love and pain travel together 😌😌💕

Many days were passing twinkle and Kunj staying happily twinkle did what he wanted she didn’t argue with him just let him do what he wanted.They used to went for dinners out with their friends this all seen by sanam and Ovi Kunj fully leave Ovi.Twinkle taking him to dr.For his depression medicines which affecting on his healths he taking over doses because of this his mentally unstable he over reacted easily on a small matter.He went for office twinkle used to calls him and talking to him.He was too happy.They spending nights in each other’s embrace making love..

Kunj getting ready twinkle bring his breakfast.And keep the tray in side and give him backhugged.

Twinkle:finally get ready.

Kunj:yes he turned and look at her.

Twinkle: looking dull??

Kunj:haan why you off my depression medicines.

Twinkle:Kunj I didn’t get it why you taking those depression medicine haan you are absolutely fine still.

Kunj:I needs twinkle you can’t understand this.

Twinkle: Leave this Kunj last few days went so beautiful of ours now don’t start again I wanted to live my life with you.

Kunj:don’t forget our term and condition. Tears comes in twinkle eyes.

Twinkle: you just doing for that term and condition.

Kunj:yes you wanted we stay like others happy couple which can’t happen in this birth for your wish I did this drama now twinkle you sign divorce paper and leave me.

Twinkle:I’m started thinking everything get fine between us but Kunj you still 😭. I’m just kidding with for that term and condition.

Kunj:but I was very serious twinkle. Twinkle get shocked.

Twinkle: you play with my feelings Kunj.

Kunj:I don’t know anything I did what you wanted now don’t blame me for anything. He kissed on her forehead and take his office bag and left from there. Leave twinkle in shocked.

Twinkle:babaji I thought I get my love back but not I didn’t he just acting like happy with me haan.Just than twinkle feels nauseous she hold her mouth and run the washroom she throw it so badly back to back.She wash her face and look at herself in mirror this happening with from few days.What happened to me.She went in her room back.I have to

talk to Kunj about this.She went downstairs.Sanam and Nikki was sitting and looking at twinkle face.

Usha:what happened twinkle beta are you okay?

Twinkle:haan mummy ji I’m absolutely fine.Sanam just looking at herself only.

Sanam:what happened to her if something happened wrong what I’ll do than.She think.

At office Kunj doing his work just than there yuvi come and take his seat.

Yuvi:how’s you brother.

Kunj: hmm.

Yuvi:what happened to you nowadays toh you both love birds staying happily.

Kunj:just for divorce.

Yuvi:I know about this.Kunj don’t do this she loves you so much.

Kunj:yeh zaroori toh nahi hai har pyaar ho manzil mile.

Yuvi:it’s so difficult to understand you.

Kunj get up and went towards window and keep his hand on wall tears escaping from his eyes.

Kunj:what I’ll do yuvi I don’t have any other way.I can’t take risk with twinkle life.Till when she stay with me she is in danger once she went out of my life she is fine.I just wanted this only.

Yuvi:acha than why don’t you take her away from this all things live with her somewhere else happily.

Kunj:nope yuvi.I don’t wanted to stay with her after what she has done with me haan.At last day of our college put blame at me of her rape. I’m idiot still get marry with her haan.

Yuvi:Kunj it’s been years passed away to that incident still you remember haan.

Kunj:yes I didn’t forget anything yuvi just think maybe she is good but her real face in front of my eyes.

Yuvi:than why you doing this all haan you care about her haan.

Kunj:it’s my mistake yuvi I give her my heart.This punishment I getting.

Yuvi:you know what it just your fear that. We all are in that incident but we didn’t get any kind of messages.

Kunj:acha because I was the one who driving.

Yuvi:Kunj leave everything just live your life with twinkle.

Kunj:I can’t with her.One time in college she save myself life for that favour I leave in college even I’m doing for that favour only. Kunj throw the paper to yuvi he take and read.

Yuvi:Yeh Kya hai Kunj.

Kunj:you didn’t believing on me now see this even read as well don’t dare to tell anything to avni.

