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The One For Me – Chapter One

+English translations are in bold and brackets.


Parvati Gadodia pulled out all the clothes from her closet in search of a diary that she remembers she had kept her friend’s phone number in. They were childhood friends whom she had met again 8 months back and had exchanged phone numbers. The moment she found the diary, Parvati Dadi hastily searched through the pages for the number and heaved a sigh of relief when she finally found it.

After whatever happened today she had decided to send Ragini away. After Laksh’s drama, Ragini was ordered to go home and wait for the family members to come after the wedding and deal with her. Dadi had come with her and after consoling her for few moments she had asked her to move away from this hell of a home. That’s why Dadi was calling her friend to ask her to let Ragini stay at her place for some time.

The call was answered after few rings and thankfully it was her friend Sumitra who picked up the phone. Dadi told her friend the whole story, hers and Ragini’s version ofc, and requested Sumitra if she could accommodate Ragini.

Sumitra Dadi was horrified after learning what Ragini had to go through. She immediately agreed to it and asked Parvati Dadi to send Ragini as soon as possible. Here, on one hand, Parvati Dadi started preparing for Ragini’s departure while in Mumbai, Sumitra Dadi told her whole family about the situation.

Before everybody could come back from Swara-Laksh’s wedding, Parvati Dadi and Ragini went to the railway station from where Ragini took the train to Mumbai and left her past behind. Dadi came back home and patiently waited for the family members to arrive. And when they did;

“RAGINI!” Shekhar’s roaring was heard.

Dadi saw her husband, son, his wife and his wife’s mother entering her home along the Maheshwaris.

“RAGINI!” Shekhar called out again in anger.

“Maahri Laado nahi hai yahan.” Dadi told in a calm tone. (My Laado isn’t here.)

“Kya matlab aapka Maa?” Sharmistha asked. (What do you mean Maa?)

“Kahan chupa k rahi ho apni Laado ko, huh Parbati? asked Dida. (Where have you hidden your Laado, huh Parvati?)

“Aye Bangalan chupe chupaye woh jisne kuch galat kiya ho. Mhaari poti ne kuch galat nahi kiya!” (People hide when they have done something wrong. My Laado hasn’t so she doesn’t need to be hidden.)

“Maaji Sa sab kuch dekha thha na aapne. Sab aapke saamne hi toh hua toh aurr aap phhir bhi.” Annapurna added. (Maa ji Sa you are a witness as well. Everything happened in front of your eyes and you are still..)

“Har baar ankhon dekha sahi nahi hota Annapurna! Agar thaareko apne uss bete par bharosa hai toh mhaare ko mhaari poti par yakeen hai ki usne aisa kuch nahi kiya!” replied Dadi. (Sometimes the truth isn’t what you have seen with your eyes! You think your son is right but I am sure that my granddaughter hasn’t done a thing wrong.)

“Maa Ragini kahan hai? Bulaiye usse.” Shekhar said in a determined tone. (Maa, where is Ragini? Ask her to come here.)

“Chali gayi woh yahan se, bhej diya maine usse iss narak se door jahan uska apna pita uss par vishvaas nahi karta.” (I have sent her away, she isn’t here Shekhar. I have sent her away from this hell where ever her father doesn’t trust her.)


“Thaare ko chinta karne ki zaroorat koni Shekhar. Yahan tum jaise logon k beech rehkar mhaari poti ki zindagi kharab nahi karni thhi mhaare ko issiliye uss bhej diya tum sab se door. Ek nayi manzil ki taraf.” (You don’t have to worry about it Shekhar. I didn’t want to destroy my Laado’s life by letting her stay here surrouded by people like you. She’s starting her own journey now, towards a new destination.)


After a 32 hour long journey, the train finally arrived in Mumbai at 4 in the morning. Ragini was told by her Dadi that there will be someone to receive her at the railway station. Just as said, Ragini noticed a man holding her name board.

“Ji aapko Sumitra Dadi ne bheja hai?” Ragini asked. (Has Sumitra Dadi sent you here?)

The man smiled, “Tum Ragini ho? Parvati Dadi ki Laado?” he asked. (Are you Ragini? Parvati Dadi’s Laado?)

“Ji.” Ragini answered. (Yes)

“Ragini, main Sumitra Dadi ka bada pota hoon, Karanvir. Aap aao mere saath.” Karavir said as he picked up Ragini’s luggage and indicated her to follow him. (Ragini, I am Sumitra Dadi’s elder grandson, Karanvir. Come with me.)

