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PART 54….

Devika: Yes, the deal was with Oberoi’s.

Om now understanding the look Devika earlier gave to Tej and with hurt expression yet sternness’ looking at Tej, asks Devika to continue: Then what Ayi.

Devika turns to Om and with a sympathetic smile continues: At that time Oberoi industry was suffering huge loss. The workers had refused to work in the industry due to bad equipments they had gone on strike too but somehow Tej Singh Oberoi was successful in making them agree to join the industry and promised to get the machinery repaired but as always they were just fake promises. (she huffs in pure hatred for Tej and with anger in her eyes she continues) those promises were so fake that once he bought the men who came to check machines after an accident that took place in the industry, he forced the men to give clean chit to the entire industry as he didn’t want to spare money on repair. This kept going for weeks but then accidents became too frequent. It was at this time that Rajeev.

Her eyes tear up remembering her late husband and Damini comes forward to console her and understanding the trauma of that event she decides to speak ahead but how long could she hold her inner trauma she herself was unaware.

Damini: That was the time when Rajeev bhaisaab decided to take matters in his hand as he was leading the partnership. At that time all of us were heading home and Devika and I had no idea about what was going on. Rajeev bhaisaab took us to Oberoi industries and he went inside while we were waiting outside with our children in car. It took quite a long time for Rajeev bhaisaab inside the office so we decided to go inside and ask about it. When we went there we saw Rajeev bhaisaab helping the workers by correcting the machines. Our girls were too curious and they loved helping Rajeev bhaisaab. All the workers in there loved bhaisaab and they all jelled up with the kids. Bhaisaab asked us to leave and told us he will come back home after a while. We agreed to him but Surbhi, Dyuti and Naumi didn’t want to leave bhaisaab even though we wanted them to come they denied though Ragini too wanted to stay but she wasn’t really well, so we took her with us. Then happened the biggest nightmare of our life’s.

Damini bursts out in tears remembering that day vividly even after years of that incident everything use to be clearly in front of her eyes.

Damini wiping her tears and taking Devika’s hand in her and pressing it for some support continues: After few hours we got to know that there was a blast in the industry. Rajeev bhaisaab was able to help few people out but ended up dying himself. There was no sign of our children. That was the day we lost everything.

Armaan wraps his arms around the two ladies and tries to console them but to no vail. Everyone in the room was driven to tears. One trauma after the other had hit them like tons of rocks being thrown on their heart at once.

Devika through her muffled tone while hiccupping continues: Ragini thinks Tej Singh Oberoi is behind that accident.

Om with gritted teeth chuckles: What else can be expected from him.

He darts deadly glares at Tej who seems unaffected.

Tej: Your daughter is mad and so are you.

Devika looks at him with pure hatred: No she is not mad Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi it’s you who is mad. I hate you for killing so many people. Their blood is on your hands.

Tej: I didn’t kill anyone it was an accident I was in Pune that day and this story is over.

Damini: You are right you were in Pune that day Tej but still your hands are filled with those people’s blood. They worked for you and what you gave them was death.

Tej: Stop it Damini I didn’t kill them they worked for me and I gave them money for that. End of discussion.

Rudra: Right Mr. Oberoi, you are absolutely right. You don’t care who lives or dies all you care about is your god damn money. You are the worst person I have ever met.

Tej roars with anger: I am your father Rudra don’t dare to talk to me like that.

Shivaay shouts at them to shut down their fight: Stop it. Just stop it.

All of them stop though Tej wanted to get back but he didn’t.

Anika animatedly though for the first time she felt her heart twitch for Ragini the woman who snatched almost everything from her: Then what happened to Ragini.

Devika rubbing her tears off: After that accident Ragini went into trauma. Every other day she use to leave the house without informing and we always found her at the site of accident. She didn’t cry not even for once but as if everything was snatched from her and her soul had left her body. Around that time Armaan bhaisaab, Damini and I decided to leave India because that would be best for Ragini but she refused. She yelled, screamed and even hurt her self so I asked them to leave without us though they were reluctant but I convinced them somehow. With time as Ragini grew her trauma too grew I tried to consult her to psychologist but she didn’t wish to get treated according to her she wasn’t suffering at all. She made revenge the only motive of her. That motive became so strong that she had burnt her life in that motive. She forgot her mother, her husband, her children and even herself. You aren’t going to fight Ragini you will be fighting a zombie in form of Ragini. To be honest the day I lost my husband and one daughter the same day only I lost Ragini she isn’t alive in anyway. All she is doing is burning in the fire of revenge. I know she is going to burn herself so I won’t beg for her life from you.

