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Mere Sai 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ujjwal wins the competition

Mere Sai 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sai meets the villagers and collects alms.

Host invites the chief guest for the final round. Ujjwal panics when he hears his Baba’s name. Vallabh comes there with Sarkar, Santa and Banta. Sarojini and Nirmala hide behind the tree. Sarkar thinks this is what I was waiting for. Hosts welcome both the special guests. Vallabh says you could have called anyone for this. I don’t know why I was needed here. I have nothing to do with maths. Host says Sarkar told us that you have excelled in maths always. We have read stories of your success in papers too. Chief Guest should be an example, an inspiration for kids. They should be inspired to study hard like them. They head inside. Santa asks Sarkar why he let Vallabh be the chief guest here. Sarkar says that was my plan. I knew that that Fakir will somehow make Ujjwal take part in the competition. Ujjwal has been able to face others but I have seen him freaking out when he sees his Dad. He will become scared and lose the competition when his father will ask him a question. Vallabh will feel disrespected once that happens. He got embarrassed in front of his colleagues earlier. This time it will be those who hold him high for his achievements. He wont be able to face anyone. Seeing his son fail miserably, his pride will be broken. Thereafter, he will leave Shirdi for forever! My revenge will be over then and I will also get rid of that thorn!

Sarojini tells Ujjwal not to worry. Sai is with you. Everything will be fine. Srikanth nods. You have prepared well for this exam. It does not matter who is asking questions then. Ujjwal says I stutter / fumble whenever Baba asks me anything. Srikanth says Sai is the power who can handle all your fears. Think of Sai if you feel scared. He might be anywhere but He will still hear you. You are talented already. Sai will give you the courage that you need to win. Baizama nods. Ujjwal thinks of Sai. The assistant asks both the participants to come inside for the final roung. Srikanth tells Ujjwal to go. Sarojini tells her son not to be afraid.

The other participant tells Ujjwal that he won the competition last time. I will win this again! Just wait and watch. He goes inside and greets the chief guests. Ujjwal thinks that Baba will be all the more disappointed and angry if I fail in front of him again today. He is asked to step inside. Vallabh turns angry the moment he notices Ujjwal come in. He makes a fist out of his hands.

Sarkar asks Vallabh how Ujjwal could be here if he is dumb. Hope he dint reach her doing anything wrong. He is spending too much time with that Fakir these days! He is not a good company. How is it possible otherwise? Peon brings the question paper.

Sai draws something on the slate.

Host gives the question paper to Vallabh. He looks at it and then at Ujjwal. I will ask you both the same questions. You must calculate the answer mentally. I will be watching both of you intently. Whoever wins it will prove that he is the best! He reads the question aloud for them.

Sai continues drawing / working on the slate. You can solve it, Ujjwal. You do know the answer.

Both boys close their eyes. Ujjwal looks afraid. He keeps fiddling with his kurta and then closes his eyes again. Please help me, Sai.

Sai tells Ujjwal not to worry. I am with you. Shraddha, Saburi!

The other participant gives his answer but it is wrong. All eyes turn to Ujjwal. Vallabh gives 2 minutes to Ujjwal to answer. You will win if you give the right answer. If you give the wrong answer too then I will ask another question to both of you. He takes out his watch. Your time starts now. Sarkar mocks Ujjwal. Looks like he came to this round stealthily. His truth has come out in the open in the oral round. Vallabh tells Ujjwal to let them know if he does not know the answer. Why are you wasting everyone’s time? Ujjwal recalls how his Baba has scolded him like this in the past too. He closes his eyes worriedly. He tries to answer the question.

Sai is drawing on the slate.

Vallabh tells Ujjwal to answer. Your time is almost up. Ujjwal folds his hands. Please help me, Sai.

Sai has completed his drawing and smiles. Prabhu ji kare Sahaye plays. The drawing falls into place just when Ujjwal is able to crack the answer in his head. He seems to have calmed down by now. Vallabh says your time is almost up. He starts counting backwards from 10. Ujjwal is still busy with his calculations. Vallabh watches him intently while counting time. Ujjwal answers at the last second. Sarkar asks Vallabh if this is the right answer. Vallabh nods. It is correct. The other kid looks unhappy.

Sai raises his hand to bless the painting. Om Sai plays.

Everyone claps for Ujjwal. You won! We will felicitate in front of everyone now. He invites everyone outside again. Vallabh looks shaken. Everyone claps for Ujjwal outside. Vallabh is the last one to go outside. Host puts a turban on Ujjwal’s head to felicitate him. Vallabh looks a little proud. Ujjwal receives a shield and certificate in prize. Ujjwal looks back at his father for a moment but then continues facing ahead. Host tells Ujjwal no one his age has done so brilliantly in an exam like this till date. Anyone will be blessed to have a kid like you. You cannot succeed alone. You need practice and good, supportive people around you for that. Let’s clap for Ujjwal. Ujjwal looks at his Baba. Ujjwal thinks of Sai and how Sai had asked for a share from his first earning once he starts working. This prize is my first earning. He runs to Dwarkamai. Everyone follows him.

Precap: A lady complains to her husband about a bird. The nest is right about where they are cooking. This bird has made our life hell. The FIL hits at the bird and the bird lands in the container kept underneath. The lady again complains of what the bird did. The DIL notices Sai.

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