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Daayan 14th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Daayan 14th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Chachaji in temple prays god to protect Jahnvi from Akarsh’s evilness and bring her back home safely. Jahnvi caged in Aakarsh’s jail pleads to free her. Veer reaches there and asks if she is fine. Jahnvi asks how did he know she is here. Veer says all these routes lead to palace, he saw Aakarsh getting into this route and follow him. Jahnvi says they have to destroy Daayan at any cost soon. Veer says they should get devyani mani and use its superpowers to destroy Daayan and Aakarsh. She asks even Aakarsh? Veer says let us go and opens jail door. They both walk out. Aakarsh asks her to tell what did king tell before dying. Jahnvi stops and says he must be Aakarsh and Aakarsh wants to know what did king tell before dying. Veer says he is real Veer and describes her fondness for spicy chats during

their college days. Jahnvi believes him. In daayan’s den, Aakarsh informs his mother daayan that king murmured some secret about devyani mani in Jahnvi’s ears before dying, she is not inform that secret, but he will get it at any cost. Once he leaves, Kalnemi says he does not trust Aakarsh. Daayan says her son is mesmerized in Jahnvi’s love, but he will try his best to get mani and if he fails, she will get secret from Jahnvi. In hotel, Jahnvi informs Veer that King murmured kendriya manastute satrupa jagrute. Veer asks what is its meaning. Jahnvi says she does not know. He checks internet and informs it means there is a woman named satrupa who is neither in sky nor earth, she has 7 faces and 7 disguises hidden in each other and is powerful black magician who is guarding devyani mani. Jahnvi solves the puzzle it means she is hidden in a red stone and says she knows where red stone is, it is in store room’s basement. Satrupa under red stone smiles sensuously and says it is time to get out of this stone. Veer asks her to return to jail while he goes to store room and get red stone. They see Aakarsh coming, Veer keeps Aakarsh busy in his baseless chat while Jahnvi escapes from behind, returns to jail, and locking herself in throws key away and acts as trying to get it via stick. Aakarsh reaches there and asks what is she doing. She says she is trying to escape from here. He says she is just wasting her time and cannot escape from here, she should inform where devyani mani is, else he cannot save her from his mother daayan. Jahnvi says she does not know where mani is and even if she knows, she will not. He asks what did king murmur in her ears before dying. She says she will never reveal it to him or his mother.

Prithvi after hearing from Chachaji how he and Vishakha were under Daayan’s black spell says now he believes chachaji and wants to end Aakarsh to protect Jahnvi from him. In jail, Jahnvi confronts Aakarsh that he never loved her and is evil like his mother who is just acting for his benefit. Aakarsh says she had married him by trick, but he did not leave her and kept his promise till now, she should tell where devyani mani is, else his other wil not spare her. Jahnvi continues confronting him. They both fall asleep and imagine romancing each other. Jahnvi wakes up and thinks why she is unable to hate Aakarsh. Aakarsh wakes up and wishes her happy birthday. Jahnvi asks if he remembers her birthday. He says he is celebrating her birthday party tonight with her family. She says there is no need for that. He frees Jahnvi and takes her to temple where Jahnvi’s family is. Taiji says he cannot enter temple and will burn if he does. Aakarsh uses his protective shield and enters temple. Taiji warns him to stay away from her family. Aakarsh says he is celebrating Jahnvi’s birthday tonight and wants whole family to attend it. Jahnvi says nobody will. Prithvi says he will bring whole family. Aakarsh leaves. Chachaji yells if he is still under daayan’s spell and is loyal to Aakarsh. Prithvi says Aakarsh was not requesting, he was informing, they don’t have any choice and they can plan to escape from hotel during party. Jahnvi asks what is his plan. He says he will inform her during party asks family to get ready for party.

In daayan’s den, Kalnemi informs daayan that her son is a traitor and is celebrating Jahnvi’s birthday instead of finding mani, so it is better they get it from Jahnvi. Aakarsh reaches there and punishing Kalnemi warns to not brainwash his mother. Daayan warns him to leave Kalnemi as he is her brother and Aakarsh cannot harm family members for Jahnvi, now she will get mani herself. Aakarsh requests not to do that, he will try to get man somehow. Veer returns to Jahnvi and informs that he did not find red stone in store room basement. Jahnvi says she saw it there last time and thinks daayan must have taken it, she will try to get it from daayan via Aakarsh. She returns to her room. Asha gets food for Jahnvi. Jahnvi asks where was she all these days. She says she was fearing for her life after Mainka’s death, so was hiding. She continues that she is amused to see Aakarsh is daayan and Mainka is not his mother. Jahnvi asks if she knows who is Aakarsh’s real mother. Asha says she does not know. Aakarsh walks back to hotel with a gift box. Nandini meets him and says as per his order she sent all guests away. He asks her also to go. She say she still loves him and wants to be with him in his tough time. Aakarsh warns to stop her drama as she loves only herself and is very selfish, if she really wants to help him then take care of all the birthday party arrangements. Nandini agrees, but fumes that she has to organize Jahnvi’s birthday party. Aakarsh reaches Jahnvi’s room. Asha leaves seeing him. Aakarsh gives gift box to Jahnvi and says he brought a sari for her and personally selected it as she likes this color. He wishes happy birthday again. She asks howmany times will he wish her and asks if he will gift her whatever she wants. Aakarsh agrees and asks what she wants. She says she saw a beautiful red stone in palace and wants it. He says it must be with maa and maa will get angry if she finds he is trying to take it. Jahnvi acts as getting sad and asks if he cannot get it, then can he take her to his mother. Aakarsh stands amused.

Precap: Chachaji shows a sword to Jahnvi and tells they will attack Aakarsh during Jahnvi’s birthday party and escape from here. Aakarsh meets Satrupa and asks who is she.

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