Yuvi:I can’t say anything Kunj.YOUR LOVE JUST STUCK IN THE CAGE OF FEAR.Kunj turned and look at him. I don’t know anything Kunj but I can say one thing she loves you don’t know what rubbish you filled in your mind for twinkle I have seen her she isn’t like what you thinking whatever happened in past just come out.For past you just making your present and future bitter.

Rishte chahe kitne bhi bure kyu naa ho par unhe todna matt kyuki paani chahe kitna bhi ganda kyu naa ho pyaar nahi aag toh bujha hi deta hai Kunj Sarna. Yuvi said and went from there.

@Twinkle come her music classes she sitting in side seeing a couple a boy pleasing a girl beautifully twinkle see and smiled.Think when this moment comes in her life. She was busy in her thoughts while Kunj come there he finding twinkle everywhere someone told him about her so he went in garden his eyes went on twinkle.Kunj went towards and sit beside her.

Kunj: hi??

Twinkle: tum yeha why??

Kunj: who my work is over so I thought to pick up you from here twinkle laughs painfully.

Twinkle:there is no need of this drama Kunj.You can give so much importance to that papers but not me.

Kunj:see twinkle nothing is in this okay. You just wasting your time with me.You can start your fresh life with anyone.

Twinkle:firstly give me back my those days which I spend just for you in crying.

Kunj:Teri baat bhi na Chal let’s go home.

Kunj hold her hand and take her.They both sit in car and left for home.

While sanam and Ovi doing checking of twinkle and Kunj room.

Sanam:we will find anything here.

Ovi:di till now I didn’t get it why you doing this haan.Sanam find out Kunj pills she see and get shocked.

Sanam:I damn sure something twinkle has done with him.My dear devarji.She changed it.They heard someone

footsteps both sister get shocked and run from there before anyone come and find her here.Kunj and twinkle entered in room twinkle feel something is fishy.

@In side sanam and Ovi sitting sanam smirking while Ovi didn’t get it..

Ovi:di till now I didn’t understand why you doing this haan when I’ll get marry with Kunj.

Sanam:your dream to marry Kunj can’t fulfil in this birth.

Ovi: why?

Sanam:because he loves that twinkle lot.Didn’t you see them nowadays.I just worried about.After sometimes laters.

Everyone sitting for dinner just than they heard someone voice beenish get up and went towards door she was shocked to see.she loudly scream.

Beenish:Papaaa.Yes her father is come.He went ahead towards his daughter.His name is Rohit.All get up and went in living room.

Rohit:aww how’s my doll is? All get happy to see him.

Khariah:aap yeha.He went towards her hold her shoulder.

Rohit:haan I wanted to give you surprise.

Saroj:great damaad ji.

Usha:we all missing you.

Sanam:without you feels so lonely.He takes elders blessing.

Twinkle:how’s you jija ji.

Rohit:absolutely fine twinkle both share a smile Kunj see them and closed his fist.

Kavin: we are so happy jiju finally you come now toh you didn’t stay with us haan.

Beenish:haan papa I missing you so much.

Rohit:haan even I too miss you all.Now make me stand here only.

Saroj:nahi nahi come with us.They all went towards sitting area all sit on couch.Servant bring water for him he take and drink.

Khariah:you looking so dull and thin haan.Didn’t you take care of yourself.

Rohit take deep breath.

Rohit:nahi Khariah I’m fine.It just your love.All smiled.While Kunj went in side twinkle bring food for him this all seen by Kunj.He went in his room.After sometimes later they all went in their respective room. Kunj doing his work fuming in anger just thinking about something.Twinkle entered in room she

Again feel like vomiting she run in washroom and throwing up Kunj listen her voice he get worried and went in washroom.

Kunj:what happened she turned and look at him.Again she puke.Kunj went near her and patting on her back. Twinkle wash her face.Kunj take her in room.Why suddenly this vomiting haan.

Twinkle:don’t know Kunj I’m not feeling good.

Kunj:acha than why you didn’t visit to dr haan.

Twinkle:I’ll be.You don’t worry about me she side his hand and went towards bed.Twinkle lay down Kunj went he too beside her.Both looking at ceiling.

