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Krishna Chali London 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna gets scolded

Krishna Chali London 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shukla making Krishna sit. He sees Radhe an says go away. Radhe stands far. Shukla says Chobey, you didn’t go out of Kanpur, you won’t have info about any country, spin the globe and then my bahu will tell the capital of the country you see. Chobey goes and spins the globe. Radhe’s mum says they would have seen such unique mu dikhai for the first time. Chobey looks on. Shukla asks him to read. Krishna reads Czechoslovakia. Shuka asks the capital. She says its capital is Prague. Shukla says say it loudly. She repeats. Radhe and everyone clap. Shukla says say something more about the country. She tells the details. Everyone claps. Shukla asks did you see our glory. Chobey says I will ask her one question. Shukla says yes, ask. Chobey asks which river flows through

Gorakhpur. Krishna says River Rapti. Everyone claps. Radhe smiles. She answers further. Chobey asks GDP of country. She says 7.1. He says wrong, its 18%. She says that’s not GDP, that’s GST. Matuk asks her to recite the poetry of the London poet. Krishna recites. Radhe smiles. Everyone looks on and claps.

Chobey and Chaurasiya make fun of Shukla. They say that everyone is illiterate here, just a bahu is educated, Shukla is standing with pride, anyone else in his place would have died by shame. Krishna says one doesn’t become smart just by education, its true he never topped the class, but he achieved a lot in life, he has the intelligence to run his business well. Chobey says her tongue is sharp, congrats for your progressive thinking, our house women don’t have courage to argue with elders, she may disrespect you in future. Chaurasiya says now she will do the talking, let her manage your business. He jokes on Shukla. Radhe signs Krishna to stop. Everyone gives her gifts envelopes for mu dikhai. They leave. Shukla stares at Krishna. He warns his wife that if this happens again, she will be punished, she is supposed to teach the women the family norms. She says I will teach them. He asks Krishna to learn that women speak as much as they are permitted, it will be good. He says if I lose my cool, there won’t be anything left. He goes.

Radhe’s mum scolds Krishna and goes. Radhe asks Krishna not to feel bad. Krishna says she is also a coconut. Shukla stops Krishna and takes her class. She says no one will go to room. She asks Gajanan to take Radhe with him, Radhe will stay with Krishna from tomorrow, Krishna will stay with Laali, its puja tomorrow, then do anything you want. Radhe’s mum scolds Krishna further. Laali takes Krishna to her room. Krishna says please leave me alone for some time. Laali says fine, tell me if you need anything. She goes. Krishna shuts the door. She cries and thinks of her family.

Matuk says Krishna was amazing. Shukla says its fine if she speaks on my behest, its a problem if she talks by her will. Radhe comes to Krishna. His mum scolds Krishna. Bela asks Krishna to join her. Krishna refuses. Bela spits in her tea.

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