We define life as a moving body with soul who keep breathing and work to survive from basic needs a human may have.
So far as other living species other than human, it may be right, but for human, no & never.

For human species, LIFE is just not a body with soul, and if it would be so, you would never be unique, but all mighty GOD make every human a unique entity.

What make you UNIQUE?

That is not your blood, not your physique, not even your blood line or knowledge make you unique,
it is your BELIEFs, and your ACTIONS & REACTIONS to the situation arised while living a life make you unique.

You will never find another person like you having same beliefs, acting and reacting the situation in the same way & manner as you are. And so why even god too just can not create another YOU!

so, in short , you are unique as to what your beliefs are.
Every human act and react as to what the beliefs he is carrying with.

For human, LIFE IS the summation of YOUR ACTION AND REACTION to the situation as to what your beliefs are with the help your BODY to which your soul keep moving from here to there for a purpose.
It is not the question , whether your life is RIGHT or WRONG, GOOD or BAD, question is your choice of belief ! We never take care of , whether a belief we are building up, is RIGHT or WRONG, we just allowed it to BUILD UP, and one after another belief keep getting build up, and as to what we keep acting and reacting.
Your BELIEFs are the virtual chemical contents of your all the ACTIONS & REACTIONS, which make you UNIQUE !

As an UNIQUE HUMAN, you may be RIGHT/WRONG, BAD/GOOD, HONEST/DISHONEST , and inevitably , what ever you are, you are the END RESULT of your beliefs.

Your beliefs are invariably sourced out from different facts & illusion you are experiencing while living your life. When beliefs is created as to what is convenient to you, certainly that belief lead you to the wrong way. 90 % beliefs are being building up according to what is convenient to us, ignoring the facts.
For example, in reality a person is GOOD , but as he is your RIVAL, you simply allowed WRONG BELIEF, that person is BAD, to take place in your mind, and whole life you keep reacting to him as to what you believe him .

More the belief you have based on TRUTH , your life may emerge out as more & more realistic. If your BELIEFs are build up on ILLUSION, your life may be on the wrong way. We afraid of fact, and when we allow ILLUSION to ride over us for our convenience , certainly you are MISLEAD human.
Human is used to live happily being in ILLUSIVE DREAM rather to face factual facts, and so why he reach no where.

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