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Kaira SS -Tere Liye (Part 2)

Hi!!Here is the second part.Hope u will like it.


Leap of one week,
Kaira with their other classmates were going to shimla for a camping trip.Kartik and Naira were talking with each other.Well not actually talking ,Naira was teasing Kartik.
N-Why are you saying like this?She is ur friend…….

K-Dost nahi chudail hai…..

At that time a girl came there.
G-Hi Kartik!

K-Speak of the evil and the evil come.
Said Kartik slowly only Naira could hear that.Naira was trying hard to suppress her laughter.

G-Did u say something?

K-No…I mean Yes….I said hi to u Natasha….

Yess,the chudail is  none other than Natasha.

Na-Naira why don’t u go and sit infront, Kartik wants to sit with me,isn’t it Kartik?….

N-I sat here first so this is now my seat and if Kartik wanted  to sit with you then he wouldn’t have sat with me…..he wants to sit with me not u, got it?

Na-I will see u later…..

She said angrily
Before she could say anything else the teacher told everyone to take their seats.
Kaira passed the rest of the journey by talking.
After some hours they reached Shimla.By the time they reached Shimla everyone was really tired So they decided that at first they will get fresh and then they will start the activities and games.

After getting fresh everyone came to the camping area.
Te-Students for camping select your group members and then submit your names to me.


Natasha was going to ask Kartik to join her group but before that kaira made their group.And that’s why Natasha was angry at Naira.Kaira’s group had  4 members,Kartik,Naira and their two other classmates Gayu and Aryan.They submitted their names to the teacher.

Te-So, ur first task is to set up your tents….It will be competition…the group which will do it first will be the winner and will get badges and gift


Kaira,Gayu and Aryan started to make the tents.Kartik and Naira one tent and Gayu and Aryan another.Although they took some time to built the tents but they were the winners.So they got the badges and the kit.

After setting the tents they were told to prepare the dinner in groups.So Kartik,Naira ,Gayu and Aryan started to prepare the dinner.While cooking Naira was about to burn her hands.

K-can’t you work carefully?You would have burnt your hands……you should have been careful….BTW are you hurt??What happened why aren’t you saying anything?

N-I will say when you will give me chance to say something but u aren’t giving me the chance to speak…. You are doing tar tar like mendak……mendak kahike….

K-Okay I am a frog, a cute frog ……..at least I am not a  sherni like u ,who always quarrel


N-What did u say I always quarrel?

K-No when do u quarrel, Tum to bohot shant ho na
He said Sarcastically.

N-I always quarrel right?So don’t talk with me…talk with someone else…..

K-I am not interested to talk with you…..

N-So don’t talk…..Go and talk with your frnd Natasha…..

K-Ok I will….. at she dosen’t quarrel like u……

Naira was hurt by Kartik’s word this time but she didn’t show that.

N-Then go and talk to that witch…..

G-Guys  stop fighting……….


N-I wasn’t fighting this mendak was…..

K-I was fighting?

N-Oh sorry.How can u fight?Tum to abhi abhi swarg se gire ho na….
She said sarcastically……

G-Guys I told to stop fighting not to increase it……Naira u come with me and  Kartik u  and Aryan work here …Okay??


Naira and Gayu started to work and Kartik went to Aryaan.While working Gayu saw that Naira was sad.
G-What happened Naira ?U look sad.Is everything okay?

N-Yeah, everything is okay …I am feeling sleepy actually.

G-U sure??


G-Okay but u can always share with me if u have any problem…….

Said Naira with a smile.
Here Kartik also saw Naira sad.
“I should go and say her sorry” he thought.
After sometime time they finished cooking,they also had their dinner.They were sitting outside their tents.
Te-Let’s play a game.But this time not groups Vs groups,This time boys Vs girls.Ready?


G-But what will we play??

Te-We will play Tug of war.So Girls team mein hai Naira,Gayu,Kanchi,Shivi and Avni and boys team mein Kartik,Aryaan,Gaurav,Samar and Neil.
So,let’s start the game.

Both the teams started their games.Both were trying hard not to let their opponent win but unfortunately the boys team pulled the rope with such force that they won and the girls fell down.Naira got some cuts in her hand Kartik saw this and went inside his tent to bring the kit,as it had first aid items.He then took those things to Naira and sat beside her.He was going to apply the ointment but Naira didn’t allow him to do so.She turned the other side.

K-Sherni sorry na….Don’t be so angry…. plz forgive me…..

N-Natasha is better than me na, so go to her.Why did u come to me?

Kartik understood that she wasn’t angry but she was hurt by his words……
K-Sherni sorry.I told it like that only….plz forgive me….

N-It’s Okay……

K-Now plz turn this side…..plz
Naira then turned to his side .He became sad seeing his sherni crying.

K-Kuch log rote hue bhi itni cute lagte hai ki samajh nahi aata ki unhe chup karau ya nhi

(Some people look too cute while crying that make me confused whether to stop them or not)

Naira smiled at his words.
K-Good now always keep smiling like that only…..This smile suits u a lot….Now show mw your hand and let me apply the ointment.

Kartik then applied the ointment and bandaged it.

K-Let’s go now…It’s too late already…we should go to bed now as we will have to  wake up early tommorrow

N-Yeah, Let’s go

Then both walked to their tents .Outside the tents
K-Good night Sherni.

N-Good night mendak..

Then both went to sleep.This scenes were seen by three people,Gayu,Aryan and Natasha.Gayu and Aryan were happy where as Natasha was really angry and was planning to do something against Naira.

Done with this chapter.

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