Both of them is shocked and confused with this life what destiny planned for them.First they don’t wanted to marry but they tied in one knot.Both wanted to stay with each other’s happily but

question mark comes in their way everything.How happy they were with each other’s just in a seconds their love and life change it.

Twinkle:in mind every time I thinking he doing due to some reason but today.he wanted divorce babaji and his happiness in this than i m ready to free him.I’ll give him divorce I’ll try my level best to reform him but I lose.She turned and closed her eyes with tears.



Kunj slightly turn his eyes and look at twinkle.

Kunj:my luck is so bad twinkle when I wanted to stay with you wanted to show everyone how much I love my wife no one can’t do it. In one moment my all dreams you breaks down why.. you thinking I hate you and forget everything nope I can’t forget you never ever if I try than also in very less time you become my life.TUJHE BHULANE KE LIYE EK PAL CHAHIYE VO PAL JISE. MAUT..

There are only two emotions in the world, only two emotions we can express, and those two emotions are FEAR and LOVE. All the other emotions with whom we are all so familiar, are nothing more than subcategories of these two. Where there is LOVE, we may have peace, joy, content, serenity, forgiveness while on the other hand, where we have hate we will have anxiety, sadness depression fatigue, judgment, guilt and so on.You see, where there is LOVE, fear can not survive, and where there is fear, LOVE can not survive.They can’t leave together, for only one is real, while the other is just an illusion.

At morning..

sunlight coming on twinkle and Kunj face twinkle feeling so weak.Kunj wake up he look at twinkle.Who looking sad he didn’t said anything. He get up and went in washroom twinkle try to get up she hold her tummy.

Twinkle:uff what happened to me I have to go to dr it’s really needed.Kunj get freshen up.Twinkle take her clothes and went In washroom.Kunj get ready he went downstairs.He come in hall and see Rohit and beenish or Khariah spending time together having breakfast.Kunj smiled to see his sister and niece but tears appeared in his eyes.

Kunj:my di is so happy but when she get to know about this better truth what will happen with her in one second my sister all dreams and heart broke down her smile for that I can do anything my beenish.I don’t have strength di that I went to you and tell you everything that fear after knowing about this my sister how she will survived.She is so innocent can’t see devil face nears her.Kunj wiped his tears.Twinkle get ready she come down everyone come for breakfast twinkle feeling so low she feels dizzy hold table.

Saroj:twinkle beta are you okay.

Twinkle:haa I’m fine just Chakar aagaya.Kunj look at her.They all sit for breakfast.Having their breakfast happily  while Kunj just lost in his thoughts.Rohit looking at twinkle and gestures him what happened Kunj see this.Twinkle pass him smile.

Saroj:today I kept pooja at home so everyone come soon in evening be ready on time.

Beenish: but we toh going for outing badi nani Maa.

Khariah: before pooja we will come.

Beenish: okay maami you too accompany us na. Twinkle look at Kunj.

Rohit: haa Kunj even you too.

Kunj:I have work in office in cold voice.

Twinkle:and mujhe bhi.

Usha:koi na some other day.They all finished their breakfast.Khariah and beenish or Rohit left.kunj went to office with Manohar.While Saroj give work to sanam and ovi all of pooja.They both making faces.But can’t do anything helpless in front of her.While twinkle get permission of Usha and went to hospital she didn’t tell her where she actually going.She calls Avni both went to dr.Dr examine twinkle.

Dr:I did your test you feeling low.

Twinkle:yes dr.

Avni:anything is serious.

Dr:nope.After report we’ll see.She prescribed her some medicines.After they both come out of the hospital.

Avni:twinkle you don’t take Kunj tension.

Twinkle: hmm I’ll not. Acha you come today dadi Maa kept pooja at home.

Avni:haan I’ll come with yuvi you go and rest Both left.

@At evening everyone come on time Kunj went in his room and see twinkle she getting ready he take his clothes and get ready in another room twinkle crying slightly.

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Before some days. Twinkle and Kunj sitting holding divorce papers.

Kunj: twinkle please this and went.

Twinkle: acha if I sign what I’ll get.

Kunj: I’ll give you my all money and everything. Twinkle smile painfully.

