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Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 6)

Advay asks Virat to take rest.

Advay – Virat, did you inform your family members about Sayi’s accident?

Virat – No, not yet. I don’t know how to tell them.

Just then Virat gets a call Shivani bua.

Virat – I’ll pick this call and meet you.

Advay nodded and left.

Virat – Hello, bua? Is everything fine?

Bua – Stop asking me questions and tell me if you have something to tell.

Virat – Bua, are you alright? Why do you sound worried?

Bua – Where’s Sayi? Is she alright?

Virat (shocked) – Bua.. Actually… Bua..

Bua (crying) – She met with an accident right?

Virat (stunned) – How did.. Wait what? Bua, what are you saying?

Bua – Give your phone to Sayi. I want to talk to her.

Virat (teary eyes) – Bua, actually she’s not with me. (Looking in the direction of ICU) she’s quite far from me.

Bua (bursting out in tears) – Is Sayi dead veeru? She met with an accident and she died.

Virat (shocked and tears flowing down) – Bua, bua please calm down. Tell me what you know. And nothing has happened to Sayi. We are currently in hospital, and she just twisted her leg. She’s completely alright. Now she’s sleeping.

Bua – I don’t trust you Veeru. I’m coming there right now. I’ll tell you what I heard over there. Which hospital are you in?

Virat – Bua, no. Don’t come. You need not waste your time driving over here.

Bua – Shut up Virat. I’m coming there and that’s final. Don’t forget that I’m your Bua. Show some respect. Which hospital is Sayi admitted?

Virat – Okay bua. But please, please don’t tell anyone about Sayi’s accident. You can tell Paakhi, she’ll handle the rest of the members. We are currently in Global National Emergency Hospital.

Bua – If Sayi is alright, then why did you have to go to Emergency Hospital. (Paused for a second) You wait there Virat. I’m coming now.

Virat – Okay bua.

Shivani goes out of the house. Paakhi notices her and stops her from entering into car.

Bua – Paakhi step away from me.

Paakhi – Bua ji, where are you going this late?

Bua (glares in anger) – It’s none of your business Paakhi. Just get out of my way.

Paakhi – But bua ji, what if someone asks where you went? What should I say then?

Bua – Ask them to call me then. Now move away.

Paakhi – Bua ji, it would be better if you tell me where you you are going.

Bua – listen Patralekha, just go away from me.

Shivani bua was about to sit, when Paakhi snatched the keys from her.

Bua – Paakhi, what are you doing ? Give the keys back. Stop testing my patience

Paakhi – Shivani bua, I just asked you one simple question, where are you going this late? Just answer that and then you can leave.

Bua – What if I don’t? Who are you to ask me where I’m going?

Paakhi – I’ll call Badi Mami.

Bua (irritated) – Listen Patralekha, call whom ever you want. Give the keys and go, else…

Paakhi – Else what bua?

Shivani slaps Paakhi, takes the keys from her.

Bua – I’m cursing you Patralekha. Let God punish you for what you have done and also for what you are going to do.

Bua starts the car and leaves very quickly. Paakhi stood there in shock.

Bua reached GNH after 45min, finds Virat near the ICU.

Bua – Veeru, where’s Sayi?

Virat noticed and hugs her.

Virat (sobbing) – Buaa, Sayi is still in ICU.

Bua – What do you mean by still in ICU? You said she just twisted her leg.

Virat (looks down) – I’m sorry bua. I didn’t wanted to lie. I just couldn’t tell you the truth.

Bua makes him sit on the bench and composes.

Bua – Tell me what actually happened in detail. We might get to know if it’s a normal accident or a planned accident or murder.

Virat – Bua, what are you saying? Of course it was a normal accident.

Bua – Listen Virat, not everytime you see something becomes the truth. What if I know something that you don’t know?

Virat – What do you mean Bua ?

Bua – You leave what I said. Tell me what happened.

Virat narrates the whole incident to bua.

Bua (tears flowing down) – My Sayi. My poor Sayi. (Bursts out) My bacchi.

Virat consoles her but in vain.

Bua (wiping her tears) – Veeru, I find something strange about the incident. You said the lorry just Sayi and left.

Virat – Yes bua. That’s what happened.

Bua – If Sayi knew that a lorry was approaching, then she would moved to the side of the road right?

Virat – Obviously Bua.

Bua – So that means, either Sayi was lost in Advay’s talks or….

Virat – Or..

Bua – the lorry must have wantedly hit Sayi. If the lorry driver saw Sayi, then he could have either horned or flickered the head lights.

Virat – Yes bua. That can be. I didn’t think about this possibility.

Bua – What do you think about this accident? Is it normal accident or…

Virat – I feel like it’s planned. But who has so much enemity towards Sayi?

Bua – Patralekha.

Virat – What? Bua, paakhi is my Bestfriend. Why will she do that?

Bua – From the time I came here, you never asked me how I got to know about Sayi.

Virat – Oh yes, that’s also there. How did you get to know?

Advay rushes to them.

Advay – Virat, Sayi has gained conscious.

Virat and bua smiled happily and ran towards ICU only to find Sayi smiling at them.

Precap –

Virat – let’s do it like that.

Virat calls Pakhi and asks her to put the call on speaker mode.

Shivani records Paakhi’s emotions.

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