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Bawara Dil 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva is unable to locate Sidhi

Bawara Dil 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Shiva is leaving home. Jhanvi comes there and smiles at him. Shiva sadly looks at her. She says my bag was left in your car. Shiva nods and gives it to her. The girl thanks him and says we met after so much time, how are you? Shiva looks at her and says I am fine. Jhanvi asks if he is still angry with her? Shiva says it’s not the right time to talk about all this. Jhanvi says my timing was always wrong and you know that. She asks who is Sidhi? Shiva looks away and shows his wedding ring, he says she is my wife. Jhanvi is surprised and says oh.. is she fine? Shiva says I don’t know, we went to Pune but I thought she came back so I came here but maybe she is still in Pune. Jhanvi says okay, I think I should leave now. She starts leaving but stops and says I am in Rudrait for some days so if you can meet me then do. She holds his hand and asks if he will meet her? Shiva tries to pull his hand away but she holds it and looks at him. Yashwant and Ishwar come there to see them holding hands. Shiva sees them and pulls his hand away. Jhanvi says I came to take my bag, she leaves. Shiva says I will call the hotel. Yashwant says you have the hotel’s number but not your wife’s. Shiva calls the hotel and says we stayed yesterday, did my wife come back? The receptionist says no but we found some blood marks in the bathroom of your room. Shiva and others are shocked. Shiva says I don’t know what is happening but it’s not my fault, trust me. Yashwant shouts that you don’t know where your wife is, why there was blood in your room but you are asking me to trust you? Ishwar shouts where is my Sidhi? Shiva says trust me, I will not let anything happen to your daughter. He tells Yashwant that we have to go to Pune right now.

Scene 2
Mangal tells Kaka that its good Sidhi is gone, we will eat something sweet. She asks Soni what ice cream she will have? Soni says all are tensed about Sidhi and you are doing all this? Mangal says you want me to be sad as you? I don’t care where Sidhi is, you can’t see her reality. Soni asks her to have some shame. Mangal says I am your mother so don’t talk to me like this, I will slap you so hard if you ever do this again. Soni is hurt. Mangal asks her to calm down, she sits with her and says you are very innocent, this Sidhi is not missing, I think she ran away with her boyfriend. It was all a drama to go to Pune, she ditched Shiva and ran away with her lover. Our Shiva is innocent, he can’t understand what is happening, it’s good that she is gone, I will find a nice girl for Shiva and get him married again. Soni shouts enough, do you even know what you are saying?

Shiva, and Yashwant come back home but they don’t have Sidhi. Soni asks where is Sidhi? Shiva looks away.

Scene 2
Ishwar comes back to his house. Malini comes to him and asks what happened? Did you find Sidhi? He says no. Malini says she went to Pune with Shiva so what happened there? Ishwar says I don’t know, we asked the hotel manager but no one knows where our daughter is. Shiva was in the lock-up and couldn’t contact Sidhi. Malini says you shouldn’t trust that guy, our daughter is missing, I don’t know where she is, I am telling you if something happens to my daughter then I won’t spare Shiva and his family. I will burn their house down. Ishwar says nothing will happen to Sidhi, we will find her.

Soni is crying in her room. Shiva comes to her and hugs her. Soni says she has to come back. Shiva says don’t cry, she will come back. Soni says you have so many contacts, find out where she went. You should talk to Akka Bai, she will find her, how can she go missing? Shiva says I will find her and will not let anything happen to her. There is some misunderstanding, she must be fine. Soni says you will find her right? Shiva nods and hugs her. Shiva tells Soni that you trust me? You don’t think that I did something with her? Soni says I know you didn’t do anything, I trust you completely. Shiva sadly smiles and consoles her.

Shiva comes to his room and looks around. He recalls his arguments with Sidhi. He looks at her book box and sadly looks at it. Shiva sits down and recalls all their moments, he finds her blindfold there. Shiva says where are you? I hope you are fine, come back for Soni, Yashwant, for your parents.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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