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SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 9

As usual the sun rose up creating a new change in everyone’s life.. A new hope.. New relation.. And a new start…
Our lovely ladies were having breakfast in the garden enjoying the early morning…
Sujata- omg it’s just soooo amazing! Hai na uttu and Swara? Only we girls having all the fun.. She exclaimed happily..
Swautt nodded happily..

Swara-yep we should always wake this early.. And have a complete girls time!
Uttara- yesss!
They 3 were randomly chiggers chatting..
When veer came down rubbing his eyes not able to find his maasi..
Smiling seeing his maasi happy a huge smile appeared on his face..
“Mom dad and my dear God ji always keep my maasi happy.. Do whatever u want to do with me but plz my maasi should always smile and be happy” veer prayed innocently..
How innocent he was.. Selfless.. Never the time was when he thought abt himself.. His life and world lied only in one person SWARA his maasi!…

Smiling with some spark in his eyes he directly went to Swara and as their routine kissed her cheeks.. Hugging her he sat on her lap..
“gud morning veer” sujata uttara and Swara spoke..
“good morning maasi dadi and di” he said suddenly surprising sujata and making her happy..
“veer aunty not dadi” Swara whispered in veer ‘s ears.. As she thought she shouldn’t make sujata and all feel tht they r getting tooo close to them and crossing their limits…
Sujata and uttara heard Swara ‘s whisper… “yes finally I got a grandchild my boy” sujata said calming the situation.. And making everyone surprised..
Swara was going to say something when sujata interrupted “I always wanted a grandchild Swara.. And my laksh aldready has.. Plz let me feel tht with veer atleast” she said with tears in her eyes..
Swara nodded feeling a Lil guilt..
“yeahh finally I got a dadi too” veer said hugging sujata happily..
“so if Maa is ur dadi then I’m ur Bua not ur di ok” uttara said gaining their attention.

Veer nodded..
Everyone had a family time.. Enjoying and discovering new relationships…
Breakfast time:-
Sanskar and Rp got down settling at the breakfast table.. They were also surprised by the “Bua and dadi” case..
Rp was happy being called Dada by veer now..
Now only our hero was left..
“umm veer.. Now if everything is changed so now I will be ur chachu??! Yess” Sanskar said..
Veer was happy…
Swara too..

Eating their breakfast.. All were just sitting in the hall..
Swara went to her room to change to formals as she had to leave to office…
She came down wearing a black jeans and white long classy kurti with a stole in her neck.. No make up only kajal and a perfect smile on her lips…
She came down only to make Sanskar ga ga over her..
Sanskar felt sooo happy seeing her… She looked perfect..
He just passed a smile to her.. To which she unknowingly blushed a Lil and smiled…
“my daughter ur looking perfect today” Rp said..
Making Swara a lil teary eyed..

Everyone noticed this..
“am I not having this much right to call u my daughter” Rp said..
To which Swara Innocently nodded in no..
“I would love to.. I was very young when my parents passed away only my ragini di was my mentor and my mom..” she said.. A Lil emotionally…
Sanskar too felt bad.. But he himself was feeling proud tht still she is so strong and independent…
Rp just went near her.. Caressing her hair..” I have 2 daughters from now.. “he spoke… Making Swara feel damn special.. Uttara wasn’t jealous.. And was happy getting a sister..
Swara hugged Rp.. And indicated Uttara to come..
It was very special moment for everyone…
Breaking the hug whole family was smiling and was happy…

Just then sanskar got a call..
Talking to him he disconnected..
“mom i should leave now.. My pa has just called soke important clients r waiting for me” sanskar said to which everyone just nodded..
Just as sanskar picked up his bag and was ready to keave with swara.. He noticed her while swara was just standing there..
“swara beta go its getting late” sujata said..
“umm.. Yah maa i will go.. Sanskar sir u leave i will come after booking the cab” swara said suprising everyone a lil.. As they thought she would go with sanskar…
“swara beta u have any problem going with sanskar i mean we thought u both would go together” rp said being confused…

Swara just smiled and sanskar was also waiting for her answer..
“no dad its nuthing like tht.. Its just tht i don’t want to go with sanskar sir.. Like it will be my first day today and plus dont know wht everything will think like just a normal employee going with boss” swara said making everyone proud..
“hmm ok then i will leave” sanskar said…

Then swara too left after booking the cab…
Sanskar was soo happy and was suprised seeing swara s new new shades sometimes too naughty, sometimes like a cute lil girl, sometimes have attitude and now showing maturity and having self respect…

Sanskar s office:-
Swara so happy finally tht she was going to work in her dream company which she was craving since years…
Going in with sanskar she got her cabin in the cabin employee which was alil far from sanskar s cabin…
Whole day went in this only.. During break when swara was roaming around the office she came near sanskar s cabin..
She felt so happy and inspired from Sanskar.. His body language and expressions were showing how much dedicated he wad towards his work… And how much hard working he is..
Swara was just admiring and getting inspired from Sanskar looking at him standing infront of his glass made window…

Our hot sanskar who was busy working noticed swara..
He just looked at swara and raised his one eyebrow..
Coming out of her dream world swara saw him and she just got bowled over him and felt weak on her knees.. He was looking truly hot! Tht any girl would faint.. With his one raised eyebrow.. His hair a lil messy and tie loosen…
Sanskar passed a warm smile to swara..
She too smiled back..
He indicated her to come…
Swara felt a lil nervous as now her sanskar was her boss..

Swara slowly came in and stood infront of Sanskar..
“yes sanskar sir” swara said only to see sanskar who frowned a lil..
“yes mrs bose” he retroted back.. In a sarcastic way reminding their last night talks…
Swara bit her tongue then said.. “but sanskar ur my boss her right” she said with respect…
Sanskar smiles seeing her professionalism..
“haa so wht no one is here right” sanskar said making her comfortable…
Swara smiled.. “hmm ok Sanskar (she said again stretching the word) ur not having ur lunch i guess its ur lunch time now” swara said reminding him..
“yah i know its my break time but let me remind u its ur lunch time too.. Where s ur tiffin” sanskar said embarassing her a lil..

Swara passed a lil smile..
“hmm actually mom will sent the tiffin everyday during the break time.. (seeing the time in his watch) but i guess she is a lil late today.. And dont worry she will be sending urs too..” sanskar said to which swara nodded..
Just then his pa aman came and handed over the tiffin boxes to him..
SwaSan smiled and aman left..
” ok sanskar i will leave now “swara said taking her tiffin..
Just to to be stopped by her hero” umm swara if u dont mind lets eat together.. I always feel bored and now ur here so…. “sanskar said

While swara was going to say somehting sanskar looked at her with puppy eyes…
To which swara went” aww”she smiled and sat infront of him and both started having their lunch….
They werent talking much but had a comfortable silence…

Few minutes later swara finished up her lunch and waving a “bye” to Sanskar she left…
#next part in few hrs..

I WANT TO ASK A SIMPLE QUESTION do u want some drama or like simple.. I already wrote the next part ans stored in draft.. But ig i get some ideas… Thank u and u will get the next part in few hrs..

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