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Jab We Met (Shot- 13)

Good morning guys.. 🙂 This is Napsha.. Here is the next shot..

Jab We Met (Shot-13)

Yuvraj is laughing in his room thinking of that moment.. He stops seeing Suhani at the door..

“Suhani, 15 minutes are not yet over..” He says..
“To hell with your 15 minutes challenge..” She replies entering the room..

“How could you do this with me?” She asks him..
He laughs again..
“Tell me honestly.. How many people saw you like that?” He teases her..
She pretends fuming and chases him saying with pauses in between, “Very….. cleverly you…… applied shaving cream….. on my face……. and I thought that you were…….”

She stops as Yuvraj falls on the bed and she falls over him.. Her hair covers her face.. He tucks it behind her ear.. They look at each other for a few secs and then get up.. Suhani fixes her dress and starts walking..

“Suhani, you didn’t tell me what did you think..” Yuvraj asks and smiles..
Suhani stops and she too smiles..
“Actually, I…….”
She leaves smiling..
“The upcoming bride is blushing..” He says..

Sambhav, who has seen and heard everything, fumes thinking if Yuvraj is double-crossing him..

Later, Krishna’s parents are home.. Everyone is very happy..

YuvAni, Soumya and Sambhav go to buy gift for Krishna.. Soumya suggests YuvAni to buy a single gift as they are a couple now.. Both of them look at each other.. Sambhav gets irked hearing this and thinks he need to do something now as Yuvraj isn’t trustworthy.. YuvAni agree with Soumya’s idea..

“And I’ll give a separate gift, so Sambhav, you have to see something on your own..” Soumya adds.. YuvAni smile in their minds.. Sambhav agrees..

In the mall, they are busy shopping, but Sambhav has an eye on YuvAni.. After rejection of one’s choice by the other for some ten times, they come up to a conclusion..

Yuvraj pays for it and asks her to wait for him after collecting it..
“But where are you going?”
“I’ll be back soon.. You wait here only..”

Soumya and Sambhav come to Suhani and ask about Yuvraj.. He comes..
“What’s this?” Sambhav asks about the packet Yuvraj is holding..
“Nothing.. Let’s go now..”

While going back to Birla House, Sambhav tells he needs to go back to his home for some work..

At Sambhav’s house….
He throws everything that he gets hold of.. He goes to his bedroom and removes the curtain..
“Why Suhani? Why? You don’t even look at me properly.. You don’t notice or observe me.. Do you like Yuvraj? Do you love…..?”
This thought burns him.. He takes out the pics of the concert.. He picks up the group pic and stares at the happy faces of everyone..
“I’ll burn everyone around you.. You are only mine..” He says, and burns the four corners of the pic.. When only Suhani is left, he extinguishes the fire with his hand..
“I told you na, I’ll  burn everyone around you..” He says and smirks..
His phone rings.. Seeing Suhani’s name flashing on the screen, he smiles..

“I forgot to ask you, why did you call me in the morning?”
“To talk about Krishna’s birthday gift..”
They talk for a minute and hang up..

“I want to be your priority Suhani.. Yuvraj, I don’t know what’s going on in your mind, but I’ll find it out..” He says angrily..

At 12 am..
Everyone knock at Krishna’s door.. He opens, and all of them wish him.. He is very happy.. They drag him out of the room..

“Tonight no one will sleep..” Anuj says..
“Let’s play something..” Soumya suggests..
“Antakshari..” Sharad suggests..
“Then I’m going to sleep..” Yuvraj says pretending to yawn..
“I’ll make chits, there will be a word written.. Everyone will select a chit and then sing a song containing that word..” Suhani suggests..
Everyone likes the idea..

Name- word in the chit- song:

Krishna- ishq- ishq mubarak
Soumya- khwaab- tu nazm nazm
Sambhav- aahista- tum mere ho mere rehna

Next, Suhani asks Yuvraj to pick up a chit.. The word is ‘ladki’.. He gets up..

“Suhani, this romantic song is for you..” He says.. Everyone tease them..

He sings the song ‘Khambe jaisi khadi hai’ pointing towards her.. She looks at him and frowns..
Everyone bursts out laughing..
“I’ll see you..”
“Sure.. Anytime..”
Sambhav gets angry seeing their bond..
“How romantic..” Bhawana says.. Everyone laughs..

Next evening….
The party begins.. Cake-cutting, music, dance, fun.. Everything goes perfectly.. Suddenly, Krishna takes the mic and confesses his love to Soumya and proposes her.. She agrees.. He takes out a beautiful ring and puts it around her finger.. He gives her another ring and she puts it around his finger..
“Hey everyone, we are officially engaged now..” Krishna announces..
People cheer for them.. They take the blessings of the elders..

Suhani is very happy for her bestie.. Her eyes fall on her empty finger.. She recalls her engagement and how she threw her ring away..
Yuvraj comes and stands beside her..
“Give me your hand..”
“Sorry, my hand is not for sale..”
“Haha.. Even I’m not stupid enough to buy it.. Now c’mon..”
“I wana kiss it..”
“You really ask too many questions.. Just give..”

She gives her hand.. He takes out a small box of ring from his pocket and opens it.. She looks at the ring and then at him.. He looks at her and puts it around her finger..
“Yuvraj, this…….” She says and stops as he puts his finger on her lips..
“We are engaged, so nobody should question us about the ring.. Its quite similar to our engagement ring..”
She nods..
“By the way, even your finger shouldn’t be empty..”
“I’ve got one for myself too..”

He takes out another ring.. She herself wants to put it around his finger, but hesitates to ask.. As he opens the box, the ring falls but Suhani catches it.. Yuvraj thanks her..
“Now you give your hand..”
“I’ll fry it..”
They laugh.. She puts the ring around his finger.. They smile looking at each other.. Sambhav, who is watching them from some distance, fumes and tightens his fists..

PRECAP: Barbie’s entry..

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