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Mr.Khadoos and Ms.Kareli destined together by SAMMIE (PART-11)

Hello guys!!! I m back with the next part of this ff….Thanks for ur likes and comments …And as u know its my first ff..i got many silent reader commenting in my ff …I think 6-7 silent readers commented in my ff and one of them is Tanvi !!!Thanks for liking this ff and glad to know u read my ff ….SO THANKS A LOT…



The Malhotra’s , Sanchi-Isha- Pragya-Rishab were in Kabir’s cabin where Rishab revealed his and Sanchi’s past …..Knowing which Kabir got Jealous….


After learning the truth and the frnds reunion everyone started to leave Kabir’s cabin…but due to the carpet Rishab’s leg got ripped in the carpet and a sudden force was applied on Kabir and Kabir got bumped with Sanchi according to Newton’s second law of motion (Actually i was Studying Physics and that too the chapter of Force and Motion so thought to do some show off of my knowledge)and both fell down with Kabir on top and yeah as usual the hero and the heroine lost in each other’s eyes and were NOT sharing a romanting eye lock ….Though they were lost in each other’s eyes but both of them had some different reasons….

Kabir was having many questions in his mind regarding Sanchi and Rishab’s relationship …if they r still going to resume their past relation or will just be good friends and many more which also indicates that he was quite no no no very jealous ……..

Sanchi was finding the reason of his curiousity and jealousy ….I mean like why on earth only Kabir is jealous by knowing her past Why he is so effected..????

None of them knew Why they were effected but u know what thats called DESTINY…No one knows what will happen When!!! Sometimes we think that it happened co-incidently but always keep a thing in mind that whoever enters ur life always come for a reason !!!!

While they were still finding their answers in each other’s eyes ….they heard a  …”AHEM AHEM” And this sound was produced from none other than our Ria and Veer who were smirking naughtily and somewhere they knew that Kabir and Sanchi were perfect for each other and even Dev who was already playing a cupid for them by folding the carpet a little when no one was looking him….. in a way so that Dev rip on it and… .blah blah…..

And this didn’t went unnoticed by Ria-Veer

After the disturbance by Ria and Veer …Kabir and Sanchi came out of their Dreamland and stood up and were so embarresed that even tomato will also get shy!!!

Anand:R u both Ok???

Veer:Kya Dad !! What kind of question is this??? Offcourse both will be ok and i think more than ok!!!Did u see how they lost in their dreamland!!!

Earning death glares from Anand and Kabir he was quite but Rishab seemed to be quiet upset!!!

After this they went to their duty and in this way their day was finished with some friendly moments

Next day …As usual everyone was doing their duty …….On the other hand the interns were doing a project together with the guidance of Kabir and being the head intern Sanchi was the one to project every ones thought in the projector ….

As they were discussing Sanchi saw a snake and she screamed a loud …as she was standing just beside Kabir so she hugged him tight

Sanchi:Snake !!Snake !!

Kabir:Calm down Sanchi and what happened tell me!!

Sanchi:There is a Snake

Due to which everyone got horrified ..

Kabir:Wait let me see where the snake is!!

As he started to go in search of the snake which was just behind the table…

Sanchi caught hold of him….

Sanchi:Don’t go if it will bite u then???i can’t take the risk of ur safety….


Sanchi:Ah i mean u r the best doctor afterall!!

Kabir(while keeping his hand on that of Sanchi’s ):Don’t worry nothing will happen!!

By Kabir’s this words Sanchi was touched but at the same time worried which didn’t went unnoticed by the gang …..

Kabir went nearvthe table and saw the snake clearly !!He just nodded his head in astonishment and picked the snake up

Kabir:Its a toy snake !!!who played this prank??,

Everyone was quite

Kabir:Whoever did this mind it that doing such kind of childish acts u r gonna become a good doctor so better concentrate on ur practise…After that resumed their discussion and all but Rishab was upset by looking Sanchi and Kabir’s closeness after the discussion everyone went to do their duty

Veer and Ria sighed in relief

Veer:Thank God Bhai left us!!I thiught that we r gone today

Ria:Yeah but bhai hai we can do atleast this much for his happiness Right??


Dev came to them

Dev:So how was the plan??

Veer:It worked

Ria:But don’t u think this snake prank was way too childish!!???

Dev:Yeah but thats ok!!Atleast they came a bit close to each other!!


Veer:Point hai!!

Ria:Ok i m going

Ver:Me too

Dev:Then what should i do here ???Let me too go!!

Saying this they went to do their duty!!

In this way day by day Sanchi and Kabir came closer sometimes due to the matchmakers and sometimes due to Destiny….But with their growing closeness Rishab started to feel insecure So he finally decided to talk to Sanchi!!

So one evening he called Sanchi alone in a garden!!So Sanchi went to meet him and when she reached there she found the place beautifully decorated and she was very surprised

Someone came from behind and closed her eyes


Rishab:Yeah its me!!

Sanchi:why u called me here and this decorations and all???

Rishab:Come at first have a seat then we will talk

They sat on their chairs

Sanchi:Now tell…

Rishab(he took her hand in his):See Sanchi actually we were in a relationship for so many yeats and also we know each other since childhood !!! SEE I dont know to talk round round so let me come to the point …Sanchi will u marry me?

Sanchi got a very big shock

Sanchi:But Rishab???

Rishab:See Sanchi i m not forcing u …..i came back after a big covery and i love u very much and now i dont want any hurdle To come in between us….see i m not forcing i just asked ur opinion and remember it before being ur boyfriend i m ur friend so feel free. And i love u very much …i will respect ur decision!!

Sanchi:Ok i will think about it


No precape…..Sorry

Just wait and watch.

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