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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Suhana tells Naira that she know that kartik and Naira have done dinner date for her and shubham but she cannot sit alone and enjoy it, Naira says it ok. nothing will be wrong, dadi is shocked and aks Naira how is it not wrong Naira?

Suhana says thank God Dadi came on time else i could not have stopped Naira any longer. Dadi asks Naira that she had herself taken the responsibility that nothing will go wrong as Suhana is staying here before marriage, Naira says we have given a good thought and arranged this, kartik says yes, Dadi, they are staying in one house, and cannot meet, so we thought to make they should spend time together, me and Naira also used to meet before marriage, Dadi says it is not right too and at least Suhana has good sense o right and wrong,

she tells Naira to be careful next time as she has taken full responsibility to bring Suhan home. Suhana is happy seeing Naira getting warned by Dadi, Dadi leaves, Naira notices evil grin on Suhan’s face.

Luv and Kush are seeing Naira’s pic getting so much like on social media, kartik asks Naira is she sure that Suhana had called Dadi earlier, Kartik says don’t worry if she she is over smart, we are no less, Naira says next time we should have a slid plan, she says i have something in my mind, i will need Naksh and Kirti’s help, he says why not.

Kartik tells Naira her popularity is increasing as she has many followers on social media. Luv and kush tell them how a guy is liking all of Naira’s pictures. Kartik says must be some crazy fan. Mysterious guys is shown whistling dil kya kare, jab kisi ko.

Naira and Kartik are purposely discussing about everyone being called to Singhania house, Kartik tells Naira to go to the jeweller and come, she says the jwellery will be safe in Dadi’s safe, i have the keys, suhana hears this and get happy and sees the keys with Naira. Kartik pretends to take Naira’s pic and Naira purposely drops the keys, Suhana sees the key left behind by Naira.

Naksh and Kirti are happy that everyone agreed to come and they hope Kartik and Naira can find out Suhana’s reality. Everyone in the singhania house is doing prep for Goenka’s lunch with the, Kirti wonders that why no one is giving her any work, Choti maa gave kadha to Naksh, but not her nor they any one object about her room change, she says what is going on.

Suwarna tells dadi how Naira and her academy is gaining popularity and how she is become a celebrity. Dadi tells Luv and Kush to get ready for lunch at Singhania house, they asks if Suhana will come, Shubham says yes, why not, she is also invited, he is excited about the same. Karti and Naira among themselves that Suhana will not come as they have left something important for her in the house, they look at the keys dropped by naira. Kartik asks Naira that those keys are fake nah, dadi gives real keys to Suwarna to get a set for kirti to give it to her, Naira is tensed what if suhana finds out the real keys are with surwarna and not the one she has planted for her, Suhana is walking towards them. Shubham tells Suhana to get ready to leave, Suhana says i can’t come as i have migraine, Suwarna says i will stop with her, Suhana says Kirtui will feel bad, Suhana says i will manage, Naira says we won’t make late and come back soon, Suhana sees the keys and is happy.

Naira is about to get in the car when she gets a big bouquet, she thanks kartik, he says thank the one who sent you, she reads the letter who tells her that he is her big fan. kartik says the bouquet is matching with her dress, he takes another pic of her with a bouquet and uploads it on social media, the mysterious guy is taking video of Naira as he is hiding.

Suhana sees Kaira leave in car, she tells the maid servant to leave her alone, she takes the fake keys, Kaira see her picking up the keys as they hide from her.

Kirti overhears how all singhania ladies are talking about taking care of her, she finds out that they know that she used to throw away the kadh made by Devyani, she is in tears, Naitik asks her why is she sad, he asks if Naksh has said something to her, she says no, i am the one who is wrong, she says sorry to devyani as she threw away the adha made by her with love, she says you all are so good. she says why didn’t you tell me anything, why didn’t you be angry, she says i didn’t say anything as i thought you would feel bad, dadi says next time, say anything what is in your mind without any tensions, they explain Kirti that next time we will understand what you need and you too understand what we are saying, we can work out things together, Naksh says now stop crying as everything is sorted, if Kirti’s dadi sees hrr in tears, she will take everyone’s class here. they laugh.

At the same time, Kairaa are waiting for Suhana to go to Dadi’s room with safe keys to see jwellery, but she does not go, Suhana is in room with Rahul. he hus Suhana and says i have risked to come and see you, she confesses to love him a lot and that’s why i called you here. Kaira wonder why suhana is taking so long, Naira’s hair get stuck in her back zip, kartik helps her out and romances, she tells him not to deviate from mission, she says lets go and check on Suhana.

Dadi comes to Singhani house with other ladies, Naitik asks about Kaira, Dadi says they will come soon after some work.

Suhana and Rahul are dancing on a aaj ki raat song from movie Don, Kaira find out that some guy is in the room, Suhana sees shadow outside the room, she is tensed, Rahul hides as she goes to check outside the door, she finds no one, Kaira are hiding, they are shocked to see Rahul in Suhana’s room, they wonder Rahul being her brother had gone to Pushkar, why is he here with Suhana, kartik says now i am sure, there is something wrong about Suhana and we have to expose her with proof.

Naira confronts Suhana as she is trying to open Dadi’s safe. She tells Suhana that i am sure that your intentions of coming to this house is wrong, now you tell me what is your agenda. I will expose you, Suhana says, you wait and watch, you can do nothing and i will come in this house as your Devrani, you won’t be able to do anything.

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