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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rishi hits himself

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Chandrani slaps Phirki and says why were you calling her? I told you not to. she goes to Roli. Shubhra calls Chandrani. She says Biji you called? There were many missed calls? Is everything okay? She says yes everything is okay.

Kuldeep asks did Biji call? She says no. I will tell you. She knows we are on a date. You can keep my phone if you don’t trust me. He says it’s not like that. She says then smile. You told me you love me.

Shubhra says I was busy in a society meeting. I can call you when we go home. Chandrani says we can talk later. Roli is calling me from the washroom. She hands up. Roli cries. Chandrani says we will go to the doctor. She picks her and takes her to the car.

Shubhra comes home. Madhura asks what happened? Rishi is sad. Shubhra says they have given him a chance. She says you accepted your mistake which is a big thing. You shouldn’t be ashamed. Your aai will tell you a lesson. This is a superhero pose, with your head always high. Always stand like this. Fear makes us weak and then anger is our second weakness. It’s our enemy. Never let it take over you. Beating people in anger isn’t a superhero thing. Rishi says I won’t ever hit anyone. Promise. Shubhra hugs him. Rishi says let me say sorry to my friends. Shubhra says go fast. Rishi leaves.

Scene 2
Kuldeep and Samaira get done with the dinner. Kuldeep says let’s go. She says there’s a surprise.. They bring a cake.

Chandrani puts Roli in the car.. She says mama.. Shubhra gets up and says I felt like Roli called me. My heart is sinking. Chandrani starts driving. Shubhra calls Chandrani but she doesn’t pick. Madhura says if she isn’t picking call her son. Shubhra calls Kuldeep but his phone is off. Shubhra says Roli isn’t okay.

Samaira says for you. Sam loves Kuldeep and Kuldeep loves Sam. They cut the cake together. Samaira makes him eat.
Chandrani rushes inside the hospital picking Roli. She takes her to an emergency. Roli starts fainting. Chandrani’s phone keeps ringing. Shubhra is worried. Chandrani says there’s another number you can try. You taught your son to be a superhero and never let anger take over you. Call Samaira. Shubhra calls Samaira. Samaira picks.. She says sorry I can’t hear. Kuldeep says it’s Shubhra’s number. He takes it. Kuldeep says Rishi.. She says hello.. He says sorry I couldn’t call at 7. My phone is at home. How is Rishi? Shubhra says where is Roli? He says she’s home with Biji. Shubhra says Biji’s number isn’t responding. Please make me talk to Roli. He says relax, she’s okay. Shubhra says my heart is saying she isn’t okay. I am her mother. He says I am also her father, won’t let anything happen to her. I will call you when I am home. Samaira says now Shubhra won’t let Roli stay here.

Chandrani gets Roli admitted and buys the meds. Kuldeep calls Chandrani.. Samaira says sorry Chadha. You love Roli and Sam. You can’t love both together. You have to leave on behind. Roli has to go back. Kuldeep is worried after hearing everything. She says reach home, I am coming there. Kuldeep starts driving.

Scene 3
Chandrani comes home. Kuldeep runs to Roli and says how is she now? What happened to her? Why didn’t you call her? Samaira says here is your phone, it was in the car. It turned off. Kuldeep says I am so sorry Roli. He says Biji I am very sorry. If I stayed home at 7, this won’t have happened. She says take her inside.

Kuldeep says let me call Shubhra. She says no, she will get worried. Kuldeep says we have to tell her. She knows all medicines. Samaira says yes tell her. Chandrani says let me speak to her. Roli says I want to speak to mama alone. Kuldeep takes her to the room. Samaira goes there, Chandrani says don’t you know what alone means.

Roli video calls Shubhra. Shubhra says I called so many times. Where were you? She says we were playing a game. Then papa reminded me to call you. Shubhra says I miss you a lot. I am waiting for you. Roli says not waiting for papa? Roli says say it, mama. Not waiting for him? Shubhra says both of us are waiting for both of you. Roli smiles. Roli kisses her on the phone. Kuldeep hugs her. Shubhra says it feels like ages. It’s been only a week. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Madhura hugs her.

Scene 4
Rishi comes to the kids. He says sorry guys. I made a mistake. It will never happen again. I promise. I promised aai. Please accept my sorry. I got angry. Let’s patch up. One kid brings a sack. They walk around Rishi and shove him. Rishi says what are you doing? Amol stands silent. They shove Rishi. He falls on the floor. Rishi recalls not to be angry. He says now you will know.. They start hitting him with eggs. A kid says my mama was saying your parents broke up. One kid with mama and one with mummy. Rishi shouts. The kids say mummy..

Rishi starts hitting his head on a tree and says I am not a superhero. No one likes me.. They hate me. I lost. Watchman comes and stops him. His head is bleeding. The kids start crying. All parents come there. Rishi keeps hitting his head. Watchman brings Shubhra downstairs. Varsha says first other kids now himself. Make a video, he has gone crazy. His mom will blame us. Rishi says it’s all my mistake. No one likes me. Papa left with Roli. I am a bad boy. I don’t have a friend. He keeps hitting his head. Shubhra runs and stops him. Shubhra says stop it Rishi. He says sorry aai. I said sorry to everyone. No one accepted my sorry. I have no friends. I am not a superhero.

Episode ends.

Precap-Roli says Roli will go to meet queen mama with king papa. Samaira says I will also go together. Chandrani is shocked. Sanjana says we are not understanding Rishi. He’s trying to say something.. We should take him to a child counselor. Chandrani finds the bottle of what Samaira mixed in the milk. She looks at Samaira in anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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