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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Instigates Virat Against Sai As Usual

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Shivani tells Sai that if she is confident that she did right, then she doesn’t have to apologize Chavan family. She continues that they were keeping Devi locked in a room like an animal and were not bothered about her, but today they are all worried for Devi. Ashwini requests Sai to apologize Chavans. Sai says let her see how IPS Virat Chavan, an obedient son and a honest police officer, will keep his promise; he brought her here and if he had asked her to leave calmly, she would have gone herself, but he is so rude and blind and broke his promise. Virat says whatever she says, she cannot enter his house. Sai says Pulkit is a honest man and if Virat proves that Pulkit is a fraud and traitor, she will wear garland of Virat’s footwear. Virat says he has many old footwear lying, he will prove that Pulkit is a fraud and then will make her realize her mistake. He shuts door on her face. Ashwini asks if any husband does this to his wife, if she gave her this kind of upbringing. He says its her good upbringing that he didn’t give any rigorous punishment to Sai. He shouts that he is ending all relationships with Sai, nobody will take Sai’s name or think about her from today, she is a bad dream which ended. Bhavani and her puppets smirk hearing that. Pakhi (using same facial expresses for every emotions) says whatever happened today is because of Sai’s deeds; Virat used to support Sai by standing against everyone, but today he stopped supporting her.

Usha sitting outside house with Sai tells her that Virat promised Kamal to take care of her, but today kicked them out of house at midnight. Sai says Virat did whatever he had to, she is happy for getting Devi’s happiness and doesn’t mind losing her husband’s house to give Devi her husband’s house. Madhuri performs Devi’s graha pravesh. Devi gets happy seieng alta/red color and says her bad aayi never used to let her apply it, but now she is in her house and can do anything she wants. Pulkit nods yes and thanks Sai for reuniting him with Devi even after facing my problems herself. Devi prays god to protect Sai. Pulkit says Devi knows to face and fight her problems. Usha asks Sai how will she face her problems, what will she do now. Sai asks her to keep quiet for sometime. Usha says let us return to Gadchiroli. Sai says she can go then. Usha says he will not go without her. Sai asks her to keep quiet then.

Virat reminisces playing holi with Sai, giving her gifts, then fighting with Sai, etc., and thinks why did Sai did this; whenever he feels they are coming closer, she increases their distance. He cries looking at Sai’s thank you gift. Pakhi walks in and says she knows he is angry at this time as it wasn’t easy to kick Sai out of house. Virat says he doesn’t want to talk about it now. She says let us talk about something else then, she came to call him for dinner, will he have dinner. He says why will he not, he is hungry since afternoon. She provokes him that Sai is sitting at door with Usha, what if neighbors see her and create problem. He says he doesn’t care. She says he would have forgiven Sai if she had obeyed Ninad and apologized everyone and would have finished dinner together, but Sai didn’t even listen to Ashwini who supports her so much; everyone hate Sai for her misbehavior except Ashwini. He asks why is she talking about it now. Pakhi asks why Aswhini always supports Sai, is it because Ashwini herself cannot disobey family and wants to trouble family via Sai. Virat shouts to stop as she doesn’t have any right to speak ill about his aayi, he knows his aayi better than her. She says she is sorry if he felt bad, she cannot understand how can same family members think differently. Virat says all 5 fingers of a hand are not same, hence everyone’s thinking is different; if she can stop all this and serve him dinner or else shall he ask aayi. She says she will bring dinner for them both. He asks if she also didn’t have dinner, she can bring it for them both.

Ashwini takes dinner for Sai and requests her to have it. Sai asks why did she come here, if she thinks they are beggars. Ashwini asks why is she saying this. Sai says she brought them food hiding, they feed food like this if they pity on someone. Ashwini says she is her mother and a mother loves their children. Usha says even she doesn’t know what Sai is up to, she doesn’t want to go to Gadchiroli. Sai says she can go if she wants to. Usha says she knows she cannot go without her. Sai asks if even she is pitying on her. Usha says she cannot speak rudely with her and vent out someone else’s anger on her. Ashwini asks Usha to stop and tries to feed Sai again. Sai stops her and asks her to go back. Bhavani walks to them seeing door open and yells Masta Masta.

Precap: Sai gathers neighbors and says Chavan Nivas deserves insult for ruining their daughter’s happiness. Virat warns that she is crossing her limit and will repent. Sai says she is kicked out of house and not bothered about herself, but she is bothered about Devi and needs neighbors’ help to make sure Chavan family doesn’t trouble Devi.

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