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Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Markande writes the story of mahakali’s forms.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with mata kali telling the story of her her forms of mata matangi and mata kamla. Mata kali says this time the entire universe was to be destroyed, it was the ultimate destruction or the apocalypse. Ganesh says why was that mata? Why did you take the vikraal form of mahakali? Mata kali says I took the form of mahakali and mahadev took the form of mahakaal, we both had a third eye and if it opened, the entire universe would get destroyed.
Mata kali tells the story and says, my form of matangi took form of mahakali to destroy the world, it was meant to clean the world of everything and start it from zero, from a new beginning. The universe would be destroyed, everything and everyone would be killed, all planets, all species of living beings, all gods and all lok’s, brahma

dev, Vishnu dev, all goddesses everyone would go. I and mahadev would then do the tandav which would destroy anything which remained, a new beginning would start with the powers of mahadev and mata kamla, they both would use their powers and then form the entire universe and even the tridev and tridevi would be formed again, everything would start with a new beginning.
Ganesh says then what would happen mother? Mata kali says mata matangi is the form for the dead souls of all around the universe, she is the ultimate form representing destruction with mahakali and she is the form that represents the mata swaroop with mahadev’s matang form too.
Mata kali says even rishi markande knew about the form of matangi, he was called here by my matangi swaroop because he has a purpose, even after the universe ended he was the only one who would stay alive, so he was the sole witness who would witness all events, he has the purpose of writing the markande puran. Rishi markande smiles and says yes mata.
Mata says, I had decided all this leela, of calling rishi durvasa to Kailash so that his anger would bring mine and mahadev’s form of matangi and matang. Rishi durvasa says mata forgive me, I couldn’t control my anger, it brought everyone here because of me. Mata kali says rishi durvasa your purpose here is over now, you should get back to your ashram and continue meditating. Durvasa does pranam and goes. Mata says all gods and tridev too, you can go and continue your daily work too, all gods, brahma dev and Vishnu dev go. Ganesh says mother I know why you have still kept rishi markande here. Mata says yes ganesh. Ganesh says because rishi markande is entitled with writing markande puran and to know the entire story he has to first know why you only took the matangi form first before any other form, right? Mata kali says yes ganesh, you are right, markande shall know why I took the matangi form, I took this form first because it is a greater swaroop then my forms and mahadev with his matang form stays with me, we come down to the world of death and souls and start everything from a new beginning. Ganesh says mother, when will you come back to Kailash with father? Please mother, tell me. Mata kali says ganesh, my son, I want to tell you that but you will know it at the right time, mata kali goes. Ganesh feels very sad and says mother don’t leave us please.

Precap: ganesh and kartikeya ask mahadev, father please, wake up, where did mother go? We have to find her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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