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Bepannaah Chaha Dil Ne (Episode 3)

Bepannaah Chaha Dil Ne

Episode 3:

A beautiful morning is shown in Dehradhun. At Hooda mansion, everyone was seen having breakfast. Mr. Hooda told Adi and Arjun about the partnership deal with a well-known event management company. After finishing their breakfast they went to office.

At office,

Mr. Hooda was seen working in his cabin. His secretary came to whom he told that call Aditya and Arjun to my office. I have some important thing to discuss. His secretary nodded and left the cabin.

The scene then shifts to Adi’s cabin where he was seen busy on his laptop. The secretary knocked the door,

Adi: Come in.

Secretary: Sir, Mr. Hooda is calling you at his cabin.

Adi: Okay. I’ll be there in 10 mins. Thank you.

She left the cabin while Adi got busy in his work.

The scene shifts to Zoya’s office. Noor was also in her cabin. Zoya showed her something on her laptop.

Zoya: Yeh dekhain Noor. Yeh ek new company hai jo Canada se yahan shift hoi hai. Agar inka success graph dekha jaye to taqreeban sare hi events successful hoye hain. Yeh humari company ke saath partnership kerna chah rahe hain. Humare khayal se humain inse mil lena chahiye. (Look at this Noor. This is a new company which shifted from Canada. If we look at their success graph, almost all of the events were successful. They are willing to do a partnership with us. I think we should meet them. )

Noor nodded after listening and analysing the data which Zoya showed her.

Noor: Phir hum Shawn se keh ker apki meeting rakhwa dete hain inke saath. (I’ll tell Shawn to arrange a meeting with them. )

Saying this she left the cabin to meet Shawn. The scene shifted back to Mr. Hooda’s cabin where he was seen discussing something with Arjun and Adi.

Mr. Hooda (turning the laptop towards Adi and Arjun): Yeh India ki most famous companies me se ek company hai. Zosh Events. Mene iss bare main bohat soch samajh ker faisla liya hai. Inke saath partnership ka faisla. Aur main chahta houn yeh partnership tum handle kero *pointing towards Adi*. Inke saath kal tumhari meeting hai. Make sure you do well there. (This is one of the most famous company of India. Zosh Events. I have considered much about this partnership. And Aditya, I want you to handle this partnership. You have a meeting with them tomorrow. Make sure you do well there.)

Arjun analysed the data and handed the laptop to Adi so that he can also see it.

Adi: Okay Dad. I’ll be there on time.

Saying this he stood up and both Adi and Arjun left for their respective cabins.The day started passing and Adi was seen working in his cabin when an employee came to him panicked,

Employee: Sir, ek garbad ho gayi. Aaj shaam ko mehendi ka ek event hai jisme unho ne specifically gende ke pholloun ki decoration ka kaha hai magar market main pholoun ki shortage ho gayi hai aur ab ab…… (Sir there is a problem. We have a mehendi event this evening in which the client specifically told us to put marigold flowers in the decoration. But there is a shortage in market and now, now….)

Adi calmed him and told him not to worry. He will go and find some flower vendor himself. Don’t panic. He left to find the flowers. After sitting in the car he told the driver to take him to the flower market. After roaming in the market he found a shop and some men were seen filling the truck with the flowers which he was finding. He went to the vendor to talk to him.

Adi: Bhaiya? Aapke paas aur flowers houn gay? Mijhay aaj bohat zaroori chahiye hain. (Bhaiya, do you have more flowers)

Vendor: Nahi sahab, yeh aakhri stock tha humare paas jo ke sara un madam ne khareed liya. *pointing towards a girl*. Ab naya stock kal ayega. ( No sir, this was the last stock for today which she purchased. New stock will come tomorrow. )

Adi: Meri baat sune. Aap yeh sara stock mijhay de dain. Main aapko iski double payment doun ga. (Listen. Gave this all to me. I’ll pay you double. )

Vendor: Aap un madam se baat kerlain. Yeh samaan ab unka hai. Woh humain payment ker chuki. (You can talk to her. This is now hers. She has paid us.)

The vendor left from there to instruct his men. Adi turned around to see the girl who had her back towards Adi. He started coming towards the girl who is none other than Zoya. Every thing started slowing down. As if someone has stopped the time. Zoya was seen instructing the vendor for flower arrangements. Aditya came close to her and tapped on her shoulder. She turned around to see him when suddenly a basket full of flowers fell from a man’s hand landing on them. Both of them got stuck in the garlands. The man got shocked and apologised to them. Both of them at the same time,

AdiYa: It’s Okay.

Both of them then looked at each other. The men got busy again in loading the truck. AdiYa tried to free themselves but were getting more entangled. Adi stopped Zoya and slowly he started pulling the garlands. After 2-3 mins they freed themselves.

