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Mariam Khan Reporting Live 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam plans Roza Kushai

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mariam getting sad while polishing the shoes. She says I won’t stay here. She goes out and thinks of the family. She recalls Majaaz’s words. Her friends come. Mariam says I m leaving the house, no one loves me, I m going on the roads. They all give ideas. They walk on the roads. Mariam says Aijaz would be finding me, he is my best friend. Aijaz says I will be glad to get free of toofan mail. Mariam says dad will be sad. Majaaz says working will be fun if I get such peace. Akshay says its time for Iftaari. Mariam says Meher would be tensed, she must be finding me. Meher checks response on her blog. She sees Jaffar and Amna at the snacks stall. Akshay says you can’t even take our pics without camera.

Lallu says we will have iftari at home and pack bags.

They return home and see everyone praying. Mariam sits with everyone and eats. Akshay says Mariam left home today. Majaaz asks is he saying true. Mariam says no one came to find me, what if I got kidnapped or if I met with an accident, I m young, if I got lost. He says I thought you are playing with friends, why did you leave home. Mariam says everyone punishes me, you also scolded me, no one loves me, you won’t allow me to fast, I want my Roza kushai, I m very bad. She cries. They all smile. Aijaz says no, everyone loves you a lot. Madiha hugs her and asks her to observe a fast. They all feed her. Majaaz announces that Mariam’s Roza kushai will happen tomorrow. Mariam thanks him and hugs. She asks will my uncle and aunt come. Madiha sees Majaaz.

Madiha sees time and wakes up. She sees the alarm clock stopped. She wakes up everyone. They rush. Aijaz gets hurt. Majaaz runs to him and asks are you fine. Aijaz says yes. Majaaz asks why did you wake up, you had kept a fast. Aijaz says I have to support Mariam and keep fast with her. Omkar comes and asks why this haste. Madiha says just 6 mins left. They all eat quickly. They hear Azaan and stop eating. Mariam smiles.

Its morning, Mariam writes my role model…. She looks for his pics. She doesn’t find any and goes to click his pic. Majaaz asks what mischief is she doing, when did she become spy. Mariam says I thought no one will catch me, its a secret. He tickles her and laughs. He says its not right to click anyone’s pics without permission. Mahira and Mariam fight. Madiha asks them to leave. Mariam asks will my uncle and aunt come today, call them, please don’t forget. She hugs Majaaz. She sees an envelope in flower pot and gives him. He asks her to go. He reads the court notice. She asks whose letter is it. He says its a summon. She asks what happened. He says its court summon, as per the enemy property act, its first hearing of haveli case. She asks when. He says today, we didn’t find it, Mariam got it thankfully. She says how shall we fight two cases, how will we get money. He says don’t think much. She says just sell your press fast. He says you want me to sell the press, will we win the case this way. She says we will manage expenses. He says we will talk about it later. He goes. Aijaz asks where did Majaaz go in hurry. She worries.

Mariam is in class. Fawad and Mariam argue. Fawad and his friends show food and tempt Mariam as she is fasting. Mariam’s friends shut their tiffins and say we will have food with you in iftaari. She smiles. Rifat orders snacks for Fawad. Madiha comes to meet her. She asks guard to send away strangers. Madiha stops her.

Mariam gets ready. Lallu compliments her. She thanks him. Madiha says Majaaz will come soon. Mariam says he would have gone to bring uncle and aunt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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