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You are only mine- ragsan- part 27

Hi sissy’s.. here is the next part.

Ragini is driving car thinking abt sanskar and she’s smiling.

She reached beach.she saw sanskar sitting on sand throwing stones in water which he already collected and kept his side. He has already seems to b lost somewhere.

Ragini goes to him and sits beside him. Sanskar dint look at her. She too started throwing stones in water. Water layers were touching Thier feet.

Rag: still angry on me?

He was still silent.

Rag: u know after a long time I came to this beach. There are lots of sweet memories I have here. After that incident I stopped visiting any place where we can enjoy or create memories. But today m very happy. My every tension gone away. Till now I was living a lifeless life. Now I want to live life with full joy. That’s only possible if u r with me. U only made me to think like this. I never thought that again I’ll think of living and seeing dreams. After meeting u my thinking changed. But today I got my world. People whom I love and who love me, they r with me now. Wat do I want other than this?

Sanskar was still silent. He threw stone in water without looking at her.

Rag: sry for the way I behaved with ur father. I never meant to hurt u or ur family. Pls forgive me for that. I accept that I did mistake by not listening to u. Pls forgive me for that too.

He was silent.

Rag: sanskar pls forgive me. M sry. Talk something. Punish me if you want. But don’t b silent. Plssss.

Sanskar stood up. He started to go. Stopped in between.

San: m not angry on u. I forgave u. Don’t wry.

Rag: it means u too love me?

San: I want old Ragini. Who loves all, cares for all. If so then I’ll think.

He faced his back to her. She too stood.

Rag: think? Wat?

San: that only. Which u asked.

Rag: y u r telling indirectly? U can directly Tel that u also love me.

He was smiling still facing her back. But dint let her know.

San: yes.

Rag: (happily) then look at me and say that u love me. M desperate to hear those words from u.

He turned to her.

San: ok. But u shud propose me first.

Rag: I already proposed u. And we r married sanskar.

San: when u had proposed me I didn’t like u. But now I want u to propose me again with love. If u want those words then u shud do.

Ragini looked both her sides. She didn’t find any flower. She sees umbrella. She goes and takes it and comes to sanskar.

Rag: I don’t want to propose by sitting on knee. And I don’t like that much. So Mr.sanskar maheshwari. I Mrs sanskar maheshwari loves u a lot. More than her life. Wil u also love me like I do? Not equal, but atleast 10 percent of my love? Wil u accept my love? This umbrella keeps everyone in its shadow and protects from rain and heat. Like that I promise u that I’ll give u always love and keep u away from hate and anger. Will u spend ur life under this love with me?

She opens umbrella and stands Infront of him. Sanskar looked at for a while. Then he says.

San: I told old Ragini. And told propose with love.

He again turned and started to walk.

Rag: but I did with love.

San: (while walking) if u love me truly then u’ll get it.

Ragini after a little pause.

Rag: I love u my baby. Pls forgive me. My cute and handsome baby Wil never b angry on me. I love u so much baby.

Sanskar stopped walking. Turned back and opened his arms smilingly. Ragini happily runs to him and hugged him with force. As a result both fell down on send and water layer comes on them.

San: Ragini, we became dirty. See sand, on ur body, face and hair. Mine too. Get up.

Rag: u only wanted old Ragini. This is only wat I am.

She took sand and caressed his hair from it.

Rag: now atleast say.

San: wat?

Rag: wat? Wait.

She rolled with him and both goes near water.

San: wait wait. I remember.

Rag: ok. Say.

San: I love u too much my bossy Ragini.

He rubbed his nose with hers. Both smiles joining thier forehead. Water was coming over and over on them. But they lost in each other. They heard claps and looks around. Few people were standing there

One couple said: u both r made for eachother. Live happily. All goes. Both stood up.

Rag: let’s go home.

San: like this?

Rag: yes like this only.

San: wat all will say?

Rag: they all say that Ragini is back.

They hold eachother hands and moves towards home.

Hope u liked it. Next part wud b the last one.

Waiting for ur views.

Love you all 😘😍😍😍

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