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Saath Samander Par Tera Saath – Episode 4

Epi 4…

Ayat ‘s body float on water…. no one knows that either she dead or not.

In karachi…

Ammi: some thing went wrong….i feel here…in my heart💔.

Aunt: relaxe…drink water.

Ammi: my daughter!

Aunt: god willing…she ‘ll be save.

Ammi: god willing.

In Iran…..

All the entire area shown. its Hormozgone ocean.

Director: Hey Mustafa!…ready.

Mustafa: yes👍.

Director: ok guys…light camera and action.

(they all artist and people of Iran are talking in persian….now i translated it into Eng).

Sherzad: (she is shooting along with Mustafa) (her Dialogues) “Farhad😊… maan thoro doset daram va….” (Farhad😊….mein tumse muhabat karti ho aur….)ohhh whats the line!

Director: comeone sherzad and i want to marry you.

Sherzad: yeah😝.

Mustafa: hey i need break….plz.

Director: break???

Mustafa: come one i want to enjoy the weather.

Sherzad: yes✋ me too.

Director: ok pack up.

Sherzad and Mustafa both enjoy seaside. Actually Sherzad something feels for him like love but Mustafa considers her a good friend.

here evening starts….night comes.

Sherzad: lets go mustafa its too late here.

Mustafa: no…i love this place…i want to stay here whole night you go.

Sherzad: ok as u wish.

She goes. Then mustafa sees some white thing float on water.

Mustafa: what is it?

He goes near it with fear. he shocked.

Mustafa: ohhhh😨 a girl (its Ayat)…..ohhh my God.

He lifts her and lay her on side. he continously pushes her tummy to take out the water.

Mustafa: i think she needs Doc.

what happens next?

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