Devika smiles helplessly and cupping Anika’s face she gently speaks: I am sorry for whatever Ragini did. I am really sorry.

She says joining her hands in front of Anika. Anika looks at her feeling nausea run upto her throat and all she could manage is to nod in disagreement.

Anika: Koi baat nahi.
(It’s alright.)

She puts Devika’s hands down robotically.

Shivaay looking at lost Abeer shakes his shoulder to get him back to earth: Now what.

Abeer: Go be with Sukanya.

Shivaay: What about Ragini and Daksh.

Abeer huffs: I will take care. Just go be with her.

Shivaay nods in agreement.

After getting out of the house Abeer walks to his house to freshen up. After getting ready his bodyguard brings to him an envelope.

Abeer squinting his eyes: What’s this?

Bodyguard: Sir, it’s a parcel for you.

Abeer nods: Who brought this?

Bodyguard: No idea sir. It was in the mail box.

Abeer: Fine leave.

Abeer opens the envelope after being alone the envelope has some reports, to be precise sonography reports. As the realisation dawns on Abeer the floor beneath his feet disappears his eyes become numb and the old wounds of heart once again bleeds through their stitches. The only site of those pictures were enough to make him weak and the memory broke him down. His phone beeped with a message, taking hold of his phone mechanically he scrolled to the message only to read “Welcome to the End Game.” Realisation of the doer too dawned in. He deleted the message only to reach his home screen where a picture of Sukanya and Manik rested as the wallpaper. His mouth fumbled, “SUKANYA….”

“Sukanya is the promise you fought to protect, Abeer. She will be the light of our life. Protect her.” He nods memorising his wife’s words and getting up with zero strength but great determination he walks out of the house.

Days flew by the only thing that changed was Sukanya coming from hospital to her house, her condition was improving but only physically, mentally she kept deteriorating. The tension in the house didn’t improve anything. While on other hand Abeer kept receiving photographs and messages from Daksh of his haunting past that lead him to lock himself in office and work 24 hours a day to find Daksh and trying to jeopardize his motive. Whenever Meher came to visit Abeer he came very stand-offish ans Manik was greeted with rudeness that made him upset but by far accept for Nitya and Shivaay he barely stroke conversation with anyone else being so much drown in his work he didn’t visit Sukanya not even for once. Meher kept updating him being completely sceptical about his behaviour. Either she spent her day being with Anika giving her strength for Sukanya or consoling Manik who had been nothing but upset about his father’s behaviour towards him. Sukanya had been repeatedly asking about Abeer but to no vail. Kids stay with Sukanya for entire day but the elders are just too engrossed in finding clues and tightening the security. Being with Abeer and looking for Daksh had taken toll on Shivaay’s time as well. While Anika, Gauri, Rudra and Om decided to take care of work just to give Abeer and Shivaay a cover up. On other hand Bhavya has been engrossed with all her informers and is doing everything she can to help find Daksh. Though Shivaay use to be with Sukanya but for the most of the time he wasn’t able to concentrate on her, while Anika stayed with her but she had to concentrate on work too. On other hand Nitya was looking forward to the court hearing for Aryan’s case that was due in a week, as time came closer she started loosing her mind more and more, so Aryan kept her a company in drawing the best case. Along with Devika and Damini, Abhimanyu decided to work out some previous files and due cases in hope that they will find something to convince Ragini to get her on their side instead of Daksh’s.

After shutting himself down in the office for two weeks Abeer finally found the clue that would grant him an access to Daksh’s den. He left office leaving just a note behind being quite firm about what he has to do but the future held something he hadn’t even imagined.

On other hand on not finding Abeer the bodyguard decided to give the envelope to Meher this time instead.



Manik asked energetically plopping besides Sukanya who just passed a vague smile to him: Alright so what’s the plan today.

Atharv: Number one not to hear you crack pj’s.

