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Imlie 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Imlie’s Press Conference

Imlie 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Imlie gets ready in Malini’s gifted sari for press conference. Tripathi family mimicking as reporters throng her and insist for a selfie with her. Imlie asks them to stop or else she will cry in happiness. Taiji says she is looking pretty in sari. Nidhi asks if Sundar gave this sari to her. Imlie says Malini gave it. Adi asks what was the need for it. Malini says if not her, her sari will go with Imlie; Imlie is looking very beautiful in it. Family suggests her to converse with reports calmly and don’t fight with them. They reminisce all the earlier incidents. Imlie asks them to stop. Aparna asks them not to make her more nervous and asks her to give answers properly. She tries to touch her hair, Imlie stops her and says she did Aaliya’s hairstyle. They all laugh.

Adi takes Imlie to press conference venue and seeing her nervous asks reason. Imlie says reporters imagine her village via her and they shouldn’t blame her village if she does any mistake, so he should encourage her and fill confident in her. He calms her down and walks towards stage. Reporters seeing him discuss why such a big reporter came to take such a small interview. Janendra says he knows why he has come here, but will not inform them. Adi sits in front row and sends Imlie on stage. Reporter asks why did he come to such a small place. Adi says its his wish, no work is small or big for him and thought this girl would be become a big officer soon. Host sends Imlie near mic. Reporters ask if she is happy with her results, how is she feeling. She in her village English says she is pheeling good and will pheel more good if they taalk in englis, they should raise their hand if they have a question.

Adi raises his hand and asks where does she get an inspiration from to face so many tough situations. She says she is not alone and has Seeta Maiya with her to support her and gives credit to Adi indirectly. Rupal watching interview on TV praises that their Imlie is answering so confidently. Nidhi chants way to go Imlie. Dev with Daadi also watches interview on tab. Imlie says they shouldn’t consider her as poor, she is very wealthy with so many relationships around her, some relationships are unique without a name and are very precious, reminiscing Adi’s love for her, and says she knows she is not alone. Family smiles hearing that. She then says she wants to request them that if they find someone like her who is unable to change her fate herself, they should support them. Another report asks if she is scolded by family for watching TV. She says she doesn’t even have radio at home, she has only her amma in family who worked hard to teach her; she used to read her lesson before sleep and amma used to fall asleep listening to them; its bad that a daughter follows mother’s fate.

Adi gets Mithi’s call. He goes aside and says she called at the right time as reporters are interviewing Imlie and she is answering them well. Mithi emotionally says everyone wanted her to abort Imlie, but she went ahead and gave birth to her and then realized her voice is a music to her and rest of the world’s voice noise. She continues speaking emotionally. He informs that he saw everything when Satyakam brought painter to jungle and he knows everything. She gets more emotional and asks not to consider her wrong. He says he is not and even he took a lot of time to realize what is right and what is wrong, says he will return to press conference now and disconnects call.

Reporter asks Imlie what she wants to change in her life if she can. She reminisces Adi and Malini’s wedding and feels nervous. Tripathi family thinks why she is acting too nervous. Imlie stammers, her sindhoor hairline is exposed due to gush of air. Tripathi family notices it. Malini says Imlie forgot to remove her Seeta Maiya sindhoor. Aparna asks what will answer reporters now. Reporters asks Imlie if she is married and who is her husband. Imlie nervously says she is suhagan/married. Tripathi family thinks what is she saying. Imlie looks at Adi.

Precap: Malini confronts Adi why he is hiding things from her and trying to avoid her often, why did he marry her if he is so committed to other hidden things. Imlie hears their conversation.

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