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Belan Wali Bahu 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa stops Prem and Lata’s fights

Belan Wali Bahu 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Roopa looks on. Dada gets angry and shouts to leave her hand, he starts whipping Prem in anger while Jitendra is caressing Suzzi’s hands. Dada keeps beating Prem in anger. Katori comes there and asks how is everyone? must be fine. She looks around and says how come I am in police station? Jitendra asks who is she? Lata says she is a sugar thief, should I put her in jail? Jitendra says yes. Lata drags Katori to jail and locks her with Dada and Prem. Katori says free me Lata. Prem says dont say anything otherwise you can get whipped. Katori is shocked to see Dada as a devil. Katori says Jitendra what is this drama? you made your father as criminal, your mother as an officer and your Dada as a devil, all get tensed. Jitendra approaches her angrily and says you are a shameless

sugar thief, how dare you call criminals as my family? this devil Zorawar will beat you, he asks Dada to whip Katori if she doesnt stop her rubbish. Jitendra asks Suzzi to come with him, he leaves with her. Shalini rushes to Roopa and says see what Jitendra is doing with Suzzi, this was your plan. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that it was your plan. He whispers something to her. Roopa is reluctant but tells the idea to Shalini, she is stunned.

Jitendra is talking with Suzzi but Shalini comes there and falls on Jitendra, she says ask me what my heart says, she tries to seduce him, all look on. shalini seductively dances around Jitendra, Jitendra is stunned, Shalini says now you know my power? Jitendra drops her and says you tried to molest an inspector? I will lock you in jail, he looks at jail and says Katori and Prem ranaway from jail? Roopa says Prem ranaway with Katori. Laddo’s ghost says talk with respect, say they ranaway separately, she says same thing.
Jitendra says I will count till 100, you people have to find Prem and Katori, if I dont find them then I will suspend everyone. Dada murmurs he is himself suspended. Lata says I will find them, Jitendra starts counting. Lata says to Dada that Jitendra doesnt know counting after 75 so we have a lot of time. They all start searching for Prem and Katori.

Scene 2
Jitendra is counting and back counting, trying to memorize the counting. All comeback, Shalini says we couldnt find them. Jitendra says now you all will be punished. Roopa sees a blanket moving in jail, she says jail is moving, Laddo’s ghost says its papa, why did you say it? Jitendra takes off blanket, Prem and Katori are hiding under it, Jitendra says you tried to run, now you will be punished. Prem says I already got so many whips, Jitendra says now I will punish you.
0””””’7itendra brings electric wires and runs behind Prem to give him electric shock, Prem says this is getting out of hands, Roopa says one minute, let me give him water before you give him shock. She brings water glass but water mistakenly falls on Jitendra’s hands, he gets current again from holding live wires. Jitendra faints. All rush to him. Dada says dont know what will happen to him now, Prem says dont know if he is alive. Suzzi checks his pulse and says its working. Jitendra wakes up, he looks around and recognizes everyone, he asks what you people became? did I get my job back? Prem says no but we got you back. Jitendra says did I forget something? Did I get my job back? I dont understand anything. Dada slaps him and says I was waiting to do it, Shalini takes Jitendra from there to take rest. ,,

In morning, Lata brings tea for Prem, he says your tea is so bad. Lata says I have been making tea for you for years and you say this, I am tired of you. Prem says I am tired of your shouting for years, if you are so fed up then go to your parents house. Lata says if I leave then who will make tea for you? Roopa calls them to come down, my parents have come. Prem asks Lata to not fight infront of inlaws. Lata says yes but remember we will start this again when we are done with them, Prem says you have to answer me too, they leave from there.

Lata and Prem greet Roopa’s parents. Prem asks how come they are here? Roopa’s mom says we brought mango box for you and thought to meet Roopa too. Prem says thats great. Lata says yes Prem loves mangoes, he likes mango shake more than tea in summers. Prem says she likes mango plum so much. Roopa’s mom says to Roopa that your mother and father in law have such good understanding. Roopa looks on. Lata says he can have sour throat but want mango ice-cream always. Prem says I get sour throat because of you shouting and I have to answer you. Lata says I have to shout if train is passingby. They start arguing. Roopa is embarrassed. Her parents are stunned to see them argue so much. Her mom says that Roopa your mother and father in law doesnt have understanding. Roopa says they fight but they become fine soon. Her father says we shouldnt get involved in their matter. Lata says to Prem that I dont want to talk to you, Prem says before marriage, your mother said that you cant raise your voice and see now. Lata says dont bring my mother in this otherwise.. he asks what she can do? Lata says I will show you. She takes out mangoes and starts throwing them, they throw away all the mangoes which Roopa’s parents brought, even breaking things by hitting them. Roopa asks them to calm down. Roopa’s mom asks them to stop fighting, her father asks Prem to calm down, dont be so angry. Roopa’s mom asks Prem why he fights so much? Prem says she fights with me. They argue again. Roopa’s mom says every house have fights, we have them too, we used to have such big fights, after our fight, we got 21 stitches, Lata says where? Roopa’s mom says my husband got it not me. She says husband and wife fight because they see each other for 24 hours, if Prem goes to work then they wont fight. Prem says what will I do in that smelly scented candles factory. Roopa’s mom says then dont look at each other too much, look at TV. Lata says nobody likes to watch TV in our house, Roopa’s mom says thats why you fight so much, those who watch TV, they just see fights on TV, bring a TV and start watching it then it will be only peace in house. Roopa’s father says we keep watching TV for 24 hours, we even leave it on when we are sleeping. Roopa’s mom asks Prem to focus on Tv, when you think that fight is going to start then sit infront of TV. Lata thanks them for showing a new direction. Prem says your suggestion will stop our fights. Roopa’s mom says you threw away all mangoes. He says sorry, we will eat mangoes from next time infront of Tv.

