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SwaSan- Our Angel! By Samaira shot 12

SwaSan unknowingly got shivers in their spines thinking abt THEIR children… As Sanskar said and blushed too.. Which was not unnoticed by Ramta who were really happy for both of them and knew Swara is a perfect choice for Sanskar.. But they also knew tht their is a long way for their love to blossom and realization..

Both SwaSan left for office spending time with each other.. Now Sanskar shifted Swara s cabin next to his making her feel do damn special.. Now he could clearly see Swara.. Both SwaSan were very happy in each other s company.. And cherishing the moments together… Which would be remembered and cherished by them in future too ♥..

These days Swara s respect for Sanskar grew…
He was the most kind hearted and soft person she ever met.. Being helpful and kind to his employees treating them like family and understanding them… Made her proud of him..
And Sanskar he was mesmerized by Swara for her dedication level and her nature.. She sometimes had the kiddish nature in her.. But she is the most mature person he have ever seen in some moments.. Understanding, kind and joyful..

Finally, with a hectic day both SwaSan started to leave.. They were always the last one in the office to leave.. Today Swara too denied going back home without Sanskar.. As he was daily coming late.. So both decided to go together..
SwaSan came the parking lot
“Swara see today its late (looking at his watch) its aldready 11 so u come with me today.. Plz” Sanskar said
Swara smiled “no Sanskar thanks for ur concern but i will go..” she replied politely..
“whts wrong with u Swara.. Im not doing any favor on u ok? And yes ur coming with me thts final.. Our house is at a distance of 30 mins.. Its not safe at this time” Sanskar said a little angrily..
“excuse me Sanskar im not a kid.. Ohk now toh i wilk go by myself only get tht” Swara said with anger..
Sanskar got really pissed of with tue unnecessary fight..

“fine do whtever u want” saying this Sanskar storms out in his car..
Swara was just seeing him going..
“wait wait.. Taxi” swara called but it was not ready to stop she was standing there for more than 10 mins..
“i unnecessarily fighted with Sanskar.. I should have gone with him..”swara said realizing..
Just then she feels a hand on her shoulder and sensing thid she stumbled..
She felt a lil scared finding some goons standing in front of her..
“ohooo madam we r seeing u standing from a very long time.. We will drop u common” one goon said and swara could easily sense his intentions were not gud..

“excuse me mind ur own business” swara said gaining some courage..
The goons were continuosly teasing her.. And then they slowly started touching her body..
A pair of eyes saw this from a distance and were burning in anger..
Who was revealed to be none other than Sanskar..
“wht the hell Swara.. I know u can fight with them… Y the hell should a guy save a girl.. Today im here but if someday it happens wht will u do.. Today ur going to fight for urself.. I know no girl is LESS THAN A BOY..and ur not one of those who gets scared.. I know u can do it.. “Sanskar said with confidence..

Its true whtever he said.. Y a girl cant save herself? Protect herself? If we have the power determination we can be more stronger than boys..
The quote” if u can’t help urself no one can help u “was damnnnn true..
Sanskar was standing at a very near distance clenching his fist waiting for Swara to fight back…
Suddenly”DISHOOM” Sanskar heard the voice of the main goons teeth breaking..
Swara had tears in her eyes.. But getting all her power she broke the main leaders teeth.. Just when few of them came Sanskar could only hear the breaking of their bones..which were obviously broken by Swara..

Sanskar s eyes widened… He felt proud on her.. “SHERNI” Sanskar said…
Swara got a lil shocked and scared as the goons again got up and this time with more evil intentions…
Now she was hell scared…
Sanskar knew now he had to go..

Just then Sanskar appeared there while Swara smiled..
Beating them black blue Sanskar looked at Swara as they the goons ran away..
“thank you” Swara said with a smile..
“its ok..” Sanskar said..
“oh hello not for saving me.. But for keeping a look at me.. I knew u were standing there.. And i got the confidence..” swara said..

Making Sanskar shocked..
“but u mr idiot a girl was getting teased by goons and u were standing there watching the drama” swara said pouting..
“Swara.. Y do always a guy should safe.. This is not a serial or a romantic scene.. But real life.. One who can’t protect herself no one can protect her.. Ohk… (cups her face) im proud of u..” Sanskar said..

Swara was suprised with Sanskar s talks..
This guy was something different and unique.. She felt soooo happy tht time..
Suddenly it started raining but unlike usual swara was not excited she felt uncomfortable as she was in a white shirt.. And it was getting wet..
Sanskar sensed it and smiled without telling anything he removed his coat wrapped it into Swara s body and holding her hands he walked towards the car..

Swara was feeling something different today.. “GENTLEMAN” Swara said..
The whole journey was filled with talks… Again Swara was back to her normal mode..
Sanskar was all the while Smiling listening her talks..
Reaching home they slept while their mind was surrounded by each other s talks..

Precao-SwaSan s sudden marriage 😲!!! How? Why?

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