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Meri Jaan Hai Woh Episode 1

Hai guys here is first episode as promised 

Corridor outside an OT 3 am

There is an awaiting silence as the OT light goes off and the nurses start to come out. A family is waiting anxiously for the doctor and their wait ends as the doctor steps out.

Lady: Sir..woh..my..

The doctor is none other than Rohit

Rohit: Madam dont worry your daughter is alright. The surgery was a success

Rohit makes his way to his cabin

Voices behind his back: I said you right..none of his operations go wrong

Rohit doesn’t put them to his ears. He changes and goes to the ward for his usual rounds with a grim face and he bumps into a beautiful girl in the ward

Rohit: Prerna..

Prerna: Hai…sir..

Rohit: At such an early hour?

Prerna: An emergency delivery was to be done..they are getting ready so thought of paying a visit here

Rohit: Why didn’t you wake up Anurag to bring you here?

Prerna: Woh bhai had a case meeting so he dropped me here

Rohit: Get back safely..or shall I stay to drop you?

Prerna: No…sir aap

Rohit: Im not just your sir here..Im your finacee’s bhai and I have a responsibility too

Prerna: But you need rest..the surgery was overnight I heard

Rohit: You know about me right

Prerna smiles and leaves as nurse calls her. Rohit proceeds in his way. As he enters the the lonely corridor he starts to feel strange. A chill breeze blows through the window and he starts to feel cold. Rubbing his hands for warmth he proceeds further. Suddenly he starts to hear some wailing cries and stops. He sees a room of the door half open and tries to peep in. As he gets closer the wails get louder.

He could hear the words clearly now and they are : You may be successful today..but..you…you…..killed her that day..you killed her..

Rohit starts to shiver hearing it. He slowly peeps inside and sees none there

Rohit in mind: Rohit..get out of that guilt right now..it wasn’t your fault…today…was..the day….Rohit come out of it


A handsome guy is working out hard. The gym instructor comes there

Gym Instructor: Oye Virat take rest for few minutes and then proceed yaar

Virat places the dumbells down and rests his head on the headrest. His hand grabs a towel to wipe his sweat

Gym instructor : Selfie with a swear will win the Internet

Random guy: His any selfie will win it…Virat sir how is Zoya mam? When are you getting married?

Virat : I guess the director will know it better

Random guy: Sir..woh,.show mein par real mein

Virat gets up and goes closer to him

Virat: When I get married my first invitation will be given to you fans..just chill

He mobile buzzes and its director

Director: Virat today shoot is a bit delayed

Virat: What happened sir?

Director: Virat today is…

Virat: Oops sorry I forgot..okay sir no issues

He places the mobile down and his thoughts wander about

Virat in mind: Poor Zoya will be miserable..but I cant meet her and spoil her privacy too..how are you Zoya?

 Graveyard 4 am

A girl covering her head with a shawl is sitting near a grave. She is weeping like anything and suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns to see a girl standing. The girl who was crying is Zoya. She takes her hand to touch the girl in front of her but she disappears from there

Zoya: Raimaaaaa…..why did you leave me? Life is hell without you my dear..that one surgery…

Zoya breaks down crying. After hours if crying she gets up wiping her tears. Bids bye to the grave and leaves.
In contrast to the previous situation, this house is filled with laughter, lights colours and happiness.

Wedding house 7 am

A lady walks inside a room and is surprised

Lady: Kartik beta tum

Kartik gives his flashing smile to her

Kartik: Namaste aunty

Lady: You are here where are others?

Kartik: They are coming  as relatives..I came  as a friend

Lady: Suna hai..you are not in Goenka companies now

Kartik: Sahi suna hai aapne..I just

Krish: Muma..Manish uncle wants janaab to prove himself worthy

Lady: What next now?

Kartik: Selected in an interview by a company will work there till papa is convinced

Lady: Good good

Voices: Sonakshi has come..come soon..

The ladies run to the entrance

Krish: Didi has come

Kartik: Haan..

Kartik runs to see Sonakshi entering inside

Crowd: Our favourite Parvati

Swarna who is following Sonakshi sees Kartik and runs to him

Swarna: Kartik..how are you?

Kartik: Maa maa dont worry Im completely fine.
Sona comes to them

Sona: Hey kiddo

Kartik: Di..

Sona: Ill talk to papa..

Kartik: Di..let him handle that CEO post..I dont want that

Another group approaches Sonakshi and Kartik runs from there to grab kachoris served at the other end of the hall. The scene freezes

Singhania Sadan 7 am

Naira gets ready and walks into a room nearby. Akshara is sitting with Naitik who is in coma

Naira: Muma Im going to office. Ill be back by 5 pm and then we will go to Sheena’s wedding huh

Akshara: Par beta..

Naira: Maa baraat is leaving at 5 6 only..what are we going to do from morning. I have back to back meetings. Bye

Naira runs down and she bumps into Adi who is standing on her way with a glass of juice

Adi: At least drink this and go..you need energy

Naira drinks it without a word

Adi: Sorry Naira..If I had not taken cricket..your burden..

Naira: Bhai..shut up..how dare you say so..? Cricket is your life and dont even utter the word of leaving cricket. We all want you to play with that blue jersey so chup chaap practice kijiye..the privilege of sitting in an air conditioned room is not there for you.

Saying this Naira rushes to her car. Adi grabs his kit bag and proceeds to the ground. On his way he is seriously chatting with someone on mobile.As soon as he sees his friends he hides his mobile and joins them.

Sippy Mansion

Veena: Anurag..where are you? It’s getting late

Anurag rushes to the breakfast table

Anurag: Is bhai back? How was the surgery?

Veena:He is still in the hospital. When are you going to work hard like him?

Anurag: Maa Im a paediatric consultant..I have occasional emergencies and not daily overnight surgeries

Naren: Then you should have become a surgeon

Anurag: Thats not my cup of tea dad

Veena: Thats why you drink coffee right?

Anurag: Mom stop joking and give me something to eat

Anurag notes the date on the mobile and is tensed

Anurag in a whisper to Naren: Papa bhai is alright na?

Naren: He has moved on from it Anurag

Anurag in mind: I must check on bhai later..papa may think like this but I have to confirm it.
With thoughts racing through his mind he concentrates on food and his mobile rings

Anurag: Viren bhai..

Viren: Anurag..could you pick Prerna woh her car..and I…

Anurag: With pleasure

Viren: Sorry for disturbing woh,,

Anurag: Bhai..its not a disturbance..its happiness only

With all smiles the places the phone down. The scene freezes

1. Rohit has an accident 
2. Kartik is smitten
3. Manvi makes a wish
4. Zoya’s sorrow
GUYS DO TELL YOUR VIEWS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. NEXT EPISODE ON 16.04.2021 (a special day for me too)

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