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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Akash questions everyone’s decision against Mahi

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Jogi leaves Mahi’s hand. Rupa says go now. Pappu says she will have to stay the night on footpath. I thought they would become one. But they became enemies. Pappu says let’s go. Chanda says where? He says come with me you will know. Rupa says go now. Mahi walks out. Jogi stops Mahi. He says I know you both are angry because this marriage happened against your and ma’s will. But we can’t fight at this hour. The best way to solve this is that you don’t speak between us mom and son. And I won’t speak between a DIL and MIL. Mahi says I don’t accept this marriage, then who MIL? Jogi says you married me so she’s your MIL. I won’t enter the house until Mahi does. Because my mom taught me to stand with your life partner. we are a team now. I will be where you are. Rupa says you already parted us son and mother. Mahi don’t say that Rupa auntie. I won’t come between you. I don’t accept this wedding either. I know what it feels to lose your family. Jogi holds Mahi’s hand and says I know you’re not happy but this marriage has happened. You can’t ignore it. I will hold this relationship.

Biji says enough. She will come to this house. Rupa says I am his mom and I will decide for him. Biji says this house is mine and I am alive. My decision is that Jogi’s wife will live here. Rupa says wow. Rupa says Mahi Biji always considered me her daughter but you have created differences between us. She leaves in anger. Biji says you can cry here. Biji says a daughter like you can reduce anyone’s anger. Come in. Don’t cry. Biji does her greh parvesh.

Scene 2
Everyone is upset at Mahi’s house. Akash recalls his moments with Mahi hugging the bat she gave him. Akash says dadu did we do anything wrong? I can’t believe Mahi can do anything wrong. Renu says what are you saying? He says I stole this bat. She took to me the shopkeeper and made me say sorry. Then she paid for the bat. Renu says don’t repeat the same story. He says Mahi didi always knew what’s right and wrong. Renu says don’t get in all this. He says this isn’t the first time we got Mahi wrong. Renu says you won’t understand. You’re young. He says then tell me? Mahi told me to stand by what I feel is right. I will stand by my word. We are ruining her life. Why is everyone angry? Because she married Jogi? What if she didn’t know. Dar ji recalls slapping her. Akash says only Jogi said he loves Mahi. You might be wrong in understanding her. Renu is about to slap him. Dharampal holds her hand and says you can’t silent someone by slapping them. Answer his questions. Renu says didn’t everyone see they did it together? Dharam says what’s the proof? Deepak says they got married. Akash says if we didn’t see the face, Mahi couldn’t either. Dharam says I will call Mahi and talk to her. Seema says enough. Enough of this drama. Akash says let us talk to her once. Seema says I want peace. No one will talk to Mahi. She sits down crying.

Akash says dadu please talk to mummy. He stands up and picks a stick. He starts beating himself. Everyone stops him. Seema says what are you doing? He says punishing myself for slapping Mahi? How did I forget she’s my daughter and how much she loves me. He cries. Why do we always question our daughters. She gave 100 proofs that she is innocent. Akash has raised the right question. She could never cheat a stranger how can she cheat her family? I think we are wrong. He cries.

Scene 3
Jogi says enough. Smile, please. Let’s end this fight. Jogi picks her and takes her inside. Mahi says leave me. He makes her kick the kalash. Biji says you cry on bidaai not while entering your new house. Mahi says leave me. Jogi takes her inside. Mahi says leave me. He says swear on this sindur that you won’t go. She says I will die but won’t stay here for a second. He says now life and death is in this house. Rupa says you didn’t do good Biji. You will regret it. Mahi says leave me. He says we are tied for life.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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