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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 63- Bhavya threatens Anika

Here’s come the next episode read and enjoy. Thanks for your love and support keep giving me more and more

Sahil” nods…. but why you want me to hide from Anika di?

Aarohi smiles” you  just play i’m coming and will let you know latter. But don’t step out.

“Bhavya hugs Anika from back” gilli gilli kissy didu.

“Anika eyes gets red with anger she pulls bhavya out of hug” stay in your limits Bhavya. And don’t you ever do this.
And what i told you i’ve quite pretty name so take that.  Don’t try to knot any relation with me. Did you get that? Did you?

Aarohi hides behind pillar” Anu gusa gusa…. why it’s getting over you? Yesterday you……


Shivaay” Anika is no where?”

Dev” let me file  complain”

Aarohi” Dev! It’s midnight… she’s quiet mature and you know stituation of city all are beast outside. If someone…..

Om put hand on Aarohi shoulder” Maa! Nothing will happen to bhabhi don’t think like that”

“Aarohi shrug her shoulder” walking to room… yup nothing will happen to her then whole blooded.

Shivaay” Maa!

Anika’s room

“Aarohi worries for Anika” kaha ho Anu?

Anika  blitz( very drunk) climbing pipe”

“Aarohi gets alert with the sound”Anu!! She runs near window”

Anika gently opens it without making any thuds” jumps inside the room slips on the floor”

Aarohi” Anu!!!!”

Anika” hmm!!

“Aarohi hold her” you drunk?

“Anika jerk her away trying to balance on her feet muttering”

 Ek Gunaah Kar Doon Gunaah Ki Raat Hain

Aarohi” Anu! Why you are doing this?”

Anika” go and sleep don’t question ASR.. She trobbling walks near pool lies near it. Drips her hand in pool.

Pagal hoon main Anika pagal.

Aarohi” Anu! Get up and sleep on bed. Come

Anika” mujhe neende he to nahe ati. Na bed per na….”

Aarohi” Anu! I’ll slap you”

Anika” maar lay…. sab maartey hai ap bhi maar lo. Per  ap ko maarey ki kya zaroot hai ap nay to Anu ko phely he maar diya tha…….(Anika short sits and holds Aarohi hand) aur ap ko ek secert bataye


Aarohi cries ” hmm bolo Anu”

“Anika fadely smiles” sab ke thappadon ki bohat goonj thi per mujhe kabhi dard nahe huwa. Per ap nay bina ….( Anika cup her face with Aarohi hands) thappad maarey  meri rooh tak ko choor kar diya tha. Aur pata hai us k choor honey ki goonj bhi na hui.


“Aarohi hugs Anika tightly” cries

“Anika slumbers in Aarohi arms” Mashiv dono nay…..

Flashbacks ends

“Bhavya eyes gets watery” but you…

Anika” give shitty look to bhavya

Gauri” but we have bought movie tickets for us.  You, me, doll and Chanda di are going for movie

Anika” what’s the need to go out for cinema and watch acting of other who are behind the screen. Make your own cast and perform it live i’m sure you gonna collect some good amount.
And if none is ready to watch it taken an appointment from my staff i’ll surely come again to watch your drama’s as i’ve being watch till now. Opps i forgetten again ” AS I’VE BEING FRAMED TO PERFORM”. But now i want to watch your family emotional drama. Advocate Gauri Singh Rajput.

Anika snatch movie tickets from Gauri tore them flies in the air.

Gauri” teary gazes Dev”

Anika” Now don’t shade them and out from my way i’ve to go somewhere too. Anika stepping forward but stops.

“Bhavya sobbing” you did pinky promise with me that you will accept all my condition at anywhere at any time. And if you didn’t then i’ll eat peanuts.

Everyone gets shocked

“Anika turns gazes Bhavya angrily”

“Bhavya open her hand shows peanuts to Anika”

Dev shockingly” doll…… No

Gauri” from where you get them? Doll.

Anika text Secretary to cancel all meetings”

Secretary” nods and leave”

Bhavya crying” no one come close to me. I’ll have them just fix your feet”

“Anika angrily” just throw them right away by yourself bhavya”

Bhavya” first accept my all conditions”

Anika ” frown bhavya”

Bhavya cries” open her mouth”

Chanda” Anika stop her she will get attack”

Om ” Rudy! Kya jodi hai tum dono ki apni baat kesay manwani hai….. yeh tum dono ko khoob ata hai”

“Rudra pull his collar up” i taught her.”

“Shivaay it’s not about teaching” but it’s  Anika who can’t see anyone in pain. And who knows it matter than me.

Omru” coughs”

Shivaay” smiles”

Gauri” doll zid nahe kartey… stop crying you will get ill.”

Dev” doll stop crying”

Bhavya complaining like kids” kyun jab yeh( Bhavya points finger towards Anika) zid karti hai to sab haan g haan g kartey hai aur jab hum karey to humain keha tey hai k zid nahe kartey. Kyun? Hum chotey hai k yeh.

“Anika in mind” where’s she (Anika looking from Aarohi)

All ” thumbs up” ( Note: bluetooth is connected to each ear except Anika)

Bhavya  ” for whom you are looking? I’m having them.”