“Aapko itni subah subah aana pada, takleef k lijiye maaf kijiye ga Karanvir ji.” Ragini said softly but Karan smiled widely. Karan didn’t mind coming to pick Ragini up especially after hearing what she had to go through he was feeling extra caring towards her. In what she said, the thing that caught Karan’s attention the most was when she said his name. It sounded to him as if she had said, ‘Karan-Veer-Ji’ meaning big brother in Punjabi which he really liked. (You had to come so early in the morning just to pick me up. I apologize for the inconvenience Karanvir Ji.)

He handed Ragini’s bags to his driver who got busy in placing those bags in the car as Karan told Ragini, “Tum mujhe sirf Veer Ji kehkar bulana, mujhe achha lagega. Actually mujhe hamesha se ek choti behen chahiye thhi lekin mujhe mila ek nikamma bhai.” Ragini smiled at that. (Ragini you can call me Veer Ji okay, it will make me happy. Actually I have always wanted to have a sister but instead I got a stupid brother.)

“Tum meri choti behen jaisi hi ho Ragini, actually aaj aurr abhi se tum meri choti behen. Toh mujhe Veer Ji kehkar bulana okay?” (You are like me younger sister Ragini, actually from hereon you are my younger sister. So you have to call me Veer Ji okay?)

“Ji Veer ji.” smiled Ragini. Though her wounds were fresh, Ragini felt good in Karan’s presence, secure and safe just like a sister would be around her brother. (Okay Veer Ji)

After a 30 minutes long drive the car stopped in front of a huge and utterly gorgeous mansion. It looked more beautiful in the dim sunlight.

She walked inside with Karan as the driver followed them carrying Ragini’s luggage, “Ragini yeh raha tumhara room. Ab se tum yahin rahogi. Abhi tum rest karo, safar kafi lamba thha na. Waise bhi kal I mean aaj Sunday hai toh hamarae yahan sabhi late uthte hain Sunday ko, ek dum aaraam se. Naashte k waqt mil lena sabse. Theek hai?!” (Ragini this is your room. From now you will be staying here. You take rest now, it’s Sunday and our family is gonna wake up late in the morning. You will get to meet everyone at breakfast. Is that okay?)

“Hmm..” Ragini just hummed in response. Karan left to his room while the driver went away after putting the bags in Ragini’s new room and Ragini was left alone to admire her new room and rest.

The room was designed in the shades of white, grey and yellow color. The walls were grey in color. The room was the size of the drawing/dining area of her previous home. There was a grey color L shaped couch in the room with yellow, white and black color cushions. A table in the middle and three bean bags on the adjacent side.

Ragini walked inside and locked the door. Was this going to be her room, where was the bed? Ragini noticed a yellow colored door and was surprised when she opened it. There it was, the bed. This room as well was decorated in the same color palette. In front was a LED television on the wall. With speakers on the side, it was equipped with a home theatre system as well.

Curiosity got better of her and instead of taking rest Ragini walked towards the other rooms attached to the bedroom. On the left was a normal size bathroom and separated from it by a curtain was the shower area. On the other side, there was a dressing room with a huge mirror, different types of cosmetic items and other stuff. It didn’t end here. There was a staircase on the side which lead to a huge walk-in closet.

Ragini walked back up and finally went out in the balcony attached to her room. wasn’t just a balcony but a full on mini terrace. In the front was a mini swimming pool and reclining area while on the side was a hanging bed and a few chairs with a table in mid.

Her room was more like a full-blown apartment. She totally loved it.

Ragini took out her night suit from her suitcase and laid down on the bed to catch some sleep but the horrible memories of what happened to her didn’t let her sleep. She recalled what her Dadi had said before leaving.

“You have to be strong.”

She have to be.


“Haan Parvati. Karan jaakar le aaya thha Laado ko station se le aaya thha. Abhi woh apne kamre mein aaraam kar rahi hai. Tu chinta mat kar hum sabhi hain yahan uska dhyaan rakhne k liye. Woh sirf teri hi nahi meri bhi poti hai. Ab woh hamare parivaar ka hissa hai.” said Sumitra Dadi or DM (Dadi Maa – as called by her grandchildren). She was talking to Parvati Dadi via video call. (Don’t worry Parvati Karan had been there on time and picked Laado from the station. She’s resting in her room as of now. You don’t have to worry okay. Ragini isn’t only yours but mine granddaughter as well. She’s a part of the family.)