Twinkle:you didn’t understand me Kunj I wanted your money haan.Keep your money with yourself I don’t want this money. I want you.

Kunj: what?

Twinkle:give me your some days I too wanted to stay happy with you like a normal couple.

Kunj:okay I’m ready after that get ready to sign this papers he said and went from there.While twinkle smirked.

Twinkle:lets see Kunj who will get ready for what. End.Twinkle get ready so beautifully like a queen.

At downstairs all family members and relatives comes.

Saroj: where is twinkle beta.

Sanam: dadi Maa I’ll sit in pooja.

Saroj: nope you will not my twinkle and Kunj will sit in pooja. Sanam get angry she is my elder daughter in law of this house.

Sanam:even I was too.

Saroj:but I kept this pooja for them for their loving marriage life.Twinkle come down all get stunned to see her she looking so beautiful.Kunj just blink his eyes she never failed him to amazed him.

Saroj:lo finally my daughter come.She bring her. Sanam closed her fist. In mind.

Sanam:because of this twinkle I didn’t get that respect and love on which my right is.After elder daughter in law of this house still she getting all things why. Dadi Maa kept this pooja for their happy and peaceful life really in this pooja fire only. I lit slightly toh soon my fire will Burned this Kunj and twinkle.

Saroj: you both sit now. Kunj and twinkle both sit in pooja all others in side they performing whatever pandit ji telling them to do.Twinkle keep her hand on Kunj both look at each other’s.Crying inside their hearts.Soon pooja finished. Twinkle and Kunj get up while twinkle give everyone parshad they all take. She went to Rohit.

Twinkle: lo jiju.

Rohit:haa he forward his hand.Twinkle give him parshad.He take both talk and smiled.Twinkle sit in side and see Kunj who was busy with Ovi.After pooja twinkle went in kitchen there Rohit come and tell her to give him water she give him.They both talk in mute.Twinkle console him there Kunj come see them together. Rohit apart from twinkle.

Rohit:Kunj tum.

Kunj:twinkle Leela Maa is calling you.He said and went from there.

Twinkle:I’ll come she went from there. She meet with her mother.While in anger Kunj went out.After everyone left twinkle went in her room.Where is Kunj he looking so angry why. Just than servant come. He knock at door twinkle give him permission he went near her. Haan.

Servant: bhabhi this come for you. He give her envelope twinkle take it he went.

Twinkle:what is this. Twinkle see hospital name.Hoo my reports come so soon.She open the envelope and take out report twinkle just scrolling down her eyes went on last thing she get shocked. Tears escaping from her eyes like anything she get shocked take step in backwards what is this how can this babaji.She again check the reports. Means I m PREGNANT. 😭😭.She hold her mouth keep her hand on her tummy my baby.Mera and Kunj Ka.She smiled with tears.She sit in side and waiting for Kunj.Kunj must be happy after knowing about this I’m pregnant with his baby.

Maybe he get fine.Afterthis happy everything solved between us.Later Kunj

Entered in room lights were off just candles and windows were opened cool breeze going on.

Kunj entered in room as soon as Kunj come twinkle get up with smile.While Kunj drenched in sweat fully his eyes were red blooded.

Twinkle:Kunj you come.She take step towards him.I was waiting for you. Wanted to tell you something you will get happy after.Kunj look at her.She went closer to him take his hands in her.

Kunj: Kya hai??

Twinkle: kunjj woh. My report.

Kunj: what?

Twinkle: Kunj I’m pregnant.As soon as Kunj listen this get shocked he look at twinkle.Twinkle handover him her pregnancy reports.Kunj take in his hands and see the report he look back to twinkle.She hugged him.Kunj I’m so happy even you too na I didn’t think about this.Our baby is in my womb dadi Maa will get so happy after this she wanted your baby. Kunj closed his eyes and hold her from shoulder and apart her from himself twinkle get shocked to see his face expression.

Kunj: what is this how can you get pregnant haan?

Twinkle: Kunj why are you not happy with this haa?

Kunj: haa I’m not happy I don’t want.

Twinkle: why Kunj he is sign of our love.

Kunj: what love haa. I don’t want this baby.

