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SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 13

A new morning arised.. As sun rised up SwaSan woke up and were excited as it was going to be the first day of Veer in school..
Whole family had the breakfast and Veer was ready for thr first day in his new school..

He was veryy excited.. Both SwaSan helped him get ready..
After breakfast.. Both SwaSan were leaving for dropping Veer at school..
*Sanskar has aldready done all the formalities and all.. For his admission
“mera baccha study well.. Ohk and dont get scared of anyone.. If u have any problem tell ur teacher ok?” sujata was giving him instructions.. While veer was just nodding like a cute innocent boy..
SwaSan chuckled seeing him as he was a lil nervous..
“yes he will make his parents and us proud” ram said with smile to which everyone smiled..
“yess and come back i will prepare ur fav chocolate cake” uttara said to which Veer kissed her cheeks..

Like this everyone were pampering him..
Sujata brought curd and sugar and fed him..
SwaSan widened their eyes in shock as Veer snatched whole bowl and finished everything..
Veer smiled sheepishly seeing everyone staring him..
Everyone smiled..
Sanskar bended a little to reach veer s height.. “champ dont get nervous u will quickly make new friends.. If u have any problems say to ur teacher.. Dont get scared of anyone ok” Sanskar said and Veer tightly hugged him..
Swara was adoring their bond..

“ahm ahm” Swara faked cough wanting to gain attention..
SanVeer shaked their head and signalled her to join..
Swara excitedly hugged both..
Uttara SujRam were really happy..
Uttara silently bought het phone amd clicked their picture!
“perfect family” sujram and uttara said and smiled to each other..

Breaking the hug SwaSanVeer left in car..

Sanskar sat in the driver seat while Swara said beside him with Veer in her lap..
All the journey SwaSan were just making Veer prepare himself mentally and not giving him any stress as everything was very new for him..


It was quite a huge school.. SwaSanVeer entered.. SwaVeer were really suprised seeing such a biggg school..
“papa wont i get lost in this school” veer asked innocently..
SwaSan chuckled.. “no champ! Ur a big boy right..and ur teacher will be there for u ok!” sanskar said..
Just then they heard the school bell ring..
“champ now its time.. Come i will drop u” sanskar said..
Swara was also lil nervous..

Veer kissed both SwaSan s cheeks making them smile..
“Sanskar its veer s first day.. Ek family photo toh banti hai” swara said excitedly..
San Veer nodded happily..
They all clicked a selfie..
“wht a cute family.. Hope they r always the same..” a lady said..
SwaSan heard it and smiled..
SwaSan left veer to his class.. And then left for their office..
Swara was placing here and there in tension.. Sanskar looked at her confused..

“swara r u planning to join some marathon or what?” Sanskar aksed while she gave a confused look..
“then y the hell r u walking here and there..” Sanskar asked a lil irritated…
Swara made a nervous face.. “u know Sanskar.. This place is really new.. Dont know how the children in Veer s class be? And this school is also sooo big..” swara said..
Sanskar smiled seeing her care.. “relax Swara.. He will be fine.. (looking at his watch) shall we go and pick him today?” Sanskar siad..
“Reallyy?” swara said excitedly..
Samskar nodded..


SwaSan reached thr school and were waiting for the school to end..
Just then they see Veer who was looking dull.. SwaSan saw each other with tensed faces..
Just as Veer saw SwaSan he put up a fake smile and ran towards them..
“papa maasiii” veer said and hugged both of them..
SwaSan knew veer was just faking it but kept quite…
“Veerr” SwaSan said happily..

Sanskar took Veer in his arms.. “how was ur day champ” sanskar asked..
“it was gud” veer said while his voice had no happiness in it…
SwaSan just nodded thinking to talk to him later..
“Sanskar lets go to have icecream what say” swara said trying to cheer them up..
Sanskar smiled “your the best maasii” veer said pecking Swara s cheeks..
“and me” Sanskar said like a kid..
Both SwaVeer laughed.. “u tooo r the best” veer said kissing his cheeks tightly making SwaSan adore him..

Icecream parlour:-

The trio reached the parlour and were sitting there..
SwaVeer were sitting together and in front of him Sanskar..
Just as they were talking randomly the waiter arrived..
“yes sir ur order” he asked politely..
“Swara Veer u both order” Sanskar said..

Swara nodded “ohk so 3 butterscotch 1 kulfi and 2 choclate..” swara said while the waiter nodded.. “and sanskar wht do u need?” swara asked..
“swara we will take ice creams for maa dad and uttu later..” Sanskar said as the ice cream will melt till they reach home..
“hainn but i just ordered for me and veer!” Swara said shocking both Sanskar and the waiter..
“have u gone mad..?” Sanskar asked
“papa maasi is like this only.. In dehradun she used to eat 20 icecreams a day!” veer said..
Sanskar coughed badly while swaveer chuckled..

“pagal hai poori” sanskar muttered..
“ohk i just want one vanilla” Sanskar said to the waiter..
“ewww Sanskar vanilla we r not tht old.. Bhayya u bring one choclate ice cream for him” swara said..
While Sanskar just rolled his eyes..
After a few minutes the waiter brought the ice creams..
Sanskar was loving the choclate ice cream..
“dekha sanskar i said u na.. Choclate is the besttt!” Swara said..

While Sanskar ate like a kid…
Unknowingly Swara was adoringg his antics soooo much he was looking like a cuteee little kid!..
Spending some time with each other SwaSanVeer left to the house… ONLY FOR A LIFE CHANGING TURN!..

Precap SwaSan marriage..
Im reallyyy sorry for posting late.. The next episode will be posted by night only..

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