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Choti Sardarni 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Seher celebrates her birthday

Choti Sardarni 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Seher runs in the house. Sarab says where are you going? You’re not well. Seher says I am perfectly fine. Nothing will happen to me now. He says why? She says I will get a huge gift tomorrow. Sarab says what is it? Seher says I shouldn’t have told you. Seher says mama’s friend said to Param and Karan that tomorrow in the party she’ll bring mama. Mama will come. Sarab is shocked. Sarab says I will hug mama and cut cake with both of you.

Sarab shouts Sandhya ji.. Param says what is he angry about now. He says what joke is going on? She say what? He says why did you tell kids that Meher will come tomorrow? Do you have any shame while making such fake promises? Sandhya says I said that to Param and Karan. Sarab says she heard. They are kids. Where will you bring Meher from? It’s Seher’s birthday. I thought I will make her day special. Your fake promise will break her heart. She’s thinking her mom would come back. When she finds out you’re lying..

Harleen says Sarab there’s good news. Seher has recovered 70%. The doctor says the last report will come tomorrow. Sarab says thank you. He says thank Sandhya. It’s a result of her magical care. Sarab stops Sandhya and says your fees. And this your 11k bakhshish. Thank you for taking care of my daughter. Sandhya says you paid for Seher’s care. Once her reports are here, I will leave this house and your life. But I have one request, please don’t tell the kids I am leaving. Sarab says they won’t care. Anyways, thank you. She says thank you for telling Seher’s date of birth. He says I did it for my kids. Sandhya says about the promise.. I didn’t make any false promises. Meher will come in the party tomorrow? Sarab is shocked. He says how? Sandhya tells him a pla.

Sarab sees Meher. Sarab says are you still mad? She says you gave Sandhya bakhshish. Sarab says what she did was wrong. Because of her Seher is okay but I said thanks to her. Meher says if you want to do everything as per your will who am I to say anything. She disappears.

Scene 2
The next morning, the driver says Sandhya went to the temple. She distributed money and clothes. Sarab recalls giving her the money. Sandhya gives parsad to the kids. Karan says you eat too. She says I am fasting. Param says why? She says I am fasting for Seher so she gets well fast. Sarab also extends his hand to get the parsad. Sandhya gives him parsad. Karan says dragon daddy also wants parsad. Sarab says who? He says the one who speaks fire. Sarab looks at Sandhya in anger. He laughs. He says dragon daddy. Anyways, there’s so much work left. Seher will get up in a bit.

Scene 2
Seher’s room is full of balloons. Meher comes to Seher’s room and sings a lullaby. Seher wakes up and smiles. She says mama.. You came right? She’s very happy. Seher comes out running. The whole house is decorated. Confetti sprinkle on her. Everyone hiding. Seher sees a ballon, mama will make you tinday and pizza shoshatak (very fast). Seher reads other balloon mama loves you the most. Seher gets happy. Seher says I love you mama. Everyone looks at her dancing. Seher reads another balloon, go home I will tell you. They put Seher in a trolly and take her to the other room. There are many gifts and dresses for her. Seher hugs Sarab and says papa thank you. She tries on all the dresses.

Everyone dances around Seher and wishes her a happy birthdya. She says papa thank you. I have never celebrated like this. Param and Karan says you are our princess. She reads happy birthday. Are you excited about the party Seher? We have a huge surprise for you. Seher says I am very excited. She reads you have to solve this riddle first. She reads the riddle and says Param, Karan help me solve this ridde. Sandhya says let me go get Meher till then.

Scene 3
Sandhya is in the market. She feels like someone is following her. She sits in the rickshaw and leaves. Someone calls Kulwant and says listen.. ask Sandhya not to step out of Gill mansion. Rajo is out. He is out on bail. It can be dangerous for her. Kulwant says what.. Raju follows Sandhya.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rajo comes to Sarab’s house and says you are under arrest. You have killed your wife Meher. Here’s the warrant. You wanted to be with Sandhya and killed Meher for that. Sarab says my Meher is alive. Meher is in a hospital.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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