Twinkle: what.. Kunj. Are you okay na.

Kunj:I’m all okay:I don’t want anyone come between us.

Twinkle:Kunj he is your blood.

Kunj:whatever twinkle I don’t want means no.

Twinkle:but I wanted. Kunj pinned her towards wall. With full force.

Kunj:don’t twinkle. Don’t want baby.

Twinkle:Kunj why you doing this he is your baby.

Kunj: you will not tell anyone about this you are pregnant.

Twinkle: Kyu Kunj anyone will get to know na.

Kunj: you have to ABORT THIS BABY. Twinkle fully shocked she never think about this Kunj will tell her this.He wanted to kills his unborn baby who didn’t come in this world before only. Both having tears in their eyes.


Kunj:haan abortion as soon as possible before anyone get to know about this twinkle.

Twinkle:no I wouldn’t abort my baby Kunj. Are you thinking what you saying haan.

Kunj:I know this perfectly.No third person comes between you and me.

Twinkle:Kunj you become mad.Don’t do this.

Kunj:if you love me than proof your love. Twinkle hold side pillar..

Twinkle:kunjjj.Kunj leave her with jerk and went in balcony twinkle sit on her knees and crying loudly kunjjjj.No I can’t do this crime I can’t kill my baby with my own hands haan.How you can say this.

Why you come in my life Kunj when you wanted to do this with me only.Kaunsa badal nikhal rahe ho tum mujhe se crying badly.

Kunj hold his hands and tears coming down.

Kunj:how can I say this she is pregnant with my baby.Punch his hand on side. Twinkle if you didn’t do.I was helpless twinkle.You were not ready to leave me. Nope after this bitter words of my you will leave and went away from my life.Now I can’t take risk with two lives.Please go and leave me.I hope you will choose our baby over me. I’m not good who hurt you every single day make you cry.I thought you are so good and loyal with me but. You were not.Twinkle today my words makes you feels how it’s feels when you hurt by your love.You didn’t think once before saying this haan.What will happen after your words with my sister haan she loved Rohit like anything.Even her little baby.

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After one month of twinkle and Kunj marriage.Kunj finding everywhere twinkle today is Khariah and Rohit wedding anniversary. Kunj wanted to tell twinkle officially he love her like anything they share husband and wife relationship support each other’s but still didn’t give words to their feelings.

Kunj:where is twinkle he went in his room. She isn’t there.Kunj write something on mirror.Meet with me twinkle at terrace.He write went from there. After twinkle come in room she see with lipstick something written on dressing table mirror she went ahead and read get so happy.

Twinkle:kunjjj. She get ready. Twinkle went downstairs and went.Kunj ask servant about her she told him she going towards terrace direction. Kunj went behind her he was going heard voice he stop and went in side as soon as she saw and get shocked.

Twinkle and Rohit standing opposite of each other’s both looking at each other’s. Kunj get confused to see them.

twinkle:PHIR AAP CHOOD KYU NAHI DETE HAI Khariah DI KO HAAN.Kunj get shocked when he listen twinkle words Rohit pulled her in hug.Kunj get shocked like anything.

Rohit:I love..Kunj get shocked back to back.He turned and run from there. Flashback end.

Kunj:what is this twinkle haan that words still echoing in my eyes. I itself started staying with Ovi than you can feel how it’s feels when your love ditched you.When your trust and heart breaks down.Before saying that words you didn’t think about once she is my sister.She treating you like her own sister still chiii. It’s my goodness I didn’t throw I lose with my heart my heart loves you like anything.

I wish twinkle I could hurt you the way you hurt me but I know that if I had the chance i wouldn’t do it.Love is the cure for fear. Fear and love cannot coexist in the same thought. You’re either moving in the direction of one or the other. Thankfully, at any moment you can choose  to think another thought.Living with love will open you up to a world full of exciting experiences. On the other hand, fear keeps you trapped from being and fully understanding the love that you are.



What you all thinking… what this Kunj said

To twinkle abort their baby. Omg.

Thanks for your comments. Why Kunj doing this all things with twinkle come out your all confusion must be clear.

Love you all thanks


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