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And he became my life ( Kundali Bhagya) Part 2

Part 2



Title:- First meet💙

Preeta’s POV in flashback


I was walking on the road thinking what to do. Why my life has pain and only pain why?


I have two options….1 Either I kill myself  2 Or I should change my life.


What should I do?


My thoughts were disturbed by  someone.


A Girl :- Are you mad? Can’t you hear properly…. I m pressing the horn of my car n you are walking continuously in front of my car.


I turned my face towards her .


Srishti !


The girl was Srishti.


Srishti:- Preeta…you here? What happened to you..?


She hugged me tightly. I cried….I just cried.


She ask me to sit in her car… N give me a bottle of water.


After drinking water I hugged her.


What happened Preeta?…. Asked Srishti.


Srishti …. Save me …I can’t take this anymore …. I pleaded


Don’t worry… Now I m with you. …srishti said


She take me to her house where her mother n dadi welcomed me full heartedly…. She is my true friend. Today also she supported me….


That night I didn’t sleep for a second. Srishti told me that she will help me in starting a new life.


After some days


Its almost one week of that incident . I was searching a job. I was a Doctor in Nasik. Its really difficult to find job in Mumbai.


That day when I was leaving for an interview Sarla aunty give me Dahi-Sakkar n wished me goodluck.  I remember what she said:- Teri zindagi me sirf khushiya hi khushiya aaye…. Aajse har din bs khushi bhara ho….. Ek nayi shuruvaat ho.


Her blessings were heard by God. Yah… that day he entered my life .


As soon as I enters the hospital a small  boy mistakenly pushed me. I was about to fall when two strong hands hold me.


I opened my eyes and find him looking at me.


The little boy turned and said sorry to me.


Are you OK? He asked


Yes… Thanks.I replied


And I turned to leave…. I feel as if something is stopping me from walking.


My duppatta stuck in his watch.


I take out my duppatta and went inside.



I got selected …. Now I have a job. It seems like life has given me another chance.


Flashback ends


My thoughts were disturbed by him.


You are awake? He asked


Preeta what were you thinking? He asked


About our first meeting.. I replied


Our first meet was awesome …. Like a filmy scene. He said


You know when I came back   from the hospital…. I don’t know why your face was revolving in my mind





I came back home after collecting dadi’s report and went to my room.


I was unable to forget the incident …. This happened first time in my life.


Huh…. Stop it Rishabh ..you have a meeting ….. I scolded myself and went office.


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