As Manik made terrible faces Atharv just chuckled.

Manik: Please my jokes are sensible you only have low IQ level.

Aditi chuckles: Please Manik bhaiya we all know how high is your IQ level.

Manik makes a grumpy face as everyone chuckles: All of you are betrayers.

Sukanya smiles listening to the bickering and rests her head on Atharv’s shoulder who looks at her questioningly and she nods in nothing.

Amanat: OOOOOO….. Please Manik Bhaiya no more drama right now.

Manik making a grumpy face: Fine. Whatever.

Advik: You guys are so boring. Let’s do something fun.

Anya: But what. We don’t have any entertaining game too and we can’t go outside it’s getting late abd dark too.

Aditi: True. Then what. Guys suggest something.

Everybody starts thinking and only comes up with stupid ideas.

Amanat passing an amused look as she remembers something: Wait…. I have an idea.

Everyone accept for Sukanya: WHAT???

Amanat walking towards the staircase: Just wait a minute here. I will be right back.

Within five minutes Amanat comes down with a small disk and everyone looks questioningly at each other but the answers were returned by mere shrugging.

Advik: What’s this?

Amanat: Actually last month Rudy chachu had stored all the family video in this hard drive, so I thought why not see this. It would be fun to know how our family was even before we were born.

Atharv: Wooh…. That’s a great idea. So play it.

Amanat nods and attaches the drive with television and pressed on first video. The video is of maha Aarti starting from the O Bro’s entry till the maha Aarti, everybody smiles seeing the brothers togetherness and love, the smile just broadens as they see Anika in the video too she is with Priyanka though.

The next video is labelled as “CHARACTER SWAP RAKSHABANDHAN”, the video begins with each one of Oberoi family member dressed as the other member and all of them entering separately and then posing together. It has enactments of the Oberoi’s acting as the other one and then finally Priyanka happily tying rakhi to her brothers.

They continue watching few videos when one video named “KAL, AAJ AUR KAL” starts playing as they switch on the video they could find O Bro’s, Priyanka, Anika, Tia, Saumya and Mallika playing truth and dare, in the video then they are dancing on ladki beautiful kar gayi chul song but soon the scene just has Shivaay and Anika and rest had just fallen asleep after drinking Rudra Singh Oberoi’s infamous fruit punch. The moments pass by as Shivaay calls Anika cute and in return she calls his kanji aankhain beautiful and then they have their iconic dance on song khaye ke paan Banaras wala.

Manik luaghing his guts out: This was just epic. Now I understand where you two (pointing at Atharv and Sukanya) have got your amazing dancing skills from.

Both smile sheepishly at his comment.

Advik days mischievously: But one thing is true bade papa is always looking for chances to pick up bade mumma in bridal style.

Everybody has a hearty laugh.

The next video is of Shivaay and Anika’s first holi together and them having a really cosy moment together. The video ends with everyone dancing with Mahi after drinking bhang. The video that followed were of some pre wedding rituals performed by Shivaay and Anika just before Anika left. The next video is of Shivaay playing with Atharv when he was barely few weeks old. The following video is of Om and Gauri’s wedding and Gauri entering the house. The other one is of Rudra marrying Bhavya. That being the last time Shivaay had ever visited India because Pinky had kinda planned his wedding completely with Ragini but unwilling to have a nuptial relation with Ragini he flew away taking Atharv with himself and never returned back.

The next video is of Advik playing with Amanat and Omkara sitting by their side trying to get a proper view to paint them, his family was the only inspiration he had left with him at that time. While Gauri was arranging her stuff in the cupboard when she placed a frame of photograph on the bed and Atharv taking the video cam focused on the photograph.

Everybody smiled seeing his adorable innocent self.

Atharv: Stop. Stop the video Amanat.

Amanat stops the video hearing Atharv’s hyper tone.

Amanat: What happened bhaiya?

Atharv: Go a little back and focus on the photo frame please.

Amanat shrugs not being able to understand the reason but does as she was asked too.

Atharv: This picture. I have seen this somewhere.

Advik: Bhaiya you would have seen it with mumma. It’s her childhood picture with her sister. Actually it’s the only picture so she keeps it super save.

