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Shakti 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Soumya refuses to believe Harman

Shakti 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Harman checking the time and thinks he knows that she will come, even though late. Soumya thinks she will not go to meet the guy. She opens the cupboard and finds orange saree. She thinks Harman liked it very much. Raavi serves tea to everyone. Soumya comes down wearing the orange saree. Raavi gives her tea. Soumya sits to drink. Mahi notices her. Soumya gets call from Harman, but she rejects his calls repeatedly. Preeto asks her to pick the call and says may be the call is important. Soumya goes to side and picks the call. She says she will not meet him. Harman says if you don’t come and meet me then how you will know about your Harman ji. Soumya asks how do you know about him. She informs Preeto that she needs to go and will tell her after coming home. Mahi thinks where did she go? She comes to Harman’s favorite place and finds Pani puri with his message that spicy pani puri for sweet Gulabo. She thinks finds camphor burning in the lamps, with a message that they can’t keep each other away. She finds teddy bear there draped in an orange saree. She reminisces him. Just then she hears dhol sound…..and finds Harman playing it. She runs towards him. Mohabbatein song plays…..She calls him Harman. He calls her Gulabo and tells poetry expressing his love for her. She says Harman ji.. He says yes, Gulabo. She runs to him and hugs him. She asks where did you go? She says did you know how I spent all these years without you. She asks where was you? She turns him towards her and finds his face changed. She gets shocked and taken aback. She says you. He says I am your Harman. She says how dare you and lifts her hand to slap him, but he holds her hand. Tere ishq hai plays…..He says you don’t identify my face, but identifies my touch. Soumya asks him to tell how he knows Harman ji. He says life is playing game with him, and now it came infront of him.

Nayantara tells Virat that she likes gardening and was watering it. He asks what is all this? She says nutrients and tells that peels of vegetables etc gives nutrition to the plants. Virat sees Heer coming there and asks Nayantara to tell how to take care of plants. A fb is shown, Heer tells Virat that she likes flowers. Virat says even he likes and gives flower to her. Heer thinks to do gardening. He says he don’t want her hands to get muddy. Fb ends. Virat helps Nayantara and asks Heer to wash his hands. Heer puts water on his hands. He helps Nayan wash her hands. Heer gets upset. She gets dizzy. Virat gives her water. Nayan asks Heer to rest. Virat asks Nayan if she wants to know about his past. He says I shall tell you, that there is nobody in my life. He says I feel like we can write such a love story which will be remembered by all the world. He asks Heer to click their pic so that he can post on social media. He asks Nayan to come closer to him and says people shall know who is his would be wife. He asks Nayan to smile. Heer clicks their pic and says congrats, you both look good together. Virat thanks her.

Soumya refuses to believe Harman. She says you can neither take Harman ji’s place nor can become him. He holds her closer and says I am Harman and I want my place in your heart, where I beat in your heart as heart beat. He asks her to talk to him and asks him where was he till now? And how he reached here. Soumya says Harman ji is not in this world and that doesn’t mean that someone else come in my life. He says I would have come home and proves infront of preeto and Harak Singh. He says I wanted you to identify me, but you can’t. Soumya asks him not to come near her family. He says until you identify me, I will not tell anyone. He asks why did you wear this color saree. Soumya says she has worn this unintentionally and didn’t know that he will claim to be Harman. Harman says he will separate from her when his breathing stops.

Precap: Harman shows sindoor and is about to fill her maang, but she stops him and asks who send you here. He says we will unite today. She throws the sindoor and some of it spills on her maang. He stops her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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