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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Jara kidnaps people of vrindavan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with kanha coming to the ashram, where balram and all friends were just learning. Kanha comes and says what are you all doing brother? You were reading right? Balram says kanha, where were you? You just appear from somewhere and again vanish somewhere else, you and guru gargacharya told me to go as you would tell me later what you had planned and what was happening. Kanha says brother calm down, everything is fine now. Balram says yes kanha, even now our guru gave us mantra’s and went leaving us to learn them but I can leave anything for studies but not food, we are all going in the forest to eat fruits, I am very hungry, so come on lets pluck fruits and berries. Kanha says yes brother, lets go.
Everyone go in the forest and they pluck sweet fruits and berries and

drink the sweet water from Yamuna river. Kanha eats jamuns and grapes.
There jarasant and kansa go back to the palace. Kansa says what plan do you have now father in law? Your plan of going in the past anyway failed, what to do now? Jarasant says don’t worry kansa, I have a good plan now, every time you had to send demons to vrindavan or you yourself had to go to find that vishnu’s avatar, but this time that kid will come to you, if you cannot get out of Mathura then he will come here and then we will kill that kid. Jarasant calls a demoness Jara, the demoness comes flying and lands, she says what happened jarasant? She laughs and says why have you called me? Jarasant gives a cunning smile and says kansa, till now you came empty handed back to Mathura because of vishnu’s treachery, this time that kid will come to you.
There kanha and everyone finish eating and kanha goes back to his house in vrindavan. Kanha enters the house and says mother, mother! Where are you mother? See I have come. Kanha says I went with brother balram to the forest today, we had so much fun and we ate fruits and berries and drank water from Yamuna too, it was amazing. Kanha says mother where are you? Father? Mother see I am hungry again, I want butter. Kanha searches the entire house and sees no one is there. He goes out of the house and checks the village, kanha says anyone is here? Where did everyone go? Kanha then sees everything in a mess as everything is fallen in the village here and there and seems like a chaos had happened there. Kanha says what happened here? Rishi gargacharya says kanha! And he comes. Kanha says gurudev what happened here? Where are all the people and what mess has happened here? Guru says kanha, all the people of vrindavan have been kidnapped by kansa and jarasant. Kanha is shocked and says what? How did that happened? Guru says kanha, jarasant called the most powerful demoness in universe, jara! She was the one who had taken care of jarasant till he grew up, jara is very powerful and she kidnapped and took all people to Mathura. Kanha says then I have to go, my family and all people are in danger, I have to save them. Guru says kanha wait! This is kansa’s and jarasant’s plan to bring vishnu’s avatar to Mathura because kansa cannot come out of Mathura, if you go there they will know who you are. Kanha says yes gurudev, I have to take care of that but I have to save my people, I will plan something. Kanha heads towards Mathura.
Narad muni says prabhu, kansa has been finding your avatar for years, what will happen now? Lord Vishnu says devrishi, kansa has been dedicated towards finding my avatar, but this time I think I will give him the fruit of his hard work, you have to wait and see.
There jara, kansa and jarasant are with all people who are tied by ropes. Nand says maharaj what have we done? Why are you troubling us? Please leave us, we have not done anything. Kansa laughs and says nand, vishnu’s avatar is in vrindavan and he loves you all a lot, he will come to save you for sure. Nand says please leave us maharaj, prabhu’s avatar is not in vrindavan. Yashoda cries and says please don’t do anything to anyone. Kansa says I know yashoda devi, your son kanha will come here and I have always doubted him, I will kill him if he comes here. Yashoda says no maharaj please don’t. jara holds yashoda and tortures her and nand screams please leave my wife, please.

Precap: kanha goes to Mathura. The people are tortured by jara and kansa as jarasant waits for kanha to come.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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