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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Vibhu traumatized

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Commissioner says to Vibhu that if you don’t tell truth, Manohar will tattoo on your hand, Vibhu says I know nothing, Manohar tattoos on Vibhus hand, Commissioner gets call that they found necklace and thief.
Helan scolds Tiwari and Angoori for false accusing Vibhu, Both apologize to Helan. Helan says shut up and stop with drama,Tilu says Tiwari because of you poor Vibhu had to see this day wnd also we blamed him, Helan says Anu even you didnt recognise him, Anu says proof was against him. Police van arrives, Helan says my son is here, Vibhu walks to Helan, Helan asks why are you quite what’s wrong, Anu asks Vibhu is he alright, Vibhu shows his hand, written “I dont have father, I am a thief”. All shocked reading that. Vibhu goes inside.

Angoori says we made such huge mistake, poor Vibhu he was innocent, I can never forgive myself, Tiwari says not a big deal calm down, Angoori says you are heartless, look at Vibhu. Angoori gets call from Amaji and Angoori tells whole story, Amaji says Pandit Rampal asked you two shouldn’t hurt anyone but this one has already did.

Vibhu in bedroom, Anu walks to him, Vibhu disturbed, Anu says remember you burned my saree and I forgave you, and once lost 30,000₹ in gamble but I forgave you, Vibhu says why are you making me feel guilty, Anu says no not guilty I meant when I forgive you for your maitakes, can’t you, Vibhu asks why, Anu says I told police you are in bedroom, Vibhu says its fine, Anu says so you arent upset, Vibhu says I am upset with myself, because I am thief look I have tattoo too, Anu says you arent calm down, go to sleep, Vibhu says I see police when I sleep I won’t, Anu says I will sing for you, Vibhu says please don’t, Anu sings, and puts Vibhu to bed. TMT sitting down the balcony crying, Gupta asks whats wrong, TMT said we listened to a baba and started living Stayug life and in that we acussed Vibhu, Gupta says shame on you for accusing without knowing the truth and why point at Vibhu what have you done and crying wont help, you need to repay for your mistakes.

Angoori performing morning pooja, Vibhu walks to her, Angoori sees he is very upset and thinks I shouldn’t talk anything about or related to robbery and says come eat aloo paratha, but aloo is stolen by rats, Angoori says anyways when we were kids me and my friend’s use to steal balloons, oh god not this story too and says you should visit my village you will love it there, you need to go straight and take left from police station and take left or esle you will land in jail, Vibhu says you finally sent me to jail, Tiwari says she didn’t mean that, Vibhu says I am theif, Tiwari says you aren’t we apologise, for what we did, Vibhu says look the tattoo also says that and runs away.

Anu sees Vibhu sitting upset and says I guess he will get normal.in 2-3 days. Anu asks him should she cook something for him, Vibhu says don’t bother I will manage if not I will steal from someone because I am theif, Anu says you ars innocent, Vibhu says look at tattoo, Helan says we will erase it if not cut your hand, Vibhu says what about character, and leaves.Anu says to Helan do something, Helan gets angry and leaves

Anu at Tiwari’s crying, Tiwari says don’t cry, Anu says you have no idea how bad he is, he saw me in khaki saree and started begging to leave him, Angoori says he use to come at Kitchen window daily but doesn’t anymore, Tiwari says it was my mistake, he does small stealing things like paratha, underwear, alcohol but I blamed him big, Anu says he you were in hurry to call commissioner, how to deal with Vibhu, Tiwari says is there no medicine, Anu says psychiatrists, Tiwari says you go visit, I will bare charges. Angoori says don’t worry all will be good.

Pre cap: Doctor tells everyone that we have to make Vibhu home, and tell that everyone steals and goes jail.
Anu and Angoori steal vegetables infront of Vibhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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