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Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update – Pundalik & his wife insult his parent’s.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Pundalik’s parents perform prayers of Shri Krishna along with Diwakar while Pundalik feels happy watching his wife Malti sleeping nicely.
Ganeshji tell Pushpadant that Pundalik was getting involved completely in Malti’s attraction forgetting Chandrakala but his aunty tells him that it was good but sign but he tells her that when change happens human changes but again if some other change happens then it becomes difficult for human to control.
Malti’s grandmother curses hearing the prayers that who is this disturbing our sleep while Malti also tells Pundalik that who is this singing prayers which is disturbing sleep & requests him to tell them to stop this & Pundalik goes to stop his parents shouting them while they are telling him you are aware we do this daily while his nephew is trying to stop him but he ignores him as well & tells them that the prayers which disturbs my wife that is just a sound for me & nothing else.
Rukmini tells Shri Krishna feeling shocked that what kind of change is this he tells him that this isn’t due to sound but getting attracted towards his wife which is wrong to misbehave with parents & choosing a wrong path.
Pundalik’s parents tells him that you also use to do this prayers with us but he says that it was long past but now everything has changed hence you shouldn’t do anything which disturbs our life while Malti tries to stop him but she is instigated by her grandmother & she too misbehaves with them & they both feel very depressed thinking now daughter in law has also started talking words of Pundalik.
Rukmini intimates Shri Krishna that this is ultimate evil done by Pundalik while he tells her that this is human nature who insults parents are not worthy of their lives.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that Pundalik was more & more getting involved into Malti where he wasn’t aware that he was insulting his parents but there Chandrakala also couldn’t forget Pundalik remembering him very much.
Chandrakala is in depression thinking only about Pundalik while the flower vendor Dayakar arrives with the same jewellery box telling her mother that he wants to meet Chandrakala as promised which is heard by Chandrakala but she is abusing him while Chandrakala sees the box thinking this is Pundalik’s & her mother tells him that this time Pundalik also betrayed bringing only flute in this box hence Chandrakala holds the box & tells Dayakar that he should do a work for her & he accepts her request hence she keeps her Ghungroo & a broken Ghungroo petal in it to give him so that he’ll remember her.
Dayakar comes near his house but he is seen by Diwakar hence he alerts Malti’s grandmother also to keep eye on him because he is the one who can encourage Pundalik to go on wrong way.
Malti is about to make Shri Krishna’s idol fall by her costume but Pundalik sees & holds it while Rukmini tells Shri Krishna that it’s because of you he got your idol in his hands to remind him about you & he tells her its Gods duty to give chance but its devotee’s wish how to make use of the chance given.
Pundalik remembers his days of childhood of making this idol of his Prabhu hence he promises him that he won’t disrespect his parents again & will lead happy life with his wife & parents henceforth.
Ganeshji tells them that God performs his duty towards his devotee properly but it’s ultimately devotee’s duty towards his God to understand & appreciate the chance given.
Dayakar sees Pundalik from the window & calls him telling that this box is given by Chandrakala & informs him whatever she had told him to tell.
Chandrakala asks Dayakar what Pundalik said but he tells her everything about his involvement in his wife hence he might won’t return here & she gets depressed.
Malti keeps her earrings near Pundalik’s Prabhu & Pundalik sees feeling attracted towards Chandrakala & when Malti sleeps he gets up getting ready to go to meet Chandrakala.
Rukmini tells Shri Krishna that what kind of promise is this which he disobeys but he tells her that it’s his choice to obey the chance or leads to big trouble in future.

Precap: Diwakar is donating some wealth to Brahman’s who come begging in front their house but Pundalik is shouting him to stop while he tells him that it was you who were keeping on taking away your parent’s wealth & he gets wild trying to slap him but his father holds his hand from slapping. Pundalik tells them to go away with Diwakar & give everything to him & they are going away. Shri Krishna & Rukmini watch this in depression.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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