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Molkki 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi learns a lullaby from Sakshi

Molkki 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Purvi tells Virender he surprised her with his skills today. I was afraid after seeing your opponent but you defeated him easily. Driver tries to apply brake but the effort seems too much and they feel being pushed. Virender tells him to drive carefully. Driver tries to apply brake but in vain. He tells them about it. Virender tells Purvi to hold the kids. Kids tell Virender that they are afraid. Virender switches seat with the driver.

Sudha and Priyu bring Sakshi to the haveli. They hear Anjali’s voice and look behind. Anjali is telling Jyoti to lock her in the cell before someone can see her. Sudha tells Priyu to hurry up. They hide in a corner. Anjali and Jyoti go inside. Sudha suggests taking Sakshi inside from the backdoor. They manage to bring her to the storeroom safely. Sudha tells Sakshi not to worry. Purvi will come soon.

Virender tells Purvi to put seatbelts on for the kids. Purvi does as told. Be careful. Virender says I have no option but to ram the car into a tree. Everyone should hold on tightly. They tell Virender to be careful and brace themselves. The car rams into a tree. Kids start crying. Purvi comforts them. Virender asks everyone if they are fine. Everyone nods.

Anjali tells Jyoti that Virender’s car must have met with an accident by now. Let’s make preps to bid them adieu. We will hear the good news anytime now. Anjali is stunned to hear Manas’s voice. Are they humans or what? They defeated death too! Jyoti tells her sister they are back to square one. Anjali tells her to leave before someone can see her. Jyoti steps out of the cell and is about to lock it when Purvi holds her hand. Jyoti says I came to give her water. Purvi opens the cell and takes Anjali outside. Anjali asks her why she took her outside. I dint do anything. I was inside only. Jyoti fumbles. Purvi says we met with an accident on our way home. I have realised that life is very uncertain. We cannot hold grudges while we are still alive so we have decided to free Anjali Bhabhi. Anjali looks at Purvi in shock. Priyu looks on. Anjali calls Purvi kind. You and the kids have forgiven me. I treated them very badly. I will apologize to them now. She leaves with Jyoti. Purvi signals Priyu. Priyu and Sudha bring Sakshi there. Sudha asks Purvi if this place is safe. Purvi nods. No one comes here so I got Bhabhi out of here. Purvi tells Sakshi to rest. I will come to meet you soon. They lock Sakshi in the cell as they leave.

Purvi thanks Kanha ji for saving their family today. Juhi asks her what she is saying. Purvi says I was praying for your well-being so you remain safe always. She applies kala teeka to both of them. Manas asks her why she did this. She says it is to keep you safe from all evils. What happened today shouldn’t happen again. Manas points out that Babbar Sher saved them today. Put it on him too. God should save him and he will save us. Juhi seconds him. Kids tell Purvi to do it. Purvi agrees. She applies kala teeka to Virender as well. She begins to go when Virender holds her hand. You have applied it to all of us. What about you? We should apply it on Bawari too. We will be able to keep you two safe only when we both are safe. Kids smile. He touches her eyelid to get some kajal and then applies kala teeka on her. Juhi asks them if they can sleep here tonight. Purvi says yes. She asks Virender to let them sleep here. I don’t want them to sleep alone after today’s incident. He agrees. Kids jump with excitement. They ask haathi to tell them a story. They all lie down. Purvi tells the story of a king who was just like Babbar Sher. He was strong, protective yet a little Khadus. He used to care for and protect everyone but he used to throw tantrums sometimes. He used to get upset then. Kids laugh. Virender tells them not to laugh. It isn’t my story. Virender and the kids have fallen asleep. Purvi decides to give dinner to Sakshi. She leaves stealthily.

Prakashi thinks this Molkki isn’t dying and is not even leaving the house. She escaped today too! Sakshi is missing as well. I have kept her alive for 5 years and have tortured her. Don’t know what Virender will do to me once he finds that out. She gets up.

Purvi is taking food to the cell. She must be hungry. I will give her food before someone can see me.

The jug is empty so Prakashi decides to take water herself. Purvi hides as Prakashi comes out. She hits a decor item by mistake. Prakashi picks it up and starts looking around curiously. Anjali comes out just then. Did something fall? Prakashi says no one takes care of things here. Anjali offers to do it. Prakashi tells her to bring water for her. Anjali nods.

Purvi heaves a sigh of relief once they both leave and heads to the cell.

Sakshi sings a lullaby while thinking about her kids. Purvi smiles seeing her thus. Sakshi stops singing when Purvi opens the cell. She looks scared. Purvi tells her not to be afraid. You can consider me as your friend or little sister. Please eat something. You haven’t eaten anything since morning. Forgive me for coming so late. She holds her ears as she says sorry. She holds Sakshi’s hand reassuringly and caresses it to comfort her. Please eat now. Purvi feeds her with her own hands. Is it nice? Sakshi nods. Purvi complements her on her voice. The lullaby is beautiful. Can you teach it to me too? I will sing it for my kids then. Sakshi becomes emotional and starts singing again. Purvi wipes her tears and sings along.

Next morning, Purvi thinks that Virender might be taking bath. He will head to Panchayat after coming out. I don’t want him to leave me ever though. She cuts the button of his kurta and leaves it back as it is. She cuts the button of all his kurtas one by one and hides them under a file. Virender comes out. Purvi thinks he will realise that the buttons of all his kurtas are broken and he wont be able to go anywhere.

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