“Anika forward her hand” just give peanuts to me

Bhavya like kids” nods negatively”

“Anika shake her head” nahe

Gauri covering her bluetooth” doll stop doing overacting”

“Bhavya adjusting her bluetooth” Gauri di let me enjoy na…. look Anika di is looking for maa and…..( Aarohi cuts her)

Aarohi ” doll! Enjoy later but do what i script it. And stop going out of your character if Anu came to know about this. Then i’ll give you desi ghee and just image no eggs only desi ghee and then from  BSR people will call you Bhans Singh Oberoi”

Rudra laughs” bhandriya say Bhans”

Aarohi ” Rudra ! Shaadi karni hai na”

“Rudra cup his mouth tightly” sounds like bhans bahaaa

Shivom” smile”

Dev” doll continue….. yaar Aarohi i’m hungry”

Chanda” bhavya! Main tumhain shoot kar do ge. Speak out”

Bhavya ” ok, ok i’m doing”

Anika” what are you blabbering

Bhavya” gets shocked”

Shivaay” phel gaya raita

“Anika gazes shivaay” kya?

All pat their forehead”

Bhavya” i’m having them.. she open her mouth about to munch…

Anika shouts” fine i’m accepting your conditions just give these peanuts to me”

Bhavya” first close your eyes”

Anika” closes her eyes”

Bhavya” don’t open your eyes untill i don’t ask you to open”

Shivaay adjusting his bluetooth” Maa!  I love you”

Dev ” Oh! Hello what’s this all the time I love you Maa.. i love you… first Anu was less that now you took came in  kanji ankho waley billaye. Stop saying love you to Aarohi. i hate you…..

All” laughing on silent mode

“Aarohi playfully pat her forehead” Dev have some shame all kids are listening.

Rudra” uncle! Billaye nahe  Billa

Shivaay” shut up”

Om” Ah! Uncle Shivaay said shut up to you”

“Dev gawk Shivaay” Aarohi! Find another groom from Anu

Shivaay” gape😲 Dev and shake his head…. na….he…. i was saying shut up to rudy but now to omru shut up you two.

Om” Shiv….( gauri cuts

Gauri” omkara g stop talking otherwise now i’ll find someone else for me”

Om” to phir mera kya ho ga?

Chanda” that what’s of others two grooms”

“Om glance them” quickly adjust himself in same gesture of shivru.

“Shivomru heads gets bend with fingers on their lips”

“Anika i’m opening my eyes bhavya”

“Bhavya brings papers put in Anika hand”

“Anika open her eyes” what’s this?”

“Bhavya crying” contract papers

Aarohi” doll hurry”

Bhavya” read them yourself”

“Chanda let me read it for you Anika” she snatch papers from Anika and start reading the contract. This is a note before contract session.

Anika didu listen to me and my conditions and before that no gusa fusa. Ok.

Bhavya holds Anika hands and smiles.

Anika” 😒


Chanda” reading the contract

1. From morning till bed time i need gili gili just 50 or it depends on my mood if my mood gets salty then you will make it sweet so gili gili can increase.

2. You have to do breakfast, lunch and dinner with me.

3. No more gusa

Chanda” continues”

4. You have to play with me and Sahil.

All gazes eachother with shock.

Aarohi” hey! Stop beta”….

All” yes! Wait… where’s are conditions”

Aarohi” Doll! You changed the clauses”

Bhavya” No! I’ve just put mine first and rest are coming”

Gauri” sharam nahe ai doll apni behan ko bhool gayi mera naam ek condition may bhi nahe dala.  Yaad karo jab bachpan may Anika di tumhain store band kar deti thi to tumhain kis nay waha say nikala.”

“Bhavya stretching her head”  Haan! Di…. Anika di maa ko kissy nahe karey deti thi aur phir….Wait let me add it now.

Dev” no i use to bring you out doll.

Bhavya” dad ! Thank u I love you. And hate you Gauri di

Gauri” same to you”

Aarohi” chup karo  … koi Gauri di aur dad nay store say nahe nikala i use to bring you out… Chanda beta you read

Shivomru” smiling”

Chanda” reading

5. You can work but say ta ta to office.

Anika” leave my hand”

Bhavya” shows peanuts to Anika”

After sometime

Anika” i’m not going to sign.

“Bhavya fine don’t sign them” who i’m to you? Nothing it was good that Sultan have killed me

Aarohi” Doll behave it’s not done”

“Anika snatch papers from Chanda ”

Shivaay” plan gets failed”

“Anika stepping towards Shivaay”

Shivaay” Om! Hanuman Chalisa parha yaar”

Om” why?”

Rudra” O! Dekho Rajputain talwar aa rahi hai

Shivaay” jisi k daar meri..what we call neck in hindi?

Dev” Lol! Aarohi, Anu ko bhi yeh angreez he mila tha. Itni se height hai ”

Shivaay” hey! don’t go… Shivaay cup his mouth…

Dev” Shivaay hum tumhari garadan tod dey gay”

Shivaay” haan garaadan ”

Aarohi ” Shivaay! Anuuuu”

“Shivaay turn his face and steps back” gulp…….

Screen freezes on Shivaay


Precape   Anika cuts Sahil’s Switzerland ticket. ASR questions Princess of Jhodpur

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