Atharv nods in disagreement: No…. Nope…. I haven’t seen it with Gauri Chachi, I have seen it with somebody else. Bit where….

Manik: Chill Atharv you might just be overthinking.

Atharv shouts remembering: Vatsalaya mamu.

All look at him being confused.

Atharv: Doll do you remember when we were at Awasthi’s house there was a photo frame in the playing room looking at which Vatsalaya mamu got nostalgic and remember what he told us.

Sukanya: I remember there was a photo frame but I am not sure this is the same picture.

Manik: But what he told you guys about the photo.

Sukanya: He told that the photo is of his SI….

She looks in shock at Atharv who gives her ‘now you got it’ look.

Atharv: I will get Vatsalya mamu only he can clarify our doubt.

Sukanya nods in agreement as Atharv rushes up the stairs only to bang into Sahil.

Sahil: Atharv what happened man?

Atharv: Mamu I am going to look for mamu.

Sahil gives him are you crazy look: Who am I then?

Atharv: No mamu 1, I am looking for mamu 2. Have you seen Vatsalya mamu.

Sahil: Ya I he was going to his room. But why are you in hurry.

Before Sahil could even complete the sentence Atharv had gone from there while Sahil went down towards the rest of the kids who were still in shock.

Anya cupping her face: Did we just make a discovery.

Aditi: Seems like that only.

Sahil: Hye kids. Why are all of you so dazed.

All of them just nod in disagreement.

Sahil looking at the screen: How cute? Guys are you preparing a gift fir Anika di’s birthday.

Manik: Her birthday is next month and makes you think that we are preparing a gift for her.

Sahil pointing at the television screen speaks with a smug smirk: Then what are you doing with her childhood pic. Tell me your plan na guys I promise I won’t spill a bean to her.

Sukanya looks at him in shock, with a wide open mouth and then she speaks feeling totally hallucinated: Mumma’s childhood pic.

Sahil nods and continues nonchalantly: Ya it’s her only pic with her sister from the time when she went to orphanage till now this pic is with her.

Sukanya: I am going to faint.

Sahil supports her worriedly: Are you okay Baccha do I need to call a doctor.

Manik: Call one for me too.

Aditi: Same here.

Advik: Count me in.

Amanat: This is too much.

Sahil: What’s with you all did you eat something wrong.

Manik: No we heard something wrong.

Vatsalaya entering the hall: Why are you dragging me Atharv?

Atharv points at the television screen making Vatsalya stop at the very point, he turns towards Atharv: Where did you find this pic from?

Manik being totally impatient: Whose pic is this?

Vatsalya being confused: My sisters.

Sahil feeling jealousy run through him: That pic is of my sister not yours.

Atharv screams: WHAT?

All the kids nod like a zombie being totally confused.

Vatsalaya: No these two our my sisters.

Sahil: Please, that’s my sister.

Vatsalya: What? What do you mean?

All kids together: Exactly…

Sahil and Vatsalya turn towards kids and pass them a questioning glare.

Atharv: Actually why don’t you both first look at the video.

Both the guys nod in agreement and the video is played to be stopped once again at the photograph.

Sahil and Vatsalya together: What’s this pic doing with Gauri di?

Advik: It’s her childhood picture with her elder sister.

Now it is the time for boys to go all dizzy.

Sahil and Vatsalya together scream: What?

All the kids nod.

Vatsalaya: I am going completely blank now.

Sahil: And I need a doctor.

Kids together: Exactly.

Atharv: So technically the elder girl in the picture is mumma and the younger girl in the picture is Gauri Chachi while these two are sisters they are Vatsalya mamu’s sisters too and that means they are Awasthi’s.

Vatsalya looks at Sahil a bit dazed but as the information sinks in he couldn’t help smiling broadly and takes Sahil in a bone crushing hug.

Vatsalya: That means you are my brother. WOW…. Now I have two sisters and one brother.

The mere reaction of Vatsalya made Sahil feel guilty of being jealous of him. Just within seconds he accepted him as his brother without another thought. Sahil couldn’t help feeling nostalgic and hugged Vatsalya even more tightly making Vatsalya the happiest person in the world.

Advik: That means Atharv bhaiya and Sukanya di our are brother and sister.

Aditi slaps him on head: What were they earlier then?

