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Bhootu 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Daadi Tricks Anandita To Suicide; Vikram trusts Daadi

Bhootu 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Avanti informs Shona that she disowned her baby and left her in orphanage as she was unmarried mother. She says this is her secret, that is why Shona is very important best friend to her. Shona cries. Pihu suggests Shona to inform Avanti that she is her daughter. Shona says Avanti disowned her, she will not. Pihu says Avanti was helpless and misses her. Shona says she will never tell Avanti that she is her daughter. After sometime, Avanti returns. Shona shouts at her that she is big woman and cannot befriend a kid and asks her to go out of her house.

Daadi tells Anandita that Vikram is getting suspicious each day and is very dangerous, so to save herself and Pihu she has to act as burning and killing herself and record video which only Vikram will see, then she will send Aandita to Naintal.

Anandita asks what about Pihu. Daadi asks not to worry about her and gives her godown keys. Pihu sees Anandita going and hears Daaadi and Mohini’s discussion that Anandita herself will suicide and die now. She pleads Gopal to save mamma. Gopal asks to take Anandita’s favorite thing to her to stop her. Pihu searches and finds her handwritten greeting card to Anandita on her birthday and reminisces Anandita telling this will be her favorite gift.

Anandita reaches godown and calls Daadi. Daadi asks to go to particular room where she has fixed CCTV camera. Vikram returns home. Daadi on TV then shows Anadita trying to suicide. Anandita says she cannot forget Subodh and is going to meet him. Vikram shatters seeing that. Anandita stops when Pihu reaches there and does magic, but someone drops fire torch on floor and burns godown. Anandita pleads for help. Vikram panics and tries to rush for her help, but Daadi stops him and cries that Anandita would have died by now. Anandita walks in calling Vikram. Daadi and Mohini get tensed seeing her and yell how did she escape. Anandita huts Vikram and says she got back her memory and Daadi is the one who brainwashed her against Vikram and provoked to kill herself. She tells him whole story in detail. Daadi nervously says Anandita is lying. Vikram shouts at Anandita to shut up, he will not listen anything against his mother. Daadi smirks hearing this. Anandita tries to explain Vikram, but he gets adamant. Anandita says she will leave house if he does not believe her. Daadi laughs that her problem will be gone forever.

Precap: No precap. Promo of Jeet Gayi to Piya Morey serial’s new time slot at 6:30 p.m. in Bhootu’s place is shown.

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