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Muskaan 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Rakhi spies on Aarti

Muskaan 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aarti convincing Muskaan. She asks her to meet everyone if she wants. Muskaan says no, I will first win the game and then meet them, will I get gifts. Aarti says yes, you will get gifts but its a surprise. Rakhi and everyone come there and ask Aarti to open the door. Aarti makes Muskaan hide. Aarti gets the box to them. Rakhi asks what’s inside the box. Aarti shows the empty box. She says there is much air, will you have it. They laugh.

Aarti says you are eager to know everything, I got a big gift for mum, as her clothes are always spread out. Tabassum cries. Aarti says mum will keep her things in this. Rakhi asks why did you keep suspense. Aarti says I thought to decorate it, but you had to know it first. Tabassum hugs Aarti. Suzaine says that’s why mum takes Aarti’s

side. Aarti asks Chadda to do his work and let her do her work. She goes to Muskaan and asks are you fine. Muskaan says I m fine, did you tell anyone. Aarti says no, I won’t say them. Muskaan runs around in the room and checks things.

Muskaan asks do you apply makeup also. Aarti says yes. She lies to Muskaan. She shows the makeup box and applies makeup to Muskaan. They compliment each other and take a selfie. Aarti says give me a kiss now, take this phone and hear music. She thinks my ghungroo sound shouldn’t be heard. She takes her ghungroos and hides. She goes out and wears the ghungroos. Rakhi says why is she wearing ghungroos outside the room, she is hiding something, I will find out later. Aarti goes for dance. She finds hard to walk. The man asks how will she dance now. She says its enough that I reached here. Chadda says I will see. He asks Aarti what happened.

Aarti says I got a foot sprain. The man says we had a hope to see her face. She says we won’t break your hope, I have a solution, have advance booking. Chadda says show them some dance. Aarti says they value art, I can see that. She talks sweet and pleases the guests. She asks her mum to take advance booking. Tabassum recalls telling Aarti not to dance for free and take advance booking. Tabassum thinks I always get money any way. Rakhi asks Ghosh for Aarti’s room keys. She makes an excuse. He gives the keys. Muskaan is listening music. Rakhi comes there. Muskaan hides under the bed. Rakhi looks around. Muskaan thinks who is she. She clicks her pic to ask Aarti. Rakhi turns to see. Aarti comes there and shouts Rakhi, you won’t change, who gave you permission to come to my room, why do you play this game with me. Muskaan smiles. Aarti makes Rakhi out.

Tabassum and Aarti celebrate. Muskaan eats food and feels spice. She cries. Aarti worries seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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