Advik rubbing his head: Ary I mean now they are our brother and sister even more.

Everyone hits their forehead hearing him.

Sahil: Wooh…. Guys wait a sec though we know this now but let’s confirm this thing above all if this isn’t true then everybody will be left heartbroken. So let’s confirm this before opening it to everyone.

Vatsalya: You are right above all there is so much chaos already we should confirm this.

Manik: But how will we confirm it.

Sahil with a smirk: I know that.

Vatsalya: But till we do not find anything. Zip your mouth.

Everyone imitates him by zipping their mouth and throwing the imaginary key away.

Sahil forwarding his hand: Promise.

All place their hand upon his and shout: Promise.

Everyone smiles realising finally something good might happen. Both Sahil and Vatsalya leave instructing the kids to get to bed as it was too late now. Following the instructions everyone goes to bed.


Sukanya seemed to be in deep thoughts when Atharv walks in her room with her medicines.

Atharv: Where are you lost doll?

Sukanya smiles slightly and moves a bit so Atharv could sit besides her: If everyone gets to know about what we got to know all of them will be so happy. Right?

Atharv: Of course doll. They would be very happy.

Sukanya with hopeful eyes: Do you think then they will forget my mistake and be with me being happy.

Atharv looks at her being hurt how many times he might have even tried to convince Sukanya that whatever happened to her wasn’t her fault she wasn’t ready to accept above that nobody actually being there with her just made her belief stronger and her insecurities deeper.

Atharv cupping Sukanya’s face lovingly but speaks to her sternly: Listen to me Sukanya whatever happened on that day, wasn’t your fault not even an ounce of it was your fault. You did nothing. Daksh Khurana was just using you to get back on our family. Talking about everyone else none of them is disappointed in you instead they are so proud of you that you fought for your life. They are not here because they are busy keeping us safe and nothing else.

Sukanya nods though in hearts of hearts she couldn’t convince herself at all and even Atharv knew that. No matter how strong a person is but some incidents end up breaking them but only to make them even stronger.

Isn’t it said, “If it doesn’t kills you it only makes you stronger” same is the case here but before being stronger everyone deserves to break down and Sukanya is just breaking down so that when she collects her pieces and come back together she could be even more stronger.

Atharv sits taking support of bed and Sukanya rests her head on his chest after taking her meds.

Sukanya: Bhaiya that days was so horrible. He tied my hands and showed me so many bad things. People being killed. Bhaiya there were small kids too. (Atharv just nodded and slightly creased her forehead as she continued) You know he left me in water I couldn’t even breath bhaiya. (Tears dropped down her eyes and Atharv could feel nothing but helpless.) I couldn’t do anything bhai.

Atharv: Shhh…. It’s alright doll. Look now you are here you should try not to think about it.

Sukanya: I try. I try a lot bhai but I can’t just get it off my mind.

Atharv placing a kiss on her forehead: It’s alright doll I am here with you. You can tell me whatever you want and if it helps you it’s great.

Sukanya nods: Thank you bhai.

Atharv: You don’t have to say that. Now shall I read you a book.

Sukanya: Sure. But you will be here only na.

Atharv: Yes doll. Where else will I go.

Atharv says picking up a book with smile. With one arm around Sukanya bad other holding the book he dimmed the lights of the room and started reading for Sukanya so she could peacefully go to sleep.

This had kinda become their thing after that incident. He was the only person to know every single detail of that night. He use to listen to her fears give her strength be with her and that was the only way she could sleep but not him. Every time Atharv herd about what happened to his doll from her mouth his heart felt like tearing apart, sleep had left him ever since that incident. The feeling of her not waking up would hit him as jolt whenever he had closed his eyes. Her fears had become his nightmares.


Daksh’s end.


Well hi guys…. Okay okay I know all of you are willing to kill me for being super duper late and some of you might have just become use to it but I AM SORRY…..

This time I couldn’t pulbish because I had my final practicals the previous week and I didn’t even have a single second free because it was everyday that left me with zero time to inform you guys and completely exhausted. But here I am and maybe this is last update for time being as I have my final exams in May and due to election holidays my exams have extended from starting to the end of May making me super busy. I do not promise that I will give another update before June but if I could manage to write I surely will update.




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