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Agnifera 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Anurag Is Shocked to see Ragini with Abhimanyu

Agnifera 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shristi tries to escape brothel at night, but pimp lady catches her and punishes her. Next morning, lady gives ghungroo to Shristi and asks her to get ready for mujras she is most beautiful woman she got till now in her brothel and earn her a lot of money. Shristi throws ghungroo away. Lady slaps her and says they pray ghungroo. Shristi asks her to beat more and beat herself with lady’s hand. Lady shows her 2 male pimps and says they are very cruel and she will leave Shristi with them if she does not agree.

Anurag follows Ragini who goes to hospital and walks in to a room taking food fro peon. She meets a man and feeds him food. Anurag anxiously waits to see who the man is. Nurse walks in and asks Ragini to give man’s file. Raginni bends to get file. Anurag is shocked to see Abhimanyu. He returns home and thinks if he really saw Shristi with Abhimanyu and reminisces Abhimanyu trying to marry Ragini.

Shristi gets ready as pr*stitute/dancer wearing revealing clothes and loud makeup. Baiju walks in and taunts she insulted him and now he insulted her so much and threw her in brothel. Lady says he came at right time and should give a special name to Shristi. He sees 21 number on her hand and says she will be called 21 hereon and will entertain guests. He sits to see her dance. Shristi resists. Baiju promises Shristi that he will take her back to Vidhvan’s house and repay all money taken from brothel, but for that she has to dance only once. Shristi dances on Zaban pe laga namak ishqa kaa….song. and entertains guest. Guests get mesmerized with her beauty and shower money on her. An oldman puts money garland on Shristi and misbehaves with her, forces her to accompany him. She slaps him and runs away. Lady consoles man and says all this is new to Shristi, she will return to him soon.

Ragin returns home thinking of spending time with Anurag. Anurag asks if she already told truth to him. She stands tensed.

Precap: Anurag asks Ragini to tell truth whom she met. Baiju blackmails Shristi to continue in brothel, else he will inform about her present condition to Daadi who may die from heart attack.

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