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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu reaps benefits from Sudhaar scheme

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khoji giving the breaking news about the lawyers protest. Genda says Chaitu wants to stop me from filing a PIL. Khoji and everyone wait for Chaitu. Chaitu comes for the press conference to announce the Sudhaar card scheme. Chaitu and Imli tell about the benefits of the Sudhaar card, which will reform everything. Janta asks him did he visit any govt office. Chaitu says I also went there when I was among public. Puttan says Chaitu goes office on time. Puttan says Genda has tried to spoil our plan.

Chaitu asks Puttan to help the people with the scheme. Khoji asks who will get the benefits, people or… Puttan stops him for oversmartness. He says Imli will make her Sudhaar card first. Genda protests against Chaitu. She asks them to oppose the Sudhaar scheme.

Chaitu meets the ministers and takes their support by telling about the budget of 1000 crores. Whisky says don’t worry for Genda. She is in opposition and she will react such. Khoji takes Chaitu’s interview and asks when will the govt reform. Chaitu tells him how he has divided the state and gave contracts to different people. Khoji asks who are those relatives.

Chaitu says they are not my relatives, but other minister’s relatives. Khoji asks is that card necessary to cast votes. Chaitu says we didn’t think about it, we have to get all party meeting, Puttan is managing the scheme work. Puttan and Jha go to the govt. Office and see the people’s problems. Puttan acts as ordinary helpless public. The officer asks for bribe. Jha asks Puttan to see the problems in govt. Job. Puttan gets samosas for officer. Janta asks what are you doing, you should come in queue. Puttan finds many dishonest officers. Puttan tells Chaitu that bribe is taken in all govt. Offices, start a single window system, then we will get good packages. Chaitu says we also get that bribe to us. Puttan says we need a rainfal, not any sprinkle. Chaitu says it may be harmful. Imli says listen to Puttan’s suggestion. They all ask him to believe Puttan and agree.

Puttan says people will have your idol. Chaitu says its not easy. Imli says its not tough. Puttan says bring the change and get a change. Khoji gives the single window system solution news. He says this is the new rule, is this state really reformed. Genda says we will also get Sudhaar card made, I will disconnect him from the public. Khoji comes to card centre and says the govt has succeeded to reform the state. Everyone attends calls and publicizes the scheme. Chaitu says state, family and party are mine. Imli asks is there any good news. He says there is much happiness, all the offices have started single window, I got a special place, I got a penthouse for Imli. Puttan and Chaitu make plans to send money to supporters. Chaitu says we have the remaining amount with us. Khoji says people are happy and satisfied to use the single window system. Janta says yes, I just used this service, I feel happy. He tells them the benefits and says Sudhaar card has reformed us. Chaitu and family dance in the money shower.

Everyone worries for Puttan. Boondi says Puttan fell into the gutter, three people have already died there. Imli faints.

Update Credit to: Amena

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