accepting my request, the he-man and his dream girl, I have seen this movie many times. Kartik says my sister has sent this costume from Udaipur. Dean praises the choice. Kartik looks for Naira. The girl announces the intro round. She calls Kunal and Naira for the dance. Kunal goes on stage. Everyone claps. The girl asks where is your senorita. Kunal says she would be getting ready. The girl asks Naira where are you. Tanvi comes on stage. Kunal gets shocked. Kunal asks where is Naira. Tanvi says you wanted senorita and I m here. They dance on Rukjaa o dil deewane…. Kartik waits for Naira. Naira comes and records the dance. Kartik sees Naira.

Naira sees his costume and thinks he has dressed up as Dharmendra ji. Yeh rishta…..plays…. He thinks Naira is dressed as Hema ji. Kunal comes to Naira and says I didn’t know people find tough to understand post marriage. Naira says I told you clearly that I won’t dance with you, do anything, I don’t care. He says you can’t boss around here. She says I never boss around, but I do things as I wish. She says I won’t dance and goes. Kunal gets angry. Bau ji gets a shock. Naksh and everyone ask what happened. Bau ji says nothing serious. Devyaani says we have electrician to fix these things. Naksh says you don’t need to do all this, just tell us if you need anything. Devyaani asks him to take rest, its not his age to do all these things. Bau ji goes. Kirti looks on.

Dean sees Naira and says look at you, what a coincidence, you are dressed up as characters from my fav film, its a sign, you must perform a dance together. Everyone claps. Kunal says why would she dance with this professor if she didn’t dance with me. The guy says Kartik is a dude, he defeated you in arm wrestling. Kartik says I have come here on your saying, I can’t dance. Naira says sorry even I can’t dance. Dean says I think you both should dance to make this event memorable, its just a request, I won’t force you. Tanvi says lucky you, I should have worn your dress and danced with Kartik. Dean says yes, its fine if you don’t want to dance, just enact a scene, you can’t refuse now. They give a toy gun to Kartik. Kartik says I can’t. They send Kartik and Naira on stage and clap.

The girl reads the freshers’ names…. Naira comes on stage. Kunal throws her posters and says now hide your face and run away aunty ji…

Update Credit to: Amena

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