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Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 23

The episode starts with:

Riddhima: calm down vansh! I also feel jealous seeing all these girls falling for you. But what to do!(pouts)

Vansh laughs seeing her jealousy. They gossip for a while when they hear a knock. Aisha enters in.(aisha08 my beloved reader sorry for using your name dear😁😂)

Aisha: sir your meeting.

Vansh: you go to the meeting room I will come there? Have the clients arrived?

Aisha: no sir but you need to come..

Vansh: ok I am going you go.

He leaves.

Riddhima: who was she?

Aryan: she is vansh bhai’s secretary.

Riddhima: but what she needs from vansh alone? The clients have not come yet.(jealousy on her face)

Aryan (thinking): bhabhi is jealous.let me play along.

Aryan: she has a serious crush on bhai…

Riddhima: what the heck! But she know na that me and vansh are in a relationship.

Aryan: no no  she have a late shift in office so she don’t know about it! And she don’t even talk much to the office staff because of her attitude of being vansh bhai’s secretary.

Riddhima: what the hell!! If she does something I will kill her!(jealousy and anger).

Aryan laughs. (So this scene is specially for shivangi who requested for Riddhima’s jealousy 😁)

The meeting got over and the clients. Riddhima and aryan see the clients going.

After 15 minutes:

Riddhima: why the hell did vansh not come yet? What is he doing there with his secretary!

Aryan(thinking): bhai you are killed today.

Aryan: I don’t know bhabhi.

Riddhima: ok I will check on myself.

Aryan starts laughing and then he follows her to see what will happen. Riddhima enters vansh’s meeting room with knocking.

Aisha: what the hell! Don’t you have manners? Can’t you knock and come in! We need privacy.

Riddhima(thinking): what the heck! She is talking about privacy with my boyfriend!

Riddhima: miss you better stay out of it! I want to talk with vansh.

Aisha: vansh?? Seriously?? Can’t you call him vansh sir? I saw you in his cabin. You might be a new employee but what is this way of talking.

Riddhima(thinking): I wanna kill her!

Riddhima: I said stay away from the matter! I don’t need to answer you! Its better of you go out!

Aisha: why will I go out? You get out!

Riddhima gives scary and angry looks to vansh. He understands that he is gone today.

Vansh: you leave aisha!

Aisha: sir but.

Vansh : leave!

She goes out.

Riddhima: which privacy she was talking about? (Jealousy and anger)

Vansh was amazed to see his sweetheart jealous.

Vansh: actually… sweetheart..

Riddhima: tell me!

Vansh: she was just getting my sign on the deal papers.

Riddhima: oh really! And she needed privacy for that right!

Aryan(thinking): poor vansh bhai.

He laughs inside. Riddhima comes close to vansh.

Riddhima: mr. Raisinghania you better be away from these girls otherwise they would get killed by my hands.

She leaves the cabin in anger. Vansh was still shocked.

Aryan(laughing): bhai had fun?

Vansh: shut up! I need to pacify her now! Oh god!

Aryan laughs.

Vansh: you better do your work.

Aryan leaves. Vansh also leaves to find Riddhima. Riddhima came to the canteen to feel relaxed. Just then a staff member approches her.

Employee: hi miss! Are you new here?

Riddhima: you don’t know me?

Employee: no. I just came now as I had some important work today so vansh sir fixed my duty as night duty.

Riddhima: oh.

Employee: my name is yug! Won’t you introduce yourself?

Riddhima(thinking): introduce my foot!

Riddhima(fake smile): hi I am Riddhima.

Yug: oh I see! By the way I must say you are the most beautiful woman on this earth!

Riddhima(thinking): oh really this flirt man!

Riddhima gives him a fake smile.

Yug: would you like to go on a date with me?

Riddhima(thinking): what the heck! He is crossing limits now!

She gives him a shocked expression.Vansh was witnessing all this and was burning in anger. He came there and punched yug on his face. Everyone including Riddhima was shocked.

(This scene was demanded by my beloved reader aarushi soni)

Hope you all like it! If you have any more suggestions you could give me🤗. Take care!






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