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The Reason Of My Life …… Chapter 2

Hi friends 😀😀😀. Happy Sinhala & Tamil New Year!! I know you don’t celebrate this but I’m wishing you guys. May this new year would make all your wishes come true ☺☺☺.

We’re working according to the auspicious times today. The dawn of the new year was at 8.13 a.m. Preparing the first meal of the new year is at 10.40 a.m. Trading and having the first meal is at 11.53 a.m. So basically I can’t eat till then and I’m sooooo hungry 😭😭😭. And for now I practically don’t have anything else to do so thought why not post this 🤔🤔🤔. I had already finished this yesterday bit didn’t have time to post.

So here we go.

Previously on “The Reason Of My Life”……,

“Kabir… you know I always wanted the two of you to end up together but not like this. Sanchi is like a daughter to me, and I’ll treat her good but no matter what, I can’t accept her as my bahu!!”

“But maa-“

“No Kabir! Don’t argue with me!! You two may be married, but in her heart, she still wants to be with someone else. She loves someone else. She’ll never accept you as her husband!! So I can’t accept her as your wife!! She will be treated as a guest only!!”


……….next day in SDCH……….

The whole hospital got to know about the fiasco happened in Sanchi’s wedding. Some pity her. But some like Dr. Malhotra, Riya and Veer are furious with her!!

Dr. Malhotra – Coz Sanchi’s reputation didn’t ruin 😡😡😡.

Riya – Coz it’s Kabir she married. He is the love of his life 😒😒😒.

Veer – Coz…. you’ll get to know soon 😉😉😉.

Veer came to Sanchi, the moment she showed up in the hospital. He went behind her till she listen to him.

“Sanchi listen!” He grabbed her hand but she pushed him away.

“What do you want? Isn’t it enough what you’ve already done?” She asked angrily 😡😡😡 with tears.

“You’re thinking wrong Sanchi!! Just let me explain!! Yesterday when I was on my way there, Dr. Malhotra called me and told me maa’s condition got worse!! So I went back home to check on her. When I was in her room, Dr. Malhotra locked the door from outside!! I couldn’t do anything!! I even tried to break the door!! I’m sorry Sanchi!! You had to marry that person who insulted you in the court!! It was all their plan!! Dr. Kabir married you on Dr. Malhotra’s saying!! So you won’t be a part of my family!! Never thought Dr. Kabir will stop this low!!” Saying sadly, Veer hugged her.



Sanchi couldn’t believe what she just heard. She thought Dr. Kabir had saved her yesterday, but in reality, it was all their plan!! “I never thought he’d do something low like this!!” She too I reciprocated to the hug.


From the door Kabir was watching all this. His hands are turned in to fists out of anger 😡😡😡. **How could he tell such a big lie? He claim to love her but he’s deceiving her!!**


Sanchi had to go for an emergency. Kabir came there and grabbed Veer by his collar.



“Dr. Kabir, let me go! Aren’t you ashamed? You just broke my marriage to get your love! How can you do something like this!!” Veer said in his typical style.


“Drop your act, Veer! I know everything!! Dr. Malhotra didn’t stop you yesterday!” Kabir pushed him aside. Veer got shocked 😮😮😮. “Your dumb friend Garv accidentally answered the phone when I called him yesterday, I heard everything!!”


Veer’s shock turned in to amusement and he started to clap his hands 👏👏👏. “Wah Dr. Kabir, wah!!! So you knew everything? 😈😈😈 And yet, you didn’t tell the truth to her? You’re foolish than I thought 😂😂😂. Now you just wait and watch, how I make your new wife hate you!”


If he had expected Kabir to get angry, his efforts went in vain. “When I took those 7 rounds with her, when I made her wear the mangalsutra, when I filled her hairline with sindoor…… I knew what I was doing. She hated me before too Veer, now you only made her hatred increase. Nothing’s new” the casual way Kabir said that, made Veer’s anger rise.


“Mahaan banne ka bohot shock hai na? You helped her yesterday, but who would help you? 😈😈😈 I won’t let her win. I’ll make Sanchi Mishra pay for what she did!! And you, Dr. Kabir, you too would live your life in hell because of that girl!! I’ll make her hate you so much that you’ll regret helping her!! No matter how hard you try, I will never let you be happy with her!!”


“That’s the difference between us Veer. You always wanted to compete with me for everything. While I just let what should happen for good, happen for good. Let’s see what’ll happen! 😀😀😀 And yeah, don’t forget, it’s not just Sanchi Mishra now. Now she’s a Kapoor too…” patting Veer on shoulder, Kabir left with a pleasent smile leaving Veer puzzled.


