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Mayavi Maling 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pranali faces Angad’s wrath

Mayavi Maling 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Angad lifting Pranali’s ghunghat. He asks about meeting Haran. She gets tensed. Maharaj gifts Antara and Chegu and thanks them for coming. Eshwarya smiles. Chegu apologizes for everything. Maharaj says forget everything, give the gifts to Kalki people and ask them to bless Angad and Pranali. Chegu says we have nothing to give you. Maharaj says this is nothing in front of your friendship, I wish we will meet again and then we will decide how beneficial are we. Chegu says I have that option in my mind, I will come on your call. He smiles and goes.

Angad says your eyes are saying me the truth. Pranali says I won’t say a lie, I won’t start our wedding with a lie, I went to free Haran. Angad scolds her. He says you are my wife, does this suit you. She says he is punished

for wrong blame. He asks what. She says he was helping me. He asks in what work. She cries. He throws things and shouts on her. He leaves from the room. He gets his blue wings. She worries that he can take a wrong step in anger. She goes to him and calls him out. He closes his wings. He goes away. Maharanis pray for Pranali’s happiness. Mandhari says we will wake up the newly weds, make the Kaksh clean well.

Pranali thinks if everyone sees me this way, they will say we have no love between us. She worries when someone knocks the door. Pranali opens the door. Mandhari jokes and asks about Angad. Pranali says actually…. Angad comes from bath and says I had complimented your dress, and you have worn it again, you are beautiful and can make any clothes look pretty. Mandhari says I have come to clean the room. Angad romances Pranali and says give us some time. Mandhari asks them to romance and goes with the maids. Angad asks Pranali to go for the bath, they have to leave for Mahapuram, I have decided to forget the past, so that we can enjoy the future, we will make a new start. She smiles.

Angad thinks of Haran and goes to meet him. He sees Maharaj talking to prisoners. He keeps his sword. Maharaj releases the prisoners. He greets Angad and asks what happened, is everything fine, I have freed the prisoners, they will make a new start of life, you will be blessed. Angad says yes, I came to see this great thing. He takes blessings. He says I m proud that you are my father-in-law. Maharaj says there is one prisoner, whom I couldn’t free, as Madhumali had punished him, Haran, we can free him if you want. Angad stares at Haran. He hits the lock by the sword and frees Haran. He says you don’t need my permission, I m always with you. Maharaj says great. Haran comes to them. Maharaj says you got another chance to pay for our favors, live the way that you don’t need to bend head in front of anyone, when you die, your place shouldn’t be filled by anyone. He says Angad, I need your bodyguard. Angad says as you say. Maharaj says if Haran teaches self defense to my daughters, I will be glad, I think its time Eshwarya and Garima learn self defense skills, times are changing, they should be capable to use weapons shield. Haran agrees. Angad fumes.

Maharaj says I wish Madhumali wasn’t a Daanav vanshi. Trishanku says its all about throne and power. Trishanku dances. Angad sees Madhumali and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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