Scene 3
In morning, Lata gives tea to Prem. He drink it and makes a grumpy noise. Prem says if I say something the fight will start, I should watch TV. Lata says my favorite serial is coming so I will watch it. Prem says let me watch a match, they starts arguing over TV remote. Prem throws away remote in anger. Lata says how will I watch my serial now?

Roopa comes to her room sadly. Laddo’s ghost asks what happened? Roopa says my mom asked Prem and Lata to watch TV so they wont fight but now they are fighting over TV, Prem wants to see match and Lata wants to see serial. Laddo’s ghost says there is one TV thats why they are fighting, there should be two TVs, one for men and one for women, Roopa says thats a good idea. Laddo’s ghost says your mom should have told them to have two TVs, she always tell half things. Roopa says dont blame my mother, your parents misunderstood. Laddo’s ghost says your mom didnt tell a complete suggestion. Roopa says leave it, you twist everything in your favor. He laughs at her antics. Roopa says I will get two TVs for them.

Roopa has brought two new TVs. Laddo’s ghost asks why she brought two Tvs? She says they would fight over new or old one so I got them both the new TVs, they are same size and new ones. She goes to call Lata and Prem.

Roopa comes to Lata and Prem’s room but they are outside their room. She asks why they are outside? They says we dont want to live with each other, they start arguing again. Roopa says enough, I have brought something to stop your fights.

Roopa brings Lata and Prem to lounge. All family members come there. Jitendra says there are two new Tvs. Roopa says I have brought them, Jitendra says you have started Tv business. Prem says these Tvs are for us, one for women and one for men. Shalini takes selfies with new TVs.

Roopa set up both the Tvs in one room. Men start watching news. Women are watching serials. Roopa brings popcorns for them. Roopa sees Prem and Lata busy in watching. She says they are not fighting, Tvs have worked their magic. Suzzi comes there and says two Tvs. She goes on ladies side and starts watching serial. She keeps disturbing as she doesnt know hindi. Lata is irritated with her and asks her to not disturb them, she asks her to go to Prem’s side, he will tell you everything. Suzzi comes to Prem’s side. Prem says watch crime show with us. She starts watching it but doesnt understand hindi, she asks Prem but he is busy watching the serial. Prem murmurs why Dada went to meet his friends and left Suzzi here? He asks Suzzi to go to Lata’s side. Lata asks her to go to Prem’s side, Suzzi keeps moving on both the sides. Lata says why you are sending her to our side? Prem says she is disturbing us too, they start arguing again. Suzzi says stop it, there are two TVs and even then you both are fighting, I am leaving, I dont want to watch this Tv, I will do online shopping, she leaves.

Women and men are watching their TVs on loud volume, they keep increasing it to go over other. Lata asks Prem to mute his TV, their crime serials are the same. Prem says your dramatic serials are always same. Jitendra says they always have same dialogues. Naren says to women of house to mute their TV, they will enact a scene. Roopa mutes their TV. Prem acts a Tv serial mother in law and says bahu why did you touch my son? Jitendra acts like daughter in law and says why shouldnt I touch him? he is my husband. Naren plays dramatic music. Roopa says they enacted same scene as our serial. Roopa says we can enjoy Tv when we dont fight so watch it on low volume. Prem says yes I am tired of fighting so I will watch on low volume. They start watching their TVs again.

PRECAP- Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that all are watching TVs and nobody is fighting. Roopa says but they have stopped caring for others. Laddo’s ghost says if they stop caring for health of others then thats a problem, do one thing, ask Prem to enjoy wine infront of TV and see if it will affect Lata or not.
Roopa goes to Prem and says you can enjoy your wine with TV. Prem likes the idea and takes wine infront of his TV, all are stunned. Jitendra says to Lata that Prem is dirnking wine. Lata sees it and seems to get angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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