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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik connects to Ranvir

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suwarna complimenting Kartik. He says you are becoming like Dadi. She applies him black dot. He asks am I a kid. She says I m also a mum. He asks what shall I do of you, you look stunning, do you want to give a heart attack to dad. She laughs. He says you don’t know how Kairav used to talk to Naira. She says you would remember previous Gangaur, but this time do something special for Sirat, you need to make a start, you are giving her a wife’s status, you have to give her support, love and respect. He asks what do you want me to do. She says get a gift for her, she should know her value in your life. She goes. He says fine, I can give a gift, but what shall I give her to show that I understand her, there is one such thing. Sirat tries to make an idol. Nani signs her to try. Akshu sees them. Gayu says she also wants to make an idol. Rhea says I can also keep this fast, everyone has a right to wish for a good husband. Nani says why not, Lord will listen to your prayer. Gayu says she went for her meeting, she came back. Kartik helps Sirat in making the idol. Rhea gets angry. Everyone smiles.

Kartik says its not your sole responsibility to make family happy. Ranvir thinks of Sirat and makes an idol. He says I miss you Sirat, I wish you are happy, it will be wrong to think you are happy. Kartik makes the idol. Sirat thinks of Ranvir. Ranvir’s manager comes and asks him to sign, its urgent. Ranvir says get the papers. Kartik calls Lav and asks is there any good sports shop, I want boxing gloves. Lav says you tell it straight, you want it for Sirat, a new sports brand has come, it makes amazing sports gear, the earnings’ part goes to support girls who can’t afford these things. Kartik says its good initiative, what’s the name. Lav says SSC, I don’t know number, you will find it online. Kartik checks online and calls. The manager answers. Kartik says I m Kartik Goenka, I need to give an order of a pair of shoes and gloves. Manager says we are wholesalers, sorry we can’t take the order. Kartik says I have to gift this on Gangaur. Manager says Gangaur gift, shoes and gloves, sorry, we can’t do this. Kartik says I m ready to pay extra. Manager says sorry. Ranvir takes the call. The call ends. Kartik says idea was good, but couldn’t happen. Kairav asks Sirat and Kartik to dance. Everyone dances on Pyaar mil jaye…. Ranvir sings Bekhayali…. and thinks of Sirat. He shouts Sirat.

Kartik and Sirat are happy dancing with kids. Ranvir cries. Nani says wet clay can take any shape we want. Dadi says yes. Sheela stares to cast a bad sight. Sirat falls down. The idol gets saved. She worries. Kartik jokes to explain her not to worry. Kairav says very good. Sirat smiles. Ranvir gets a call from his dad. He says I told you, your son is dead, why do you call always. Nani says we will perform this rasam in my room, you come with Kartik. Dadi says fine. Ranvir keeps Gangaur gift for Sirat. He keeps it with other gift boxes. He asks manager to send the number of that single order caller. Manager sends Kartik’s number. Ranvir says who knows my wish gets complete this way.

Ranvir speaks to Kartik on call. Kartik asks him to deliver the gifts to his address. Ranvir says I will come there myself. He comes to Goenka mansion to deliver the gift. Nani performs some rituals for Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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