“Thaare pe bharosa hai mhaare ko. Chinta karna toh svabhaav mein hai mhaare. Chal abhi main rakhti hoon.” replied Parvati Dadi. (I trust you Sumitra. It’s just that worry has now become a behavioral trait of mine. Okay then, I have to go.)

“Theek hai. Bye.” (Okay. Bye.)

Sumitra ended the call and walked out to the outdoor dining area that they use to dine on Sundays. Her whole family except Karan and Ragini were there. Her husband was having a chat with their son. Her daughter in law Simran was serving the food with her daughter in law (Karan’s wife) Riddhi. Mahi, fiancee of her younger grandson was playing with Ranveer, the first and at present the only great-grandchild of the Virk family. And Param was busy admiring his fiancee Mahi.

“Riddhi, puttar Karan kahan hai?” Sumitra asked taking a seat. (Riddhi, where is Karan?)

“DM woh Ragini ko bulane gaye hain.” Riddhi frowned and then turned to face Simran, “Der nahi ho gayi unhe Maa?” (DM he’s gone to call Ragini for the breakfast.) (Maa, don’t you think that they should have come down by now?)

“Haan ho toh gayi hai.” Simran then called Param, “Param beta ja dekh ki woh dono hai kahan.” (Yeah, I agree.) (Param, son go and see where those two are.)

Param had just stood up when they noticed Karan coming holding Ragini sideways by her shoulder. Something must have happened. Karan made Ragini sit on a chair and sat beside her. Sensing the seriousness Param Riddhi poured Ragini a glass of water which she drank hastily. “Abhi theek lag raha hai?” (Are you feeling okay now?)

“Hhhmm.” Ragini replied in an almost inaudible voice.

To change the topic Param started introducing himself and everybody else. After that nothing eventful happened as the whole family tried to cheer up Ragini. After the breakfast, Riddhi and Mahi and took Ragini back in her room while Karan explained the rest of the family members about what had happened.



“Ragini..bachha were are you?” Karan asked entering the room. He came and stood in front of her bedroom and knocked twice, “Ragini are you awake?”

He knocked again in hope of a response, “Ragini..” but instead he heard loud cries coming from her room. “RAGINI!” he yelled and hit the hard trying to open it. It opened in his third try and Karan rushed towards a crying and writhing on the bed. He shook her several times to bring her out of her nightmare but nothing was of help. So he picked up the glass of water from the side table and poured it over Ragini.

When her eyes fell over Karan’s face, Ragini breathed a sigh of relief and hugged him tightly, “Ssshhh mera bachha everything is fine. I am here with you and you are far away from that place. He won’t be able to harm you.Relax sweetie, everything is fine.” He uttered comforting word while patting her back softly.

“Abhi chalo taiyaar ho jao, hum log breakfast karne chalte hain.” (Now go and get ready, then we will go and have breakfast.)

“Veer ji aap..kya aap yahan thodi der wait karoge? I will just take 15 minutes max! Please.” Ragini asked. (Veer ji will you please wait here for some time?)

“Main yahin hoon.” assured Karan. (I am here.)

Flashback ends


“Don’t worry bro, we are here for her now. We will help Ragini deal with this thing. Now chillax, Mahi and Bhabhi are there with her.” Param said handing Ranveer over to Karan.

“Kyun na hum sab kahin ghumne chalein? Ragini k liye refreshing hoga, nahi?” suggested Simran. (Why don’t we all go out and enjoy this day? I mean it will be greatly refreshing for Ragini, no?)

“Good idea Simran!” grinned Raj, “It will help Ragini divert her mind from those horrible memories.”

“But jaayenge kahan?” asked Karan. (But where will we go?)

“How about Lonavala? Dad?” Param looked at his father who in response raised his hands in surrender, “Fine! No office for the upcoming week. Let’s go!”


First, here’s the Virk family tree:

Sumitra and Dharam Singh Virk (Dadi and Dada Ji or in short DM and DP) – Imagine any Punjabi Dadi and Dada playing this role.

Simran and Raj Singh Virk (Mom and Dad) – Played by Shruti Ulfat and Sanjay Swaraj

Riddhi and Karanvir Singh Virk (Raj and Simran’s elder son) – Played by Pankhuri Awasthy and Gautam Rode

Ranveer Singh Virk (Riddhi and Karanvir’s son) – Imagine a cute kid of 2 years

Maahi Choudhary and Param Singh Virk (Raj and Simran’s younger son and his fiancee) – Played by Abigail Jain and Sanam Johar


Precap – Ragini meets Omkara

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