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Mayavi Maling 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Madhumali reveals secrets to Angad

Mayavi Maling 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi talking to Madhumali about Angad and Pranali’s marriage. Madhumali signs Angad. He hides the ice. Madhumali says I understand your concern. Vaidehi thanks and asks her to rest. She goes to hug her. She turns. Madhumali falls down. Vaidehi asks Angad how is he. He says I m fine, I just want to spend time with my mum. Vaidehi goes. Angad attends Madhumali. He sees her wound. She faints. He stabs the wound with ice. He asks her to say something. He worries. She get conscious. Chief tells everyone that he ha seen what happened between Antara and her sister. Chegu asks what happened that time. Antara says your dad has accepted you, go with him, I will tell you when you come back. Madhumali tells Angad that she will soon make him meet his dad. He gets shocked.

He asks

am I not Trishanku’s son, answer me. She says not just us, they are many belonging to Daanav clan, they are waiting for someone to come, their king, who can return their lost pride. He says you mean…. She says yes, you…. you didn’t know this, Daanav vanshi knows this since your birth, they are dreaming to crown you, your Rajya abhishek will happen here in Maling. He asks why, and how. She says you don’t get answers together, we need power from this Maling sarovar. He asks what’s special in this sarovar. She says Dev vanshis get power from this sarovar, we have to ruin this. He asks am I marrying for this cause. She says I promise I won’t hide anything from you, I can’t give you all answers together. Chegu goes for hunting with the tribe. Ghori attacks the chief. Chegu looks for him. Madhumali thinks Marakusur’s puja will happen here soon. Everyone does puja.

Angad and Pranali smile seeing each other. Madhumali signs him to go. Garima sees Eshwarya. Angad does aarti. He sees the diya. Madhumali smiles and blows off the diya. They all get shocked. Pranali goes and lights the diya. Adhivan does the aarti. Madhumali says I wish to make Maling our own, I mean Pranali, Vaidehi wants the marriage to happen soon, I will start arrangements. Maharaj says sure. Garima asks Adhivan to forgive her, she didn’t wish to joke, she is the one responsible for the fire incident. He refuses to forgive. He sees Eshwarya and goes. Pranali and Angad have a talk. He lies to her about ice. Chegu jumps in the waters. He finds Chief sinking. He tries to save him. Chegu brings him up on the boat. Ghori beats him up. Madhumali and everyone get on their boat. Adhivan thinks to apologize before leaving. He says I will just come, I forgot something. He runs back to palace. Ghori kills the tribal people. He smiles.

Angad hears some voice and goes to see. He gets shocked seeing someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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