Zoya: Shukriya. (Thank you)

And she was about to turn when Adi stopped her by holding her hand. She stared Aditya to which he got confused but then Zoya lifted her hand and showed him that he was holding her hand. He immediately left her hand,

Aditya: Sorry!

Zoya: It’s Okay.

Adi: Mijhay tumhari ek help chahiye hai. (I want your help)

Zoya looked at him confused.

Zoya: Kiya hum aapko jante hain? Sorry maaf kijiye ga humain yaad nahi. (Do I know you? Sorry, but I don’t remember. )

Adi: Nahi. Aap mijhay nahi janti magar mijhay phir bhi aap ki help chahiye. (No, you don’t know me but I still need your help. )

Zoya: Hum anjaan logoun ki maddad nahi kerte. Sorry. (I don’t help strangers. Sorry. )

She turned but Aditya came in front of her again. Zoya stared him angrily,

Adi: Really? Yeh kaisi insaniyat hai? (Really? What type of humanity is this?)

Zoya: Dekhiye. Humara waqt zaya nahi keriye. (Look, don’t waste my time. )

Adi dramatically started searching something around her. Zoya got more angry,

Zoya: Dekhiye! (Look!)

Adi: Dekh hi tou raha houn. Kabse humain humain kere jaa rahi ho. Koi aur nazar tou nahi aa raha mijhay. (I am doing the same. For sometime you are saying us us. But I can’t see anyone. )

Zoya: Hatiye humare aagey se. (Get aside please)

Saying this she started leaving but Aditya again held her hand. He came in front of her again. Seeing her staring at him he realised and left her hand,

Adi: Isse pehle tum kuch aur kaho,mijhay yeh sare phool chahiye hain. (Before you say something, I want all these flowers.)

Zoya: Aap pagal hain ya banne ka natak ker rahe hain? Hum yeh phool khareed chuke hain. Ab humara aur waqt zaya nahi kerain aur humain jane dain. (Are you mad aur trying to be mad? I have bought these flowers. Don’t waste my time and let me go. )

Adi: Main tumhai iski double payment kerdoun ga lekin yeh phool mere hain ab. (I’ll pay you double but these are mine now. )

Zoya was about to say something when Aditya gave her a blank cheque and without listening to her further he told the driver the address where those flowers were to be dropped and left from their while tapping “Chalo Chalo” on the truck and controlling his laughter.

Zoya: Arey, Arey! Ese kese aap?

But all of them left. Zoya gave a death glare to the vendor who was seen laughing but then suddenly stopped and left from there.

Zoya’s POV,
“Kese badtameez insaan thay. “ (Such an ill-mannered person)

She also left from there angrily. On the other side Aditya was seen laughing remembering the incident.

The scene shifted to Zoya’s cabin where Noor was seen playing games on her phone when suddenly Zoya entered angrily and threw her purse on the table. Seeing this, Noor came towards Zoya and asked her what happened. She told her the whole incident.

Zoya: Intehaai badtameez aur baddimaag insaan thay. (He was an ill-mannered and brainless person. )

She sat on her chair angrily. Noor started laughing uncontrollably listening to it.

Noor: Hahaha. Appi.

Zoya stared her angrily to which she stopped laughing and composed herself. She came towards Zoya.

Noor: Acha appi aap aur ghussa mat ho. Main aapke keliye coffee bhejwati houn. Aap relax kero. (Don’t get angry. I’ll send coffee for you. Just relax. )

Saying this she left the cabin. Zoya opened her laptop shaking her head frustrated. On the other side, Arjun was also seen laughing as Aditya told him the details.

Adi: Shakal dekhne wali thi uski. Jese abhi mijhay kha jaye gi. Main tou jaldi se wahan se bhaag gaya. (You should have seen her face. As if she would would eat me alive. I ran from there. )

Arjun while laughing: Wese bhai apne bohat galat kiya uske saath. (But bhai you did wrong with her. )

Adi realised but he ignored the thought and smiled looking at Arjun,

Adi: Chal pizza order kerain. Bohat bhook lagi hai. (Come let’s order pizza. I am very hungry. )

Both of them stood and left for their home.

The scene shifts to Siddique house where Zoya was seen sitting on her bed and working on her laptop when she got flashes of the day. She got angry and closed her laptop.

Zoya POV
“I hope humari phir unse mulakat na ho” (I hope we do not meet again. )

She laid and closed her eyes. On the other side Aditya was also seen thinking about the incident. He smiled and also closed his eyes. The episode ended on their faces.

Hey guys. Sorry for the late update due to my exams. Hope you liked this episode. Please do comment and tell me about your views. Thank you. 😘

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