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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Gulki admits the truth

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pushpa telling Ira about Akhilesh’s trauma. She says Akhilesh gets terrified hearing about Nirja. Ira cries. She assures Pushpa that she is with Akhilesh. Pushpa cries and says it took years for me to end his fear, I didn’t know Nirja’s shadow is still around in his life, I m afraid. Ira says nothing will happen to Akhilesh, I will end Nirja’s identity from his life, I promise. She goes to Akhilesh and asks him to trust her, she will protect him from Nirja’s shadow, no one will take him to mental hospital, promise. He says don’t get into this mess, you shouldn’t fall in danger.

She says you regard me best friend, don’t I have a right to help you, there will be some way. She sees Nirja and her sister’s pic. She asks Akhilesh did Nirja had any sister

or daughter. He gets shocked seeing the pic and says keep it away.

She holds his hand and asks him not to get scared, she is with him. She shows tattoo on Nirja and her sister’s hand. Gulki comes and hears them. Ira says I will find Nirja’s sister. He says where will you find her, if anything happens to you. She says no, just promise me, you won’t lose courage. He promises.

She says we have to become each other’s strength. He promises to stay strong. She asks him to think of the person who gives him peace, write that person’s name in this book, keep courage, I will come back soon. Ira goes. Gulki says I won’t leave Akhilesh soon, I will kill him before Ira comes back. Akhilesh writes Ira’s name. She switches off the lights. She dresses as Nirja and comes there to scare him. Akhilesh gets shocked seeing her. She shoots at him to kill.

He says you are blaming me, I m innocent, I didn’t do anything. She tries to scare him further. He gets shocked. He scolds her and throws the gun at the switch. He gets shocked seeing Gulki. She asks him to leave him. He says you want to kill me. He sees the tattoo on her hand and recalls Ira’s words. He says you are Nirja’s sister. Gulki shouts on him. She says you have molested my sister and killed her. He says trust me. She shouts shut up.

She cries and says you want to know what happened with us, after Nirja’s death, my family had to leave village, I had revenge fire in heart, so I found you, I traced you here, I have done this drama to marry Aditya to reach you. He says whatever happened with Nirja was an accident. She says no, Nirja gave her life, she wasn’t able to face anyone, its time you die. She gets the gun and aims at him again. She says you got saved, but there are many bullets in the gun, its for Pushpa and entire family.

He says no, I m your enemy, don’t hurt my family, you can kill me. She says you love your family, I also love my family, you have to listen to me. He agrees. She asks him to go with her men. She threatens about his family. He says I m ready to do anything for family. She says I told Nirja I will avenge your death. She goes. He thinks this is the only way to protect my family.

Akhilesh acts mad and is taken away with goons. He gets shocked seeing Ira in danger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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