When Sanchi came home in the evening, the scenario was different. She went staightly to Kabir’s room without even knocking. He lifetd his head to see her before him angrily. She started to blame him for everything. “Are you happy now? Are you happy after separating us? What did I ever do you? I thought you cared about me. Even a little bit. But no! I was wrong!! It was all your plan! YOU RUINED MY LIFE..!! Every tear that fall from my eyes… it’s all your fault! You don’t deserve love! I hope you never get anyone’s love!!”


He was deeply hurt by her words. (Duh!! Obviously!! 😝😝😝) But didn’t show it.


After listening to her, he asked, “Are you done?” She was shocked with his question.


“If you’re done, you can go now.” He pointed towards the door. “And before you go, make sure you knock before entering MY room” he warned her and resumed his work.


She just stood there like a statue.


“What are you waiting for? Do you have more to say? Then just say it and get out!” He said calmly. Sanchi just went out angrily.



**You’re too innocent. That’s why you get deceived by people. You’re shocked because of the way I reacted. But if you had looked in to my eyes and trusted me, you would’ve seen the truth. But you could never understand anything about me. You never even saw my love for you. It’s not a problem, I don’t want your love forcibly. I did this marriage for you. I know you still love him and he’s just blinded by lies. When he come out from that blindfold, I’ll help you myself to unite with him** he thought saaaaaadly.


Days pass without much. Sanchi and Kabir aren’t in good terms, thanks to Veer 😡😡😡. She had removed all signs that tell she’s married. Her mangalsutra and sindoor. She don’t accept to be his wife at all.


Pragya and Isha are obviously making his life chaos. Files in his office get messed up MAGICALLY, that he had to make everything alright again wasting all his time and skipping meals. His coffee has salt instead of suger. Oh those are just simple examples.


Today, when he entered his cabin, a bucket filled with some stinking substance, fell all over him. 💩💩💩 Let’s just say, it’s a good thing that he had a washroom/ bathroom beside his cabin with spare cloths. When he came back, Sanchi was there with a file.


“This is 456 patient’s file. Her condition is blah blah blah and the reports of the CT scanner says blah blah blah so we should change her medication to blah blah blah.” She talked nonstop while he stood there reading the file. After saying all that she turned to leave. But no, she couldn’t take another step further. Why? Simple!! Coz she tripped!! She tripped but didnt fall. You know why 😉😉😉!!! Coz her knight in shining armour, who always try to protect her, from hiding behind the shadows protected her from this fall too. (Okay… that sentence was way too dramatic 😒😒😒)


Holding her hand with his right, he wrapped his left arm securely around her waist, holding her closer to him to stop her from falling. Her hand clutching his shirt, holding on to him. She opened her closed eyes to see what happened and seeing concern in his eyes, she just lost herself in his eyes. (In simpler terms, a deep eye lock 😂😂😂)


Few seconds later, they came to their senses and let go of each other.


“Walk properly! You’ll end up being a patient if you don’t be careful.” He said rudely when she turned to leave. “Aur sun! Tell your friends to stop these stupid pranks. If they don’t, I’ll give them a punishment that they’ll remember for the life”


“I don’t know what they did, but if they did anything to trouble you it’s because of the fruits of your deeds” she replied annoyed.


“What did I do to them? I don’t have any problem with them!” – Kabir


“Really???” She raised an eyebrow at him and talked to him while walking closer to him. “Dr. Kabir, you have such a poor memory. Did you forgot that I’m their best friend? Did you forgot how you helped Anand Malhotra to stop my wedding and marrying me for your own personal reasons? Malhotra wanted to stop me from getting married to Veer, for some reason you’re indebted to Malhotra, so when he told you to stop the wedding, you came there like a hero and showed the world that you’re helping me and married me. Tum kitni gatiya-“


Her words died in her mouth when he pressed her to the nearest wall, holding both her hands behind her. His eyes are blazing with anger, making her get scared. “Think 1000 times before pointing your finger at someone. Just because I stay quiet and listen to all the rubbish you say about me always, doesn’t mean I’d do that forever. Don’t take my silence as a weakness!! What I did was what I had to do and I don’t regret any of it!! You wanna know the true story right? Ok, then listen!! The truth is that I never loved you! NEVER!! Dr. Malhotra told me to keep you and Veer separated and that’s why I did all that drama in the past!! I don’t care about you at all, even if you lived or died!! I respect and trust Dr. Malhotra a lot! That’s why I helped him and married you that day!! That’s the truth!!” Sanchi had tears glistening in her eyes. “You’re saying this marriage is a burden, but in truth, you’re the burden to me!!! Marrying you was the worst thing happened in my life, even if I did that to help Dr. Malhotra!! So why don’t we just end this? You want to walk out from this marriage and I want to get rid of you. The only option is a divorce!!”




😱😱😱 now that’s a shock isn’t it? Is it the truth? If it’s not then what is? What should she believe? Let’s wait and watch/ read and see what’ll happen 😉😉😉.


😣😣😣 I’m soo hungry!! Can’t time go faster??? See you again, bye